70+ Lovely Nicknames for Madison

Are you looking for good nicknames you can call someone named Madison?

Using a nickname instead of a name is a fun way of personalizing that name. For a lover, a cute nickname makes them feel a little bit more special, and for a friend, a cool or funny nickname could seal the friendship forever.

In this article, we spare you the stress of coming up with nicknames by providing you with a list of all the good Madison nicknames we know.

But before we look at the nicknames, let’s examine the source of the name, Madison.

Madison is a name of English origin that has also gained popularity globally. Commonly spelled Madison in North-Eastern England, Madison is an alternate form of Madison, a variant of Mathieson, meaning son of Matthew, although it occasionally stands for the son of Maddy.

In recent decades, Madison has become a popular name for girls; its rise is generally attributed to the 1984 release of the film “Splash.” From almost being a practically non-existent name before 1985, Madison became the second-most-popular name given to baby girls in the US in 2001.

Famous people are a good source of nicknames; many famous people are named Madison.

Madison Nicknames

Now, let’s examine all the awesome nicknames for someone named Madison

Short Nicknames for Madison

The first forms of nicknames for any name are those derived from the names. This list of popular short nicknames for Madison include:

  1. Maddie – A Short form of Madison with an “e.”
  2. Mads – A Hebrew-derived name which means “gift from God.”
  3. Madi – A Pet name for Madison.
  4. Madie – A Short for Madison.
  5. Maddi – A Madison with two “ds.”
  6. Emmy – For a cheerful Maddison.
  7. Ma Ma – A very attractive Madison.
  8. Maddi – A Short form of Madison with an “I.”
  9. Madi – A shy Madison.
  10. Madds – A Short nickname for Madison with an “s.”
  11. Madin – A Madison who’s terrific.
  12. Adison – Madison without the first letter “a.”
  13. Adi – A Semitic word which means “Jewel” or “Ornament.”
  14. Madisson – A female Madison.

Cute Nicknames for Maddie

Like every other name, Madison also has cute nicknames that can be used for anyone named Madison. These nicknames can be used to refer to anyone dear to you; they include:

  1. Maddy – A Short form of Madison with a “y.”
  2. Madi Moo Moo – A Madison who likes cows.
  3. M&M – A Madison who likes sweets.
  4. Madi Moo – A Madison who likes cows.
  5. Madi Daddy – A Madison who’s a daddy’s girl.
  6. Mini Marshmallow – A cute short Madison.
  7. Addie – A brilliant Madison.
  8. Mara – A likable Madison.
  9. Mai – An Asian Madison.
  10. Madyson – Madison with a “y.”
  11. Lil Maddy – A young Madison.
  12. MaddyMuffin – Madison that bakes.
  13. Maddy Patty – Madison that cooks.
  14. Maydson – An American variant of the name Madison.

Cool Nicknames for Madison

This list of cool nicknames for Madison could also double as Instagram or Twitter handles if you choose:

  1. Madz YEET– An excited Madison.
  2. Madicake – A Madison who likes cake.
  3. The Mad Hatter – A Madison who surfs.
  4. Madie – A Pet name for Madison with an “e.”
  5. MaddieMcdaddy – A powerful Madison.
  6. Mimi – A Clumsy Madison.
  7. Madisaurus – A Madison who loves Dinosaurs.
  8. Madsmads – A friendly Madison.
  9. Baddie Maddie – A Madison who’s bad.
  10. Maddawg – A cool Madison.
  11. Mad Dog – Madison who likes dogs.
  12. Dee – A cool Madison.
  13. Madda – A good-looking Madison.
  14. Mdog – Madison who likes dogs
  15. Maddieldon – A posh Madison.
  16. Lil M – An incredible, calm Madison.
  17. Addy – A flirty Madison.

Creative Nicknames for Madison

If you prefer a unique nickname for your Madison, this list is just right for you. Choose a clever nickname for your Madison from any of the following creative Madison pet names:

  1. MaddieGirl – A pretty Madison.
  2. Middy Tiddy – A neat Madison.
  3. Dee-Dee – A reliable Madison.
  4. MaddThick – A Madison who is chubby.
  5. Moo Moo – A small Madison.
  6. Madaroni – A Madison who like macaroni.
  7. Maddgirl – A Madison with a temper.
  8. Maddy Daddy – A Madison who’s a daddy’s girl.
  9. Mad To The Bone – Madison, who gets angry.
  10. MaddyThe Baddy – Madison, who’s a bad girl.
  11. Madagascar – A Madison that travels.
  12. Madeline – An outgoing Madison.
  13. Maddie B – A bubbly Madison.
  14. Madisyn – American Variant of the name Madison.
  15. Madon – Biblical name meaning “His Measure.”

