369 Twins Nicknames: Doppelgänger, Evil Twin & More

Surely, you’ve heard of common twins nicknames such as Doppelgänger, shadow, evil twin. But there are much more!

Twins are heartwarmingly cute, and these days, people would give anything to birth twin babies.

Take a look at these cuties:

But it wasn’t always like that.

There was a time when twins were killed because of the belief was that one of them was the devil. Some cultures were much nicer; they believed that the birth of a twin was because a woman slept with a God and a mortal on the same day; consequently, one of the twins had mythical powers and the other was mortal.

Thankfully, in most parts of the world, all that is in the past. Today, having a twin is akin to winning nature’s lottery, and we’d love to celebrate with a list of popular twin nicknames from around the world.

nicknames for twins

Twin Nicknames with Similarities

Twin Nicknames

Nicknames are born out of fondness, love and most of the time humor. But for twin nicknames, they mostly come from pair references. For example, Salt and pepper, Black and Yellow, Police and Thief, God and Mortal, Good and Evil, Pinky and the Brain. The following are popular twin nicknames:

  1. Apple and Banana
  2. Beef and Cheese
  3. Biscuit and Gravy
  4. Brandy and Whiskey
  5. Buttons and Bows
  6. Cashew and Peanut
  7. Cedar and Oak
  8. Chilli and Pepper
  9. Chips and Salsa
  10. Cinnamon and Spice
  11. Cocoa and Puff
  12. Cookies and Cream
  13. Coke and Pepsi
  14. Coke and Fanta
  15. Cub and Bear
  16. Daisy and Tulip
  17. Dawn and Sunset
  18. Diamond and Pearl
  19. Ebony and Ivory
  20. Freckles and Speckles
  21. Giggles and Chuckles
  22. Gin and Tonic
  23. Ginger and Nutmeg
  24. Glitter and Sparkle
  25. Hawk and Owl
  26. Heart and Spades
  27. Holly and Ivy
  28. London and Paris
  29. Moon and Stars
  30. Pansy and Violet
  31. Peaches and Cream
  32. Peanut and Almond
  33. Peanut and Jelly
  34. Peanuts and Popcorn
  35. Pepsi and Cola
  36. Pesto and Sugar
  37. Petunia and Rose
  38. Pickle and Pumpkin
  39. Poppy and Lily
  40. Pringles and Cheetos
  41. Rhubarb and Custard
  42. Ruby and Sapphire
  43. Rum and Coke
  44. Salt and Pepper
  45. Salt and Vinegar
  46. Silk and Satin
  47. Socks and Bootie
  48. Star and Sky
  49. Sugar and Spice
  50. Summer and Autumn
  51. Sun and Moon
  52. Topaz and Ruby: Rare gems like your twins
  53. Truffles and Fudge
  54. Turnip and Squash
  55. Winter and Spring
  56. Wren and Sparrow

Add any popular twin nickname you know!

Creative Twin Nicknames

Creative Twin Nicknames

The names in this section are nicknames derived from movies, books, celebrities, cartoons, phrases and other forms that are put together creatively. Some represent two characters that were always together or found in the same work field. You are bound to marvel at some of the names here when you comprehend the sources and intents behind them.

