79 Popular and Not-So-Popular Jay-Z Nicknames

Looking for some exciting Jay-Z nicknames? Or just curious about where some of his popular nicknames came from?

Famous rapper Shawn Corey Carter, known by his stage name Jay-Z, is an entrepreneur, songwriter, and an American record producer.

Jay-Z has been an influential name in the rap industry since the 1990s and has evolved greatly over the years, with different nicknames attached to him during this time, each with significant stories behind them.

Here’s our list of all the nicknames of Shawn Carter and their origin!

Popular Jay-Z Nicknames

Jay-Z Nicknames

These are the most popular Jay-Z nicknames, the ones you are more likely to have heard.

  1. Jiggaman – From the track Encore, where he raps, “Do Y’all want more of the Jigga man? Well if y’all want more of the Jigga man…”
  2. Hova – Gotten from one of his lyrics, Rhyme No More where he calls himself JayHova or “Hova,” a self-acclaimed rap god.
  3. Jay – A nickname short for Jay-Z. Commonly used as a couple nickname; Jay and Bey.
  4. Iceberg Slim – A self-imposed nickname from his 1997 song Who You Wit, where he called himself “Iceberg Slim.”
  5. S-dot – A Jay-Z nickname from a line in Looking At My S-Dots, a track he dropped after his signature shoes S. Carter came out.
  6. Joe Camel – A Jay-Z nickname given as a result of similar resemblances to Joe Camel, an ad mascot in the 1990s
  7. Lucky Lefty – A Jay-Z nickname that became quite popular in 1997 after Whatchu Want, a 1997 track by Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, and Charli Baltimore had Jay-Z comparing himself with Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero, from the film Donnie Brasco.
  8. Jazzy – A nickname for Jay-Z from his days in the hood.
  9. J-Hova – A nickname Jay-Z calls himself as the self-acclaimed “god of rap.”
  10. Jigga – Jigga – A nickname from when Jay-Z was in his teens, given to him by his mother after he called 1 billion watts “Jiggawatt” instead of Gigawatt.
  11. Hov – A short form of his nickname Hova, the “god of rap.”
  12. Young Hov – Young Hov – Jay-Z’s “god of rap” self-acclaimed nickname from his track Hova.
  13. President Carter – A nickname befitting his status as the president of the Roc Nation, his record label.
  14. King Hov – Hov is short for Hova, or Jay Hova.

Other Jay-Z Nicknames

Nicknames for Jay-Z

These Jay-Z nicknames are not so popular. Some are from other parts of the world, some are from his songs, and some are just plain funny nicknames.

