30+ Great Nicknames for Savannah

Choosing a nickname can be lots of fun when all the resources required are right in front of you, which is why we have put together a list of short, funny, cool, and cute nicknames that you can call someone named Savannah.

But before we get to the list of nicknames, let’s understand the meaning of the name, Savannah.

Savannah has its origins in nature; it means open grassland. It is a popular female name in the United States; it has been among the top 50 female baby names in the past decade.

Short Nicknames for Savannah

Savannah Nicknames

These short nicknames for Savannah come from the name itself and can be used by anyone bearing Savannah; they are also very popular nickname choices.

  1. Vannah – the last 6 letters of Savannah.
  2. Anna – A nickname for anyone called Savannah.
  3. Ava – A short form for Savannah.
  4. Ann – From the name Savannah.
  5. Sava – the first four letters of Savannah.
  6. Sannah – Savannah spelled without V.
  7. Sav – The first three letters of Savannah.
  8. Vann – A short nickname from Savannah.
  9. Avannah – Savannah spelled without S.

Cool Nicknames for Savannah

If we had to choose, we’d give everyone a cool nickname, and people bearing Savannah would not be left out. Here are some cool nicknames for Savannah:

  1. Savvy – A knowledgeable Savannah.
  2. Savi – A mature Savannah.
  3. Savit – A Savannah that shines as bright as the sun.
  4. Savina – An Italian Savannah.
  5. Safari – A Savannah that loves to travel.
  6. Savara – A cool nickname for a Savannah who is Indian.
  7. Savitri – A beautiful and intelligent Savannah.
  8. Sanna – A very awesome Savannah.
  9. SaviX – A cool nickname for anyone named Savannah.
  10. Zannah – Vannah spelled with Z.
  11. Lady Savannah – A cool nickname for a sassy Savannah.

Cute Nicknames for Savannah

Everyone is cute, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a cute nickname as well. This list of cute nicknames for Savannah would be a perfect match.

  1. Vanny – A Savannah that’s as cute as a butterfly.
  2. Savannah Doll – A kind Savannah.
  3. Zanna – A very pretty Savannah.
  4. Savvie – A variant for Savvy.
  5. Saff – A loveable Savannah.
  6. Nana – A pretty Savannah.
  7. Vee Vee – A loving Savannah.
  8. Sanny – A kind-hearted Savannah.
  9. Havanna – An appreciative Savannah.
  10. Sally – A Savannah who is a princess.
  11. Vannie – A beautiful Savannah.

Funny Nicknames for Savannah

Nicknames can also be funny, especially when it fits. Here are some funny nicknames for anyone named Savannah:

  1. Savannahsaurus – A Savannah who likes dinosaurs; A science reference.
  2. Savannah Banana – A Savannah who likes fruits.

Famous People Named Savannah

You can look to some of your favorite celebrities named Savannah for inspiration on what nicknames to use for anyone named Savannah. Here are some famous people named Savannah:

  • Savannah Guthrie – American journalist and attorney.
  • Savannah James – wife of NBA player LeBron James.
  • Savannah King – Canadian freestyle swimmer.
  • Savannah Outen – American singer who gained popularity on YouTube.
  • Savannah Miller – American-English designer.
  • Savannah Montano – Famous on social media such as Twitter.
  • Savannah Chrisley – American reality star known for her family’s reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” on network USA.
  • Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips – Queen Elizabeth’s eldest great-granddaughter.
  • Savannah LaBrant – Author, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Photographer, and YouTuber.

Famous Fictional Characters Named Savannah

Some of these fictional characters can also provide you with ideas on nicknames to use for your Savannah:

  • Savannah – Character in the Nickelodeon TV movie, Swindled.
  • Savannah Smiles – 1982, starring Bridgette Andersen as Savannah
  • Blue Savannah – by Erasure
  • Sweet Savannah – by Shooter Jennings great song!
  • Savannah Wingo – Character in the 1986 novel and 1991 film “The Prince of Tides.”
  • Savannah Johnson –Character in the 1992 novel and 1995 film “Waiting to Exhale.”
  • Savannah Barnett – Character in the tv show, “Surface.”
  • Savanna – A mean popular girl from “Rugrat’s: All Grownup.”
  • Savannah Camden-Kinkirk – Lucy and Kevin’s infant daughter on the last few seasons of 7th Heaven.
  • Savannah Constance Levine – Character in Kelley Armstrong, The Women of the otherworld.
  • Savannah ‘Savi’ Davis – Character in US TV show “Mistresses.”
  • Savannah Sinclair – Character in Heather Vogel Frederick’s “The Mother-Daughter Book Club.”

Is there any good nickname for Savannah asides those we have listed out, be a dear and share them in the comment section?

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  1. My name is savannah and I have some cool nickname
    1. Anyah
    2. Savanni
    3. Sunny
    4. Samantha
    5. Vana
    Here are some other nicknames but don’t include the name of Savannah,
    1. Bug
    2. Pumpkin
    3. Georgia
    4. Buggie
    5. Butterfly
    6. LadyBug
    7. Soapy
    -August 3 2022 If you want to contact me my tiktok is kinn.editz

  2. I get called sav, savvy, savi ann, savannah banana, fanannah, sananah, savivi, georgia, or just savannah depending on the person 🙂

  3. My little girl is called Savannah…. at only 3 month old she’s getting a combination of nicknames… Ava, Sav and Anna, but more often her full name is used.

  4. I’ve had at least 10 of the present nicknames with a handful of super unique ones!????


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