  1. Ace and Duri – means one and two in the Korean language
  2. Ace and Zed – First and last kid- A & Z
  3. Alpha and Beta – Let’s get scientific
  4. Anna and Elsa – From “Frozen.”
  5. Arya and Sansa – Game of Thrones
  6. Asterix and Obelix
  7. Barbie and Ken – Everyone’s favorite dolls
  8. Barnes and Noble – If you are a bookworm
  9. Bert and Ernie – The Sesame street favorite character
  10. Big guy and Gramps – Gramps because he is the youngest and wrinkled at birth
  11. Big boy and Little Man
  12. Blossom and Sweetpea
  13. Bonnie and Donnie
  14. Bo and Go – Buy One and Get One
  15. Brandi and Candi
  16. Bric and Brac
  17. Bonny and Clyde
  18. Butch and Sundance – Name from the Wild, Wild, West
  19. Calm and Storm – The calm before the storm
  20. Chevy and Diesel
  21. Chip and Dale – The Chipmunks
  22. Criss and Cross
  23. Damon and Stefan – A male twins nickname inspired by Vampire Diaries
  24. Dora and Diego – From Dora the Explorer
  25. Goofy and Pluto – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  26. Heaven and Nevaeh – The second name is a mirror image of the first
  27. Heinz and Branston – All baked beans
  28. Jack and Jill – Nursery rhyme
  29. Jasmine and Aladdin
  30. Jekyll and Hyde
  31. Kane and Lynch – Popular Video game twin characters
  32. Lady and Tramp
  33. Lilo and Stitch – Cartoon characters
  34. Mai and Tai
  35. Marco and Polo – The legendary Marco Polo
  36. Peaches and Herb – Inspired by the singing duo
  37. Peek and Boo – The game of Peekaboo
  38. Ping and Pong – The other name for table tennis
  39. Pinky and the Brain – Cartoon
  40. Pixie and Dixie
  41. Puss and Boots – From the movie “Shrek.”
  42. Rafiki and Zazoo – The Lion Guard
  43. Rags and Riches – Though one may not be happy to be called “Rags.”
  44. Rhymes and Blues
  45. Ringo and Starr
  46. Robo and Cop – From the movie “Robocop.”
  47. Rock and Roll
  48. Rocky and Mugsy
  49. Romeo and Juliet
  50. Ronnie and Reggie – After the Kray twins
  51. Santa and Rudolph – The Christmas duo
  52. Shake and Bake
  53. Sheriff and Deputy
  54. Simba and Nala – The Lion King
  55. Slice and Dice
  56. Sprite and Tab
  57. Squid and Trid – sibling set
  58. Stars and Stripes – Like the American Flag
  59. Tango and Cash
  60. Tarzan and Jane – The Legend of Tarzan
  61. Tate and Lyle
  62. Taz and Jazmin
  63. Tetra and Didi
  64. Tex and Jinx
  65. Tex and Rex
  66. Thunder and Bolt – For two strong boys
  67. Tiffany and Cartier – Brand names for watches
  68. Tigger and Pooh – Cartoon characters
  69. Tiki and Kiwi
  70. Timon and Pumba – From the Lion King
  71. Tinker and Taylor
  72. TinTin and Snowy – The Adventures of TinTin
  73. Titi and Jermaine – The Jackson 5 brothers
  74. Travolta and Preston
  75. Treelo and Olo
  76. Trick and Treat – For Halloween conception
  77. Trinidad and Tobago – The name of a country
  78. Tom and Jerry – Most watched cartoon characters
  79. Tomax and Xamot – G.I. Joe: The Movie
  80. Topsy and Turvy
  81. Tristan and Isolde – Shakespeare characters
  82. Turner and Hooch
  83. Ulna and Radius – From Mathematics
  84. Ups and Daisy – From the phrase “oopsie daisy.”
  85. Ursa and Major
  86. Venus and Serena – The tennis champions
  87. Wallace and Gromit
  88. Wanda and Pietro – From The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
  89. Wendy and William – From the Wendy William Show
  90. Will and Grace – An American sitcom
  91. Wilma and Fred – From the popular cartoon “The Flintstones.”
  92. Wilma and Betty – same as above but perfect for twin girls
  93. Winkie and Blinkie – The Basketball Diaries
  94. Wisteria and Adonis
  95. Yago and Aboo
  96. Ying and Yang – Of Chinese origins
  97. Yogi and Bear
  98. Yogi and BooBoo
  99. Zena and Zorro – The warrior princess and the Spanish robin hood
  100. Zenith and Nadir
  101. Zeno and Chrysippus
  102. Zeus and Apollo – Greek gods
  103. Zeus and Ganymede
  104. Zeus and Leto
  105. Zoey and Joey

Funny Twin Nicknames

Funny Twin Nicknames

These are names that will make you chuckle, giggle and laugh out loud. Not you alone but the twins themselves. However, this names may not be allowed to be spoken in public. Just like a private joke you and your twins understand. They won’t mind being called any of these nicknames because they know it is all love and fun. Don’t forget to keep it within the family.

