70+ Delightful Nicknames for Hannah

Are you looking for good nicknames to call someone named Hannah? In this article, we share all the cute, funny, cool, creative, and popular nicknames for Hannah we know. Fingers crossed; you will find the perfect pet name for your Hannah.

The name Hannah is derived from the Hebrew name “Channah” meaning “favor” or “grace.” The Puritans in the 16th and 17th centuries are responsible for the modern spelling of “Hannah.”

Hannah is a popular female name, especially among Christians. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Hannah was the name of Elkanah’s wife, the mother of the prophet Samuel.

Also, a lot of famous people have been named Hannah.

Hannah Nicknames

Famous People Named Hannah

Famous people or fictional characters are a popular source of nicknames. So, if you are named Hannah, it isn’t hard to imagine people calling you Hanna Montana (the popular Disney character).

The following are famous people named Hannah:

  • Hannah Adams (American author)
  • Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo (Nigerian businesswoman and politician)
  • Hannah Dakota Fanning (American actress popularly known as Dakota Fanning)
  • Hannah Gross (Canadian actress)
  • Hannah Robinson (British Songwriter)
  • Hannah Semer (Israeli Journalist)
  • Hannah Vogt (German historian)
  • Hannah (Australian pop singer)
  • Hannah Teter (American Snowboarder)
  • Hanna Reitsch (German aviatrix, Nazi test, the only woman ever awarded the Iron First Class)
  • Hannah Ware (English model and actress)
  • Hannah Simone (Canadian television hostess, actress, and former fashion model)

Fictional Characters who Bear Hannah:

These are some popular fictional characters named Hannah:

  • Hannah Abbot (Harry Potter character)
  • Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana Disney Show)
  • Hanna Marin (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Hannah Baker (13 Reasons Why)
  • Hannah Mckay (Dexter)

Short Nicknames for Hannah

The most obvious choice for nicknames is a short form of the name. The following are popular short forms of the name Hannah:

  1. Ana – Most popular short form of Hannah.
  2. Ann – A short form of Hannah.
  3. Hanna – Welsh pronunciation for Hannah.
  4. Han – The first three letters of Hannah.
  5. Hanny – Hebrew origin meaning “Grace.”
  6. Nan – A strong, beautiful Hannah.
  7. Hammy – A dramatic Hannah.
  8. Annie­­ – A short form for Hanny.
  9. Hanns – Alternate spelling of Hans.
  10. Han Han – A cute and adorable Hannah.
  11. Hani – An overly excited Hannah
  12. Nany – A strong-willed Hannah.
  13. Hanners – A pet form of Hann.

Cute Nicknames for Hannah

Hannah is such a cute name, but what’s even sweeter are these cute Hannah nicknames:

  1. Hannahgail – A very happy Hannah.
  2. Hannie Bear – A cute little Hannah.
  3. Hannahbee – A cute Hannah nickname.
  4. Hannah Panda – A cute, cuddly Hannah.
  5. Harnie – An ambitious Hannah.
  6. Hansbonanas – Your best friend called Hannah.
  7. Nana – An amazing Hannah.
  8. Anna – A cognate of the Hebrew Hannah.
  9. Nah Nah – An overly serious Hannah.
  10. Ha Ha­­ – A Hannah who laughs at her own jokes.
  11. Hanny Toodle – A young Hannah just learning to walk.
  12. Hannah Lou – A gorgeous Hannah.
  13. Hannah-lou-li-lo – An exaggeration of Hannah Lou.
  14. Hannah Hunnie – A Hannah, you love a lot.
  15. Han-a-land – A Hannah that lives in her own world.
  16. Hannah Banana – A mushy Hannah.
  17. Hannah Love – A Hannah you are in love with.
  18. Hanny Pants – A funny Hanny.
  19. Hanna Munckin – A cute pet name for a true sweetheart.

Funny Nicknames for Hannah

Finding funny nicknames for anyone can be difficult. For Hannah, not so much, Hannah rhymes with many things and it could be used as a prefix for almost any word. Here is a list of the funny nicknames for Hannah we know:

  1. Anastasia – If you are named Hannah, it isn’t uncommon for people to mistake your name as a short form of Anastasia. Even after correcting them, they would rather nickname you Anastasia than revert to your real name.
  2. Hurricane Hannah – A Hannah that leaves a mess lying around.
  3. Hannah Bug – A petite Hannah.
  4. Buggy Hannah –­ A youthful Hannah.
  5. Hannah Spanner – A Hannah that knows her way around tools.
  6. Hanny Fanny – A very funny and smart, Hannah.
  7. Hanny Nannany – An elderly Hannah.
  8. Hanna Montana – A pretentious Hannah; a reference to the Disney movie Hannah Montana.
  9. Hanakin – A Hannah, who loves holidays.
  10. Hannaballs – A mean wordplay on the more common Hannah nickname; Anabelle.
  11. Hanal – Perhaps, the meanest and cruelest of them all. If you take out the letter “H” from this nickname, you will understand why it is the meanest Hannah nickname on the list.

Creative Nicknames for Hannah:

These cleverly constructed nicknames for Hannah would be great for anyone named Hannah. So, if your daughter, sister or friend, then these Hannah nicknames are an excellent choice:

  1. Shiloh Hour – We already mentioned how Hannah is a biblical name. What you probably don’t know is that Hannah was the woman praying like a drunkard because of her Bareness. Hence, the reason why a creative nickname for Hannah can be “Shiloh Hour,” or in some cases “Shiloh Hannah.”
  2. Hannaconda – A reference to “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj.
  3. Anesthesia – It rhymes with Hannah. You can also use this as a cute nickname for someone who takes your pain away.
  4. Hannalia – A very expressive Hannah.
  5. Hanna Belle – The sweetest yet quickest Hannah.
  6. Hannalisa – A beautiful Hannah.
  7. Hanalise – Alternate spelling of Hannahlece.
  8. Han Solo – Reference to the Star Wars character Han Solo.
  9. Hannable – A perfect health, Hannah.
  10. Hanavarna – A smart and amazing Hannah.
  11. Haryana – Abode of God.
  12. Hanita – A kind Hannah.
  13. Hanneza – A lucky Hannah.

Cool Nicknames for Hannah

Do you think your Hannah is cool? Cool enough that she deserves a cool nickname? Cool nicknames are also useful for Gamertags or usernames. Here is our list of cool Hannah nicknames:

  1. Hannibal – A reference to the character; Hannibal Lecter
  2. Hansie – A serious Hannah.
  3. Hanky – A positive Hannah.
  4. Hannable – A perfect health, Hannah.
  5. Hanne – An intelligent Hannah.
  6. Hayna – A cute Hannah.
  7. Hottie Hannah – An attractive Hannah.
  8. Hansy – A classy Hannah
  9. Nayah – A gorgeous, perfect and charming Hannah.
  10. Hanners – A trend-setting Hannah.
  11. Hannah Core – A tough Hannah.
  12. Hannerz – Hanner with a Z.
  13. Hannie Doll – A Hannah that reminds you of a doll.
  14. Nanny – An overprotective Hannah
  15. Havalard­­­ – Alternate form of Havana.
  16. Hannah Storm – An iconic, elegant Hannah.
  17. Hannah K – After the 1983 drama film.

We do not know it all, so if you are named Hannah and we have left out a nickname you have been called in the past, please leave us a comment with the nickname.

Also, if you know any nickname for Hannah we might have missed, you are also welcomed to write it in the comment section.

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