  1. Andre Agassi – From the lyrics of Jay-Z’s track Can’t Knock The Hustle where he raps, “When tennis balls hit the fence I serve 8 balls like Andre Agassi”.
  2. Baba Blue – This is a funny Jay-Z nickname, most likely originated from Africa, where “Baba” means father. Baba Blue would mean “Blue’s Father.”
  3. Big Homie – A nickname gotten from Jay-Z being one of the biggest “homies” in the rap industry.
  4. Black Axl Rose – A nickname obtained from the Jay-Z track Welcome To The Jungle, where he raps, “Black Axl Rose, move halves and wholes.”
  5. Black Branch Ricky – A Jay-Z nickname gotten from the lyrics of Brooklyn (Go Hard) where he raps “Now when I bring the Nets, I’m the black Branch Rickey.”
  6. Black Warren Buffet – From an Interview held by Forbes on Jay-Z & Billionaire “Warren Buffett,” regarding advice on success.
  7. Bo Outlaw – From Jay-Z’s Honey track lyrics in The BluePrint album that goes, “Take a lost rebound like Bo Outlaw, I’m so outlaw…”
  8. Bobby Boucher – A nickname gotten from New Slaves track where he raps “Swizz…I’m goin’ Bobby Boucher.”
  9. Bobby Fisher – From the lyrics of This Life Forever where Jay-Z raps “…checkmate, in 4 moves the Bobby Fischer of rap…”
  10. Caesar – “All hail, Caesar’s home, niggas” was a line from one of his rap songs released in 2013.
  11. CEO of the R.O.C – Gotten from his track Public Service Announcement where he “re-introduces” himself as the CEO of his record label.
  12. Champagne Hova – This nickname was as a result of Jay-Z’s interest in champagne brand Armand Brignac, which he eventually bought.
  13. Clyde – A nickname gotten from his MaNyfaCedGod lyrics where Jay-Z says, “Bonnie and Clyde things, we hold it down…”
  14. Corey – From Jay-Z’s middle name.
  15. Doom – A nickname representing Jay-Z and MF DOOM who were both active in Hip-Hop back in the days.
  16. Dope Man – From one of Rapper Jay-Z’s tracks back in 1999.
  17. Eight Figure Nigga – From Jay-Z’s lines that goes, “If I wasn’t ah, eight figure nigga by the name of Jigga…” from Can I Get A .. Lyrics
  18. Eight Shows H.O – A nickname gotten from a tweet when Jay-Z said – “They call me 8 Shows H.O. You can stunt like that when you own the whole place, though.”
  19. El Padrino – Which means “Head of the family” from Jay-Z’s track La Familia.
  20. El Presidente – Jay-Z being the president of the Def Jam Record Label, which gave him the nickname “El Presidente.”
  21. Gemini – From the horoscope sign of June, the birth month of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s twins.
  22. God MC – A Jay-Z nickname similar to being called the “god of rap” or the god MC.
  23. Grey Hova – A Jay-Z nickname from the “Grey Hova” Art Print created by Timothy McAuliffe with a grayish image of him.
  24. Hovito – A Jay-Z nickname similar to Hova, with the -ito added to make it sound Spanish.
  25. Hovvie – A nickname gotten from Jay-Z’s Hovi Baby track from The Blueprint 2 Album.
  26. International Hov – From one of his rap tracks, where he says being an “International Hov” is his identity.
  27. Izzo – A nickname originating from Jay-Z’s Hova song, with Izzo representing the ‘O’ in Hova.
  28. Jason Kidd – From Jay-Z’s track You’re Only A Customer where he raps, “I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive, If not, I just handle it like Jason Kidd…”
  29. Jay Peso – From Jay-Z’s Change The Game rap track, where he says “Jay-Hov, ‘bout to change my name to Jay Peso” in one line of the song.
  30. Jefe – A Jay-Z nickname gotten from one of his rap tracks, which means “Boss.”
  31. Johnny Blaze – A nickname gotten from the actual name of Jay-Z’s producer, Just Blaze, who produced the songs on most of his popular albums.
  32. Louis the Thirteenth – From The City Is Mine lyrics, where he goes “I represent the lifestyle of those who thirst cream, a buck fifty a shot, Louis the Thirteenth…”
  33. Lucky Luciano – A nickname gotten from a Jay-Z track, where he attests that “Lucky Luciano, is what they call me.”
  34. Major Coin – From Jay-Z’s track Pop 4 Roc where he goes, “I’mma Major Coin with a pretty Bentley nigga.”
  35. Mariano of the Marriott – A nickname from Go Crazy rap track, where Jay-Z calls himself “The Mariano of the Marriott, ah.”
  36. MC JZ – A nickname gotten from using the initials in Jay-Z
  37. Method Man – From the Jay-Z track Brooklyn (Go Hard), where he raps “I’m the man…The weed man for Redman and Method Man.”
  38. Mr H – Short for Mr. Jay Hova, the king of rap music.
  39. New Kennedy – A Jay-Z nickname that grew popular after he mentioned he feels he can be best compared to Joe Kennedy.
  40. Nino and G-Money – From Anything track where Jay-Z goes, “My brother from anotha pop, minus one shot, We Nino and G-Money man, we all we got…”
  41. Papi – From Jay-Z’s Hey Papi track released in 2008
  42. Picasso – A nickname from Jay-Z’s single Picasso Baby.
  43. Pimp C – A nickname from the rapper’s track Big Pimpin, the third and final single from his fourth album.
  44. Pulp Fiction – From his Dear Summer track that goes, “Now, I’m ‘Pulp Fiction,’ Colt four-fifth and young niggaz that [unverified], no religion.”
  45. Raphael Saadiq – From the lyrics of Only A Customer where Jay-Z raps, “Class C cold me down with the plastic, That’s all I Ask Of You, like Raphael Saadiq…”
  46. Rappin’ Thug – Gotten from one of Jay-Z’s rap single, “Rappin’ Thug, Rappin’ thug, the Roc…”
  47. Roc-a-Fella – From his track Jigga What where he raps, “…can’t fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe…”
  48. S-Dot Carter – Gotten from his track S. Carter, off his 4th album.
  49. Supervillain – A nickname that originated from Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album.
  50. The Black Gangsta – From the chorus of Jay-Z’s track This Life Forever.
  51. The Black Jay Gatsby – A Jay-Z nickname given by The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann, who praised Jay-Z’s work on the film’s soundtrack.
  52. The Blueprint – Gotten from the name given to Jay-Z’s 6th studio album released in 2001, The Blueprint.
  53. The New Sinatra – Gotten from Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind track where he raps, “I’m the new Sinatra, and since I made it here, I can make it anywhere, yeah, they love me everywhere.”
  54. The Roc Boy – A nickname representing Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation.
  55. The Ruler – A nickname gotten from Jay-Z’s track The Ruler, off The BluePrint album.
  56. Tical – Gotten from when Rapper Jay-Z released his personal and political album ‘4:44’ on Tidal.
  57. Ticallion Stallion – A Jay-Z nickname from a popular street language.
  58. Uncle Jay – Gotten from the first letter of his stage name, Jay-Z.
  59. Vinny – From a Jay-Z track where he raps the line, “I’m shootin’ to Vegas, gamblin’ green-o at the casino, schoolin’ the dice like Vinny Barberino…”
  60. William – From the track Can I Live where he goes, “No more, Big Willie my game has grown prefer you call me William.”
  61. William H. Hova – A nickname that signifies the wealth of rapper Jay-Z as well as his awesomeness.
  62. Young H.O. – A nickname from the lines in Encore where Jay-Z raps, “I’m, Young H.O., rap’s Grateful Dead…”
  63. Young Scrappy – Gotten from The Return track, from the line “Young scrappy, that’s what grown man do…”
  64. Young Slung – Gotten from the Young Forever Lyrics that goes, “Over Pyrex pots, my name shall be passed down to generations while debating up in barber shops, Young slung, hung here…”
  65. Young Vito – A nickname from a Jay-Z track where he calls himself the “voice of the young people.”

And there you have it – the most interesting nicknames for the American rap god himself.

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