  1. Abra and Cadabra – The magic words
  2. B1 and B2
  3. Bibbity and Boppity
  4. Bubble and Squeak
  5. Cheech and Chong
  6. Click and Clack
  7. Cling and Clang
  8. Fiesta and Siesta
  9. Fish and Chips
  10. Heckle and Jeckle
  11. Helter and Skelter
  12. Holly and Molly
  13. Hugs and Kisses
  14. Humpty and Dumpty
  15. Iggy and Ziggy
  16. King and Kong
  17. King Tut and Queen Nefertiti
  18. Knucklehead and Chucklehead
  19. Luke and Leia – Star Wars Movies
  20. Milli and Vanilli
  21. Orangelo and Lemongelo
  22. Pip and Pippy
  23. Poppa and Momma
  24. Princess Fussypants and Professor Gassybuns
  25. Rabble and Babble
  26. Razzle and Dazzle
  27. Rollie Pollie and Ollie
  28. Romulus and Remus
  29. Ruff and Tuff
  30. Major and Minor
  31. Mango and Tango
  32. Mojo and Jojo
  33. Nick and Nack
  34. Proton and Neutron
  35. Sleepy and Bashful
  36. Smokie and Bandit
  37. Snicker and Snookie
  38. Snugglepots and Cuddlepie
  39. Squishy and Peanut
  40. Taboo and Voodoo
  41. Tango and Samba
  42. Tic and Tac
  43. Tisket and Tasket – A barney song
  44. Tsing and Tsang
  45. Tutti and Fruiti
  46. Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  47. Twiggy and Twiglet
  48. Twinkie and Ding Dong
  49. Whosie and Whatsie
  50. Yankee and Doodle
  51. Zig and Zag
  52. Zipper and Zip-Zip
  53. Zoob and Zizz

Collective Twin Nicknames

Famous pair names

Need a nickname you can twins, these twins nicknames are inspired by movies, some famous siblings and the other names that refer to two famous people.

  1. Barbarian Brothers
  2. Double trouble
  3. LJ Little Juniors
  4. Little Buddies
  5. Little Timbits
  6. Pinkie Twinkies
  7. Superbabies
  8. The Afflecks – Ben and Casey
  9. The Bubbas
  10. The Brothers of Destruction
  11. The Hemsworths – Liam and Chris
  12. The Hobbits – Native to New Zealand
  13. The Jedwards
  14. The Jellybeans
  15. The Mannings – Eli and Peyton
  16. The Munchkins
  17. The OC – Oliver and Carson
  18. The Pumpkins
  19. The Savages – Ben and Fred
  20. The Twins – It’s what they Twins from The Matrix Reloaded were called.
  21. The Twinkies
  22. The Wahlbergs – Mark and Donnie
  23. The Windsors – Harry and William
  24. The Wilsons – Owen and Luke
  25. The Wonder Twins
  26. Twinnies
  27. Wright Brothers – A fitting nickname for two genius twin brothers

Twin Nicknames from Real names

Cute Twin Names

This section refers to the nicknames that originate from real names of twins. So in case, your twins happen to bear any of these names, you can choose to call them the corresponding nicknames. You can shorten the names the way you like. There is no end to this section, but we just listed fifteen, so you can have an understanding of how to derive your twin’s nicknames.

  1. Ali and Ash – Allison and Ashley
  2. Ari and Bri – Arianna and Brianna
  3. Artie and Ursa – Arthur and Ursula
  4. Brie and Bella – Gabriella and Isabella
  5. Court and Kim – Courtney and Kimberly
  6. Dak and Dal – Dakota and Dallas
  7. Hay and Kay – Haylee and Kaylee
  8. Hun and Pen – Hunter and Penelope
  9. Jay and Hay – Jayden and Hayden
  10. Liv and Soph – Olivia and Sophia
  11. Mari and Gio – Marissa and Giovanni
  12. Nick and Nellie – Dominic and Cornelia
  13. Shel and Coop – Sheldon and Cooper
  14. Teddy and Birdie – Theodore and Elizabeth
  15. Ty and Sky – Tyler and Skyler

Indian Twin Nicknames

Indian Twin Nicknames

The Indians have a thing for nicknames, and that is why a section is dedicated for Indian nicknames. These names are unique, cute and cool; even if you are from a different part of the world, you can also pick one or two for your twins. The names are transcontinental. A combination of two that you love can be given to your babies. These names are derived from the health of the babies at birth or mash-up of the syllables in the parents’ names.

