50 Nicknames, Slang, and Street Names for Xanax

Like many drugs, Alprazolam, popularly known as Xanax has many street names. But what are the different street names for Xanax? And how many of these slangs for Xanax do you know? Let’s find out!

Xanax, generically called Alprazolam is a short-acting benzodiazepine or “benzo” for short. Benzo is a type of tranquilizer, and they range in strength from mild to stronger substances. Valium (diazepam) is another famous benzo.

Xanax is medically used to treat or manage anxiety disorders but has come into play in the world of recreational drugs. Mumble or trap rappers like Lil Xan have glorified the drug, making it more popular than ever. Used recreationally, it has potently effective anti-anxiety and sedative effects.

We have collated a number of both new and old nicknames for Xanax. Let’s find out how many of these Xanax street names you know?

street names for Xanax

Classic Nicknames for Xanax

Xanax has been around for some time. With the first patent being filed in 1976, we’ve had enough time to come up with many Xanax nicknames that we’d now call the old classics. Let’s take a look.

  1. Xannies (or Zannies) – Let’s “get some xannies.” Although it won’t keep the subject of conversation under wraps, it’s an easy one to remember.
  2. Xans – Shorts, sweet, to the point.
  3. Xanbars – A new chocolate bar perhaps? This nickname is used to refer to Xanax pills which have a bar shape.
  4. X – Short, classy and straight to the point. Many refer to Xanax using only the first letter of the word.
  5. Z – Although it is not a letter in the word “Xanax”, phonetically it sounds like the first letter of this drug, so can be a useful cover-up name.
  6. Zanna – This girl’s name of Polish origin is similar to the name of this drug, so can be used as a secretive nickname to speak of Xanax use.

Funny Street Names for Xanax

While taking Xanax is generally not to have a good laugh or a heightened emotional rollercoaster, there are a fair few funny nicknames for Xanax that have been floating around.

Some refer to the way that users feel about this drug and others are suggestive of whether or not we should be using this drug at all! Take a read and see which one of these funny nicknames makes you laugh the most. Or perhaps you think they’re all xantastic?!

  1. Handlebars – Many users claim Xanax allows them to feel they have a better grip on their own lives, much like a handlebar on a bike.
  2. Bars – The bar-like shape of Xanax pills warrants a number of nicknames.
  3. Happy Bars – As above.
  4. Z-bars – The word “Xanax” phonetically sounds like it begins with the letter “Z,” hence this nickname is used to talk about the drug.
  5. Totem Poles – Referring to the bar shape of 2mg Xanax pills used by many for their anti-anxiety properties.
  6. Speedy Gonzales – Maybe because these guys need to calm down.
  7. Xantastic – It’s simply fantastic! Medical uses for Xanax are often for patients with anxiety-related disorders. When used correctly, specific doses of Xanax can allow a patient (or recreational user) to feel what they may call “xantastic.”
  8. Xando (or Xanado) – A little play on whether or not you should be doing Xanax, this nickname suggests it’s a “do.” Although we do not support this, we know many users feel it helps them in everyday life.
  9. Xandont (or Xanadont) – Hold your horses, the opposite of the nickname above would be “Xandont.” Maybe it’s worth reconsidering the decision to take Xanax for recreational purposes now.
  10. Xanalax – A combination of “Xanax” and “relax,” this is the perfect mixture of a nickname for this particular drug.
  11. Zebras – You may not often ask your friends for some “zebras” yet in this case you might to ask for something else that you’d rather keep out of the conversation.
  12. Xankful – For those thankful for Xanax. This one’s for you!
  13. Xantrocity – Because it’s an atrocity to run out!
  14. Xanbang – Erhm… this nickname is for when you “bang” when on Xan.
  15. Xansexual – When the only thing you feel erotic about is Xanax.
  16. Xanathon – When you take too many Xanax in one day.
  17. Xanspam – For when you’re spammed like canned ham on Xans.
  18. XanXan – A “cute” nickname for Xanax.
  19. Xanemon – What’s inside your Pokeball?

Effect-Based Street Names for Xanax

Medicinally, Xanax is an effective drug for the treatment of disorders involving panic, stress, and anxiety. It is part of the benzodiazepine family. These are drugs that involve actions on the brain and central nervous system, affecting how we think and feel due to chemicals within the body that it influences.