Funny Nicknames for Madison

These nicknames are guaranteed to make you burst out laughing anytime they are used; all you have to do is choose any of them that tickles your fancy and start calling your Madison by that nickname:

  1. MaddyPaddy Chicken Patty – Madison likes chicken.
  2. Madster – Madison who likes boys.
  3. Madison Beans – Madison who likes eating beans.
  4. Mcdonalds – Madison likes fast food.
  5. Madzila – A big Madison.
  6. Madisaur – A loud Madison.
  7. MaddyCakes – Madison who likes cakes.
  8. Madtad – A crazy Madison.
  9. Maddifer – Cross between Madison and Jennifer.
  10. Mad Hatter – Madison who isn’t positive.
  11. Maddie Mads – Obviously!
  12. Maddie Poopoohead – Lol, someone sent this in.

Famous People Named Madison

Many famous people, as well as fictional characters, are named Madison, which is a testimony to the popularity of the name. Here is a list of some famous people named Madison:

  • Madison Nguyen (American politician)
  • Frederick Madison Allen (Doctor)
  • Madison Smartt Bell (Novelist)
  • Madison Bumgarner (Major League Baseball pitcher)
  • Madison Hubbell (American ice dancer)
  • Madison Keys (American tennis player)
  • James Madison DeWolf (Surgeon)
  • Madison Grant (Lawyer, eugenicist, and conservationist)
  • Madison Kocian (American Olympic gymnast)
  • Madison Marye (1925-2016), American politician)
  • James Madison Morton, Jr. (American federal judge)
  • Madison Washington (Instigator of slave revolt)
  • Madison Davenport (American actress and singer)
  • Madison De La Garza (American actress and younger sister of Demi Lovato)
  • Madison McReynolds (American actress)

Madison as a Surname:

Madison is a surname for many famous people, among which includes:

  • Cole Madison (American football player)
  • Dolley Madison (wife of James Madison)
  • George Madison (Governor of Kentucky)
  • Guy Madison (American actor)
  • Helene Madison (American competition swimmer)
  • Holly Madison (American model)
  • James Madison (Fourth President of the United States)
  • Lucy Foster Madison (American novelist)
  • Martha Madison (American actress)
  • Tianna Madison (American athlete)

Fictional Characters who Bear Madison:

These are some popular fictional characters named Madison:

  • Madison Jeffries (Alpha Flight)
  • Madison “Mad” Twitter ( Skins)
  • Madison (Splash and Splash Too)
  • Madison Duarte, in the television series South of Nowhere
  • Madison Sinclair, in the television series (Veronica Mars)
  • Madison Rocca (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
  • Madison Paige (Heavy Rain)
  • Madison McCarthy (Glee)
  • Madison Clark (Fear the Walking Dead)

These nicknames are perfectly suited for anyone named Madison, so go ahead, choose one or more for your Madison. You can also modify any of these nicknames to make them better.

Lastly, if you know any excellent Madison nickname that is not on this list, please add it in the comment section.


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  1. I’ve been called Madi my whole life, but I’m considering going by M/Em because I’ve discovered that I’m non-binary and I feel like Madi is too feminine for me

  2. Hey guys My name is Maddison but my friends and fam call me moo moo, Maddy, mads, M, and M&M cause i love sweets im clumsey, kind, funny, animal lover and likeable aparantly??? LOL

  3. I use Mads , I’ve also been called Mad . I don’t like being called Maddy or and of its variants . So I’ve used Mads since high didn’t know it was a common used .0

  4. My brother calls me Madi Mae ham because my first name is Madisyn or Madi middle name is Mae and ham is because if you say it altogether it is like Madi Mayham but spelt like maeham. And parents call me Madi, Monkey, Madi Mouse, Madi moose

  5. omg i finally found more people with the name madison ????????. ive only meet maybe 3-4 other Madison’s in my life, all the other Maddie’s/Maddy’s (however they spell ‘Maddie’) names are usually Madeline ???? but it’s nice seeing theres others named madison ???? let’s be friends on Twitter, @hewokv or on insta @avttae ????

  6. My names madison I get called the generic Maddie madds you know but my family calls me moodles moods and mopison

  7. haha i’m a maddy but my friends call me big m because I always got the strap on me, you know?????????????????????⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️????

  8. I’m a Madison and I get called monster as a cute nickname because I am very tall, as well as other normal plain jane Madison nicknames

  9. My Name is Madison and my friends call me Maddie, Mad hatter or Mads, and my family calls me monkey, Monkey moo moo, Maddie moo moo, madds, or Smonkey


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