  1. Ashu
  2. Babai
  3. Babbu
  4. Babli
  5. Bablu
  6. Babu
  7. Billu
  8. Bittoo
  9. Bubbly
  10. Chiki
  11. Chikoo
  12. Chiku
  13. Chinnu
  14. Chintu
  15. Choti
  16. Chotu
  17. Chutki
  18. Chuttu
  19. Diya
  20. Gabdu
  21. Gilli
  22. Golu
  23. Goplu
  24. Gopu
  25. Gubli
  26. Gudda
  27. Guddi
  28. Guddu
  29. Gudiya
  30. Heena
  31. Hiran
  32. Kaddu
  33. Kesu
  34. Kimi
  35. Lichi
  36. Meera
  37. Mimi
  38. Mini
  39. Molu
  40. Monu
  41. Munna
  42. Nanha
  43. Nanhi
  44. Nanmun
  45. Nikki
  46. Nila
  47. Nonni
  48. Nonu
  49. Paglu
  50. Pappu
  51. Papunu
  52. Pihu
  53. Piku
  54. Pillu
  55. Pinky
  56. Piya
  57. Piyali
  58. Pulu
  59. Raja
  60. Rani
  61. Romy
  62. Rosy
  63. Shibbu
  64. Shomu
  65. Shona
  66. Silky
  67. Softy
  68. Sona
  69. Sonu
  70. Sweetu
  71. Tabby
  72. Taco
  73. Taro
  74. Tanmay
  75. Ted or Teddy
  76. Theo
  77. Titan
  78. Titu
  79. Tinu
  80. Tod
  81. Tom
  82. Trutty
  83. Tushi
  84. Vava
  85. Vishu

Nicknames that means twins

unique twin names

In this section are names that mean twins literally. These are names that originate from different parts of the world. Some of the names are particular to a type of twins, either a first-born twin or second-born twins. Also, some refer to twins of same-sex and much more. The list is written in this order, after the names, then the origin of the names and what twins they refer to.

  1. Adongo (African Luo origins) – Second born female twins
  2. Amakhwana (Kemna) – twins
  3. Apiyo (African) – Firstborn twins
  4. Atsu Egyptian origin
  5. Babriye (Luganda) – Firstborn twins
  6. Banji (Africa) – second born twins
  7. Didymos (Greek) – Male twins
  8. Foma – Russian
  9. Gemini – Latin
  10. Isingoma (African Luganda) – first male twins
  11. Kakra Egyptian
  12. Kato (African Luganda) – Second male twins
  13. Linnaea – Latin name for twin flowers, perfect for twin girls
  14. Maas – Dutch
  15. Maso – Italian, short for Tommaso
  16. Mukhwana (Egyptian) – male twins
  17. Nakato (African) – second born female twins
  18. Tam (Scottish) – short for Tamhas
  19. Tamati – Maori language
  20. Tamzen – Cornish form of Tamsin which means twins. Other alternatives are Tammy, Tamsen, Tamsin, Tamson, and Tamsyn
  21. Tauma (Aramaic) the name that Thomas was derived from
  22. Thomas – means twins in English
  23. Thomasina – a Medieval feminine form of Thomas which means twins.
  24. Togquos – Native American
  25. Toma – a Croatian, Bulgarian and Russian form of Thomas
  26. Vanamo (Finnish) – twinflower
  27. Wasswa (African) – firstborn male twins
  28. Zesiro (Egyptian) – twins.

No matter how we look at it, having twins is a wonder of nature, biology or God. Therefore, pick a nickname that will to some extent capture the miracle that is twins. Don’t restrict yourself to the names highlighted in this article.

What awesome twin nicknames have you heard and what does it mean? We will love to hear all about them.

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