The particular chemical messenger influenced by Xanax is called “GABA,” and it is effectively the brain’s brakes. In feelings of anxiety or panic, the brain releases GABA to calm down activity.

It’s for this reason that Xanax induces feelings of calm and tranquility. It’s the same very effective system of operation that makes this drug highly addictive. Some users have to spend years weaning themselves off the drug.

Let’s take a look at some nicknames for Xanax based on its soothing effects.

  1. Anxies – This drug is used to manage anxiety-related conditions, hence this fitting nickname.
  2. Chill Pill – As we know, the effects of Xanax include relaxed feelings if they combat anxiety, a great use for the famous phrase “take a chill pill.”
  3. Chill Outs – While we do not suggest taking Xanax recreationally to “chill out,” it is evident that many users take it for this prime reason.
  4. Xan Outs – As above.
  5. Drowsies – One effect of Xanax is the feeling of fatigue or drowsiness, so you could refer to these pills as “drowsies.”
  6. Loose – Xanax can allow the user to “get loose” and release tension within the brain and the body due to its tranquilizing properties.

Appearance-Based Names for Xanax

Medicinal Xanax pills are often white and rectangular shaped. While these are sometimes used recreationally, other dealers create their own versions of this particular drug. The following are appearance based street names for Xanax:

  1. Blue Footballs – These Xanax pills come in many shapes and sizes; this is referring to blue oval “football” shaped Xanax pills.
  2. Footballs – Some Xanax pills are circular in shape with slightly shaved sides, much like a football. Although we don’t recommend kicking these around!
  3. Yellow Boys – Occasionally, Xanax pills are found in other colors such as yellow. This can be a good way to disguise a topic of conversation!
  4. Planks – The white rectangle shape of Xanax pills is much like a small white plank.
  5. White Boys – As you may know, typical Xanax pills are white rectangle shapes.
  6. White Girls – Girls or boys, this name connotes the pure white appearance of the drug.
  7. Upjohn – A pharmaceutical company that used to be named Upjohn, but is now known as Pfizer. They distribute Xanax for medical uses.
  8. Benzos – A fun shortening of the family of drugs that Xanax belongs to; benzodiazepines.
  9. School Bus – The small rectangle shaped Xanax pills are much like the shape of an old-fashioned school bus!
  10. Bicycle Parts – Some users claim Xanax makes them feel more like themselves due to its relaxing properties, much like replacing a part of a bike that has broken.

Medical Terms for Xanax

As we now know, Xanax is not just a typical recreational drug; it actually comes from medicinal origins. Some nicknames are related to the medical terms for the drug and the way it affects the body. Here are the medical nicknames for Xanax we have collected.

  1. GABA – Xanax works by enhancing the effects of the chemical “GABA” within the body. This name can be used around non-medical professionals to talk about the drug.
  2. Xanor – Xanax is also known under this name for medical trade in the professional health industry worldwide.
  3. Alprazolam – Xanax’s official name.
  4. Niravam – Another trade name for Xanax pills that are taken orally.

Classy Xanax Street Names

While we don’t believe there is anything “classy” about taking Xanax pills for the fun of it, there appear to be a number of classy nicknames for this drug. From tropical paradises to rappers, Xanax has acquired a number of interesting nicknames.

  1. Zanzibar – This beautiful, tropical Tanzanian island is a fitting nickname for Xanax from the similar sounding word.
  2. Zulu – Not only are the Zulu a tribe in Southern Africa, but the word “Zulu” is a nickname for this particular drug.
  3. Zizo – Not only is Zizo a well-known name in Egypt but is also another word for “awesome,” something many people believe Xanax to be.
  4. Xylophone – This uncommon instrument is an unusual name for a drug, don’t you think? Yet it fits in well with the letter “X.”
  5. Lil Xan – Not only would this be a little Xanax pill, but it’s also the name of an American singer-songwriter from Redlands, California.

So, there you have it! Our list of slangs, street names, and the other names for the recreational and medicinal drug, Xanax.

Do you think we’ve missed some key nicknames for Xanax? Do you and your friends have a secret nickname you think we should know about? If so, share it with us in the comments below.

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