70+ Awesome Nicknames for Jordan

Are you having a hard time coming up with nicknames for Jordan?

Nicknames are great, but coming up with the perfect nickname for someone could be more mentally exhausting than expected.

In this article, we save you the headache by providing you with a list containing some of the best nicknames for Jordan that you could possibly find, as well as helpful descriptions to make your selection easier!

But first, where does the name Jordan originate from?

Jordan is a Hebrew-rooted word, derived from the name “Yarden,” which is interpreted as “descend” or “flow down.” It can also be said to be from the River Jordan that flows between Jordan and Israel.

The first usage of the name Jordan is assumed to have been by a 6th-century Gothic historian (Jordanes). The name began to gain popularity in America and other countries around the world in the 20th century.

A lot of famous people are named Jordan as well, and famous people can also be a great source of good nicknames for your Jordan.

Jordan Nicknames

Famous People Named Jordan

Notable people around the world who bear the name Jordan today include:

  • Michael B. Jordan (American Actor)
  • Michael Jordan (American Basketball Player)
  • Jordan Connor (Tv Actor)
  • Jordan Peele (American Comedian)
  • Jordan Spieth (American Golfer)
  • Jordan Rodrigues (Tv Actor)
  • Jordan Smith (The Voice Season 9 winner)
  • Jordan Calloway (Nickelodeon Child Star & Tv Actor)
  • Jordan Davies (Reality Star)
  • Jordan Banjo (Dancer & Member of the winning team at Britain’s Got Talent Season 3)

Now, let’s talk about the best nickname for someone named Jordan.

Short Nicknames for Jordan

Would you rather go for a nickname that’s short and concise? An abbreviated version of the name Jordan or just something that fits perfectly on a customized item? Here are some of the short nicknames for Jordan:

  1. Jody – A nickname with Hebrew origin.
  2. J-D – From the first and second letter beginning the two syllables in the name.
  3. Jo – Something simple and brief, which is also be interpreted as “Sweetheart” in the Scottish language.
  4. Jay – An English-rooted nickname gotten from the first letter of the Jordan.
  5. Jan – A less-popular nickname from the combination of the first letter in Jordan and the last two letters.
  6. J-dan – The most similar variant of Jordan.
  7. Jord – An abbreviated version of the name Jordan.
  8. Jori – An Hebrew nickname meaning “Down flowing.”
  9. Ordy – Jordy might be regular, but taking out the first letter makes all the difference.

Funny Nicknames for Jordan

How about a nickname that’s witty and playful? A silly nickname that makes a jest of your Jordan or one to tease him with occasionally? Here are some funny nicknames for Jordan:

  1. Jolly-J – For he’s a jolly good fellow.
  2. Jo-boree – For a party animal named Jordan (think Jamboree.)
  3. Dany-Randy – For a shameless flirt.
  4. Uncle Flo – From the interpretation of Jordan, which means Flowing Downwards. (If he’s got a girlfriend, let her be Aunt Flo!)
  5. Jumble J – For the laziest or most disorganized Jordan.
  6. The Jo-Ker – He’s sneaky and mischievous but funny as hell.
  7. Da-mn – Dan with an -m, for a Jordan whose favorite phrase is “Damn!”
  8. Jiggy Jordy – For a really chubby Jordan with body parts that jiggle when he walks.
  9. Dan-asour – For a really tall and scary-looking Jordan.
  10. The Jorge – Pronounced as “The Jug” for a round-bellied Jordan with an oddly-shaped mouth.
  11. Whordan – He’s the definition of a male hoe.

Cool Nicknames for Jordan

Looking for a new screen-name that makes an excellent fit for a Jordan? Maybe something for a Jordan from a particular state/country or just a cooler version of the name? Here are some cool Jordan nicknames:

