30+ Creative Nicknames for Abby

If you’re reading this, you must be looking to know some top nicknames for Abby.

First, let us consider the origin and meaning of the name ABBY.

Abby is a female name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Father rejoiced’ or ‘Father’s joy.’ It is the Americanized form of the Hebrew name Abigail. Often used as a nickname for Abigail, Abby is also very popular as a first name for girls in many English countries.

Popular Nicknames for Abby

Abby Nicknames

Popular nicknames for a name are often short forms or modifications of the said name. Many times, they are coined from letters within the name. These are some popular nicknames for Abby:

  1. Abs 
  2. Ab
  3. Abba 
  4. Abster

Cute Nicknames for Abby

Cute nicknames are an excellent way to refer to anyone you hold dear to your heart. These cute nicknames can also be coined from the first name of your loved ones. These are some cute nicknames for Abby:

  1. Abbycakes 
  2. A-boo
  3. Dabby 
  4. Abbz 
  5. Abbalicious 
  6. Abbers 
  7. Abyloo 
  8. Ay-Bee
  9. Abbygirl

Creative Nicknames for Abby

Asides the popular nicknames for Andrea, there are other cool and creative nicknames for Andrea. These are some other nicknames for Andrea:

  1. Baby: An anagram of Abby
  2. Crabby Abb: A funny nickname for Abby, could be used to refer to a bubbly person.
  3. Abacado: A nickname for Abby inspired by the avocado fruit.
  4. Abs of steel: A cool nickname for Abby.
  5. Gail: A nickname for Abby from the variant Abigail.

Things that Rhyme with Abby

As a tip, words that rhyme with a name can double as nicknames for the said name. These are some words that rhyme with Abby:

  1. Barbie: Rhymes with Abby.
  2. Sally: An English name that rhymes with Abby.
  3. Gaby: Rhymes with Abby.
  4. Baddy: An English slang that rhymes with Abby.

Abby Nicknames Based on Initials

The initials of the other names of a person can also be used as nicknames for that person. All you have to do is combine the initials of the first, middle, or last name of the person. These are some Abby nicknames based on initials:

  1. A.J.: If she has any other name starting with J.
  2. A.K.: If any of her other names start with K.

Abby Nicknames from TV Characters and Books

The fictional art world is another excellent place to look when searching for nicknames of a said name. Abby is quite popular as a first name for many fictional characters. These are some fictional characters named Abby:

  1. Abby Whelan: She is a fictional character in the political drama series Scandal played by Darby Stanchfield.
  2. Abby Newman: She is a fictional character in the American CBS soap opera, ‘The Young and the Restless,’ played by Melissa Ordway.
  3. Abby Sciuto: She is a fictional character in the NCIS TV series played by Pauley Perrette.

Famous People Named Abby

Abby is also popular as a first name for many celebrities and famous people. Consider your favorite celebrities named Abby and how they use their names to help you figure out a nickname for your Abby. These are some celebrities and famous people named Abby:

  1. Abby Roberts: She is an American teen makeup artist, influencer, and Youtuber.
  2. Abby Donnelly: She is an American teen actress known for her roles in popular T.V. shows ‘Just Add Magic’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’
  3. Abby Elliot: She is an American actress and comedian, who as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and known for her roles in movies including ‘No Strings Attached’ and ‘Indebted.’

Variants of Abby

The variants of a name Abby could also be used as nicknames for the said name. These are some variants of Abby:

  1. Abigail: An Hebrew variant for Abby meaning ‘Father’s joy.
  2. Abelle: A French variant for Abby meaning ‘breath.’
  3. Abrielle: An Italian variant for Abby, meaning ‘God is my strength.’

We have included some popular, fun, and adorable nicknames for Abby. Let us know your thoughts on this list by leaving a comment and telling us any other nicknames for Abby, you might know.

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  1. whatever happened to abbie? *cries in forgotten*
    but actually here’s some nicknames because i hate abby or abigail.
    ~Gale (or Gail)

    Yeah a few I like. but mostly Abbie, Bee, B, Abster, and Abacado (youtube name)

  2. If anyone ever calls me anything of these, I will immediately start planning the way I am going to ki** them. The only one I’m remotely ok with is Abbers or Abs because I only let certain people call me that.

  3. my twin sisters name is abby and we call her abalinda,abster,abbs,and somtimes abs of steel she was wondering why somebody at dance called her that.but mostly at school abalinda at home and outside of school abbs and abalinda


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