10 Most Popular Miley Cyrus Nicknames

This post will find all the popular nicknames for Miley Cyrus, the origins of these names, and her fandom name. 

Mikey Cyrus is an American actress, singer-cum-songwriter born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992. She is the daughter of a country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. 

She’s had a successful career in the entertainment industry since 2006 after being cast in a Disney Channel television series, Hannah Montana. 

Since her starring role in Hannah Montana, Cyrus has enjoyed wide media coverage involving her sexuality and relationships, especially with Liam Hemsworth. 

Since her early years, Cyrus has retained some nicknames we shall discover in this post. 

Popular Miley Cyrus Nicknames

Here are Miley Cyrus’s most famous nicknames:

1. Smiley

Named Destiny Hope Cyrus at birth, her parents nicknamed her Smiley when she noticed how often she smiled during childhood. Later, they shortened it to Miley. 

After some years, precisely in 2008, she legally changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. Her middle name honors her grandfather, a Democratic Politician, Ronald Ray Cyrus, from Kentucky. 

Her childhood nickname is now her stage name.

2. Smiley Miley

Another nickname for Miley Cyrus. This time, it was not given by her parents; but by her fans. 

Known as a happy child with a bright smile, Cyrus was given that nickname. A fan account of Cyrus: Smiley_Miley_1992 on Instagram exists with almost 30000 followers where her pictures are regularly uploaded. 

Smiley Miley is a combination of the nickname given to Cyrus in infancy and her stage name. 

3. Smiley Waffle

Cyrus, in 2014, was spotted lounging in a chicken and waffles print bikini. According to India Today, Miley’s bikini features a  realistic print of chicken and waffles, considered a delicacy in the American South and appreciated in other states as well. 

4. Miley Pop

Pop, rock, and country-pop singer Miley is popularly called Miley Pop by her fans. Widely acclaimed for her raspy voice and Plastic hearts – a record that landed her first entry on the Billboard rock chart, Cyrus has the respect of her pop fans. 

5. Teen Idol

As early as age 13, Cyrus landed her first role in one of the Disney Television Series, which eventually made her the first artist to have deals in television, film, consumer products, and music within the Walt Disney Company. 

6. Hannah Montana

A Disney Television Series, which aired for four seasons (2006-2011), starred Miley Cyrus as a teenage girl living a double life as famous pop singer Hannah Montana, an alter ego she adopted to maintain her anonymity and live everyday life as a teenage girl. 

Since the airing of the series, her fans have retained the nickname. 

7. Discordian American Princess

Miley Cyrus’s fandom page admits she was a Disney Princess who transformed into a Discordian Princess. 

The Urban Dictionary, however, says that Cyrus showed her smile as a Disney Princess, but her spiritual advisor, Reverend Loveshade, and Photographer Annie Leibovitz changed all that. As soon as she posed naked in a sheet and posed with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, touching her inner thigh, she became a Discordian American Princess. 

8. Tongue B*tch

One of the reasons Cyrus is nicknamed a tongue b*tch is that the most controversial part of her body is her tongue. 

The Atlantic commented on her tongue, “There has been a lot said about Miley Cyrus in the past few weeks, and with her new Rolling Stone cover, a lot more is being said. But why is no one addressing the obvious? Her tongue is always hanging out.”

Cyrus’s tongue was also questioned as an embarrassing unsexy sign of a girl trying too hard or a brilliant sendup of prepackaged coy femininity that is genius in its grossness. 

9. Schmilerz

According to fanfiction, the plot fiction of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus involves a series of conversations. In it, Taylor Swift said to Miley: “Woah, hold up there, Schmilerz.”

The plot further reveals that Swift and Cyrus go to the dressing room together. 

10. Milly

A nickname that arose out of the wrong pronunciation of Miley Cyrus. Miley is sometimes mispronounced as Milly by those unfamiliar with the pronunciation. 

What is Miley Cyrus’s Fandom Name?

Miley Cyrus’s fans are called “Smilers.” Since 2006 when Hannah Montana first aired on television, some of her fans have been there.

A fan is called a smiler, collectively called Smilers. 

Did we miss out on your favorite nickname for Miley? Be sweet enough to drop it.

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