  1. J-Dandy – He’s always the most stylish dresser in the room.
  2. Jarden – A unisex nickname with a French origin.
  3. J-Baller – A talented basketball player who looks up to NBA star Michael-Jordan.
  4. Jordiman – Jordy’s the man.
  5. Jordizle – For a Jordan with plenty of drip.
  6. Jordanian – A lengthier variant of the name Jordan.
  7. Lordania – A Romanian variant for a Jordan.
  8. Jorey – Interpreted as “Down-flowing.”
  9. Jordanija – A Lithuanian-rooted nickname.
  10. Geordan – A masculine nickname with Celtic/Hebrew origin.
  11. Jordyson – An English-rooted variant for a Jordan.
  12. Jordaen – An alternative version of Jordan pronounced as “jor-dae(n).”
  13. Jourdain – A French variant of the name.
  14. Jordano – An Italian-rooted nickname pronounced as “jor-da-no.”
  15. Jordania – A Spanish variant for Jordan.
  16. Don Jordon – For an Alpha male that bears Jordan.
  17. Giordania – A less-popular Italian variant.
  18. Yordania – A Indonesian variant for a Jordan.
  19. J-Dawg – For a loyal homeboy named Jordan.
  20. Yordani – A Swahili variant of the name.
  21. Jordanien – A German-rooted nickname for a Jordan.
  22. Jordanio – An Esperanto-based nickname suitable for a Jordan.
  23. Jordell – A modern English nickname meaning “Down Flowing.”
  24. Jordao – A Hebrew/Portuguese-tooted nickname meaning “From a Flowing River.”
  25. Jordster – For a natural Starboy.
  26. Jordanka – A Slavic-rooted nickname pronounced as “Jha-Or-Daeng-Kah.”
  27. Jordaan – A Dutch variant of the name Jordan.
  28. Johrdan – A unisex nickname suitable as an online username.
  29. Bloody Jordy – For the most brutal Jordan, you’ve ever come across.
  30. Jordanië – An Arabian variant of Jordan.

Cute Nicknames for Jordan

How about a cute nickname for that special Jordan? If he’s a lover, a relation or even just a pretty special friend, we’ve got some adorable nicknames perfect for a Jordan:

  1. JoJo – A popular pet name for a Jordan with English/Hebrew origin.
  2. Jo-Choco – For a yummy looking dark-skinned Jordan.
  3. Puffy-J – Perfect for a baby boy with round, puffy cheeks.
  4. Jubba-J – For a beautiful Jordan, coined from the phrase “Hubba Hubba.”
  5. Da’Amante – A Combination of “Da” from Jordan and the Spanish word “Amante” meaning Lover.
  6. Da Da – Just in case “Dan” isn’t sufficient enough.
  7. Jo-reo – For a Jordan as sweet as Oreos.
  8. Jay Bear – For a total sweetheart with a warm personality.
  9. Bun-jor – For a baby boy with the cutest bun-like hairstyle.
  10. Jor Jor – Jordan for regular people, Jor Jor isn’t.
  11. Da’Amor – A combination of “Da” from the name Jordan and “Amor,” interpreted as My Love.

Creative Nicknames for Jordan

Trying to find a nickname that’s sharp and clever? Something interesting that shows a clever play of words? Here are some of the most creative nicknames for a Jordan:

  1. Jargon – A word similar to Jordan for a creative who brings beauty out of a mess.
  2. J-Sparks – For a male singer who looks up to American singer/songwriter Jordin Sparks as his Idol.
  3. J-Flo – From the literal interpretation of the name Jordan meaning “Flowing Downward.”
  4. Rod-dan – For a Jordan with tall, thin legs like a rod.
  5. Jiagantic – For a gigantic-looking Jordan.
  6. Jordy-shore – For a very glamorous Jordan that was born for the big screen. Coined from the reality show Geordie Shore.
  7. Bore-dan – For an utterly boring Jordan.
  8. KillMonger – Coined from Michael Jordan’s character in the movie Wakanda, Eric KillMonger.
  9. Creed – From the Character played by Michael B. Jordan, Adonis Creed in Creed II.
  10. Jiant – For a Giant named Jordan.
  11. Jerminator – He’s a neat freak.
  12. The River – A nickname culled from the River Jordan.
  13. Air-J – From the footwear brand Jordan Air launched by Nike, suitable for a sneaker lover named Jordan
  14. The Descendant – A clever nickname adapted from the interpretation of Jordan – “one who descends.”

Do you have a favorite nickname for a Jordan that’s not on this list? Perhaps one you’ve been called or given someone you know? Do share them with us in the comments section!

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