40+ Wonderful Nicknames for Benjamin

Have you been looking for a nickname for someone named Benjamin?

Finding a nickname is not always an easy task, which is why we have put together a list of nicknames for the name, Benjamin.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Benjamin?

Benjamin is a popular male name derived from the Hebrew name “Binyamin.” The name Benjamin was first seen and used in Genesis (a book in the Christian Bible) and was the name of the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel, who went on to found one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Benjamin means “Son of my right hand,” and is a suitable name for the last son of a family, like in the biblical usage of the name.

Benjamin has become a popular name in other religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) and languages across the world.

Popular Nicknames for Benjamin

Benjamin Nicknames

Have you ever wondered what the most widely accepted nicknames for Benjamin are? Then you’re in the right place! Take a look at some of the most popular nicknames suitable for the name Benjamin:

  1. Ben
  2. Bennie
  3. Beni
  4. Benny
  5. Benjy
  6. Beanie
  7. Jamie
  8. Benn
  9. Jay
  10. Benj
  11. Benjee
  12. Benji
  13. Beng
  14. Jamin
  15. Benjay
  16. Bem
  17. Benno
  18. Beejey
  19. Benja
  20. Behn
  21. Ben Jizzy
  22. Jam-Jam ‒ The perfect nickname for someone sweet named Benjamin.
  23. Banjo – Inspired by the musical instrument.
  24. Benji man ‒ For the coolest Benjamin, you know.
  25. Benghazi – Inspired by the city in Libya.
  26. Ben-Jammin ‒ For someone jovial who’s easily the life of every party.
  27. Benito ‒ A nickname of Italian origin.
  28. Right-hand Man ‒ Inspired by one of Benjamin’s meanings, “son of my right hand,” and suitable for a faithful buddy.
  29. Junior ‒ A nickname suitable for the last born of a family (like the biblical Benjamin).
  30. Young Pup ‒ A cute alternative to the nickname above.
  31. Ben 10 ‒ A nickname culled from the Cartoon Network Character and suitable for a little boy.
  32. Superstar/SuperHero ‒ An alternative to the nickname above.
  33. Benny Boi ‒ For a sweet little boy named Benjamin.
  34. Benoni ‒ Which means “son of my sorrow.” This was initially Benjamin’s name before his father changed it & would, therefore, be regarded as a demeaning or cruel nickname.
  35. Big Ben ‒ A nickname for a muscular or chubby-looking Benjamin.
  36. Benji-Boo ‒ A nickname suitable for a loved one named Benjamin.
  37. Gifted Hands ‒ A nickname inspired by Neurosurgeon Ben Carson and suitable for someone who’s into the medical field or has natural talents.
  38. Benjen ‒ From the fictional persona in HBO’s Game of Thrones (Benjen Stark), suitable for a Benjamin that reminds you of this character or is a show fan.
  39. First Ranger ‒ An alternative to the nickname above.
  40. Beniamino ‒ A variant of Benjamin of Italian origin.
  41. Fav/Favourite One ‒ A sweet nickname inspired by one of the meanings of the name Benjamin (the favorite one).
  42. Benjo-Banjo ‒ A nickname for a music lover or an instrumentalist named Benjamin.
  43. Franklin ‒ A nickname inspired by the late Benjamin Franklin and suitable for a person named Benjamin, an activist or interested in politics.
  44. Batman ‒ Benjamin Affleck as Batman
  45. Ben Bruce ‒ A cool alternative to the nickname above.
  46. Benjermin ‒ Benjamin with a German twist.
  47. Benny Bunny ‒ For a sweet or charming person named Benjamin.

Famous People Named Benjamin

In your search for a good nickname for Benjamin, have you considered using the name or nicknames of famous people named Benjamin? Here is a list of famous men named Benjamin:

  • Benjamin Solomon Carson ‒ A former Neurosurgeon, author, and an American Politician.
  • Benjamin Affleck ‒ American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Benjamin Thomas Barnes ‒ An English actor and singer.
  • Benjamin Cutting ‒ An Australian cricketer who plays an all-rounder.
  • Benjamin Biolay ‒ A French singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer.
  • Benjamin Zendel ‒ A Canadian Psychologist.
  • Benjamin Obadiah Zephaniah ‒ A British writer, dub poet, and Rastafarian.
  • Benjamin Marshall Wildman ‒ An American competition swimmer, Olympic gold medallist, and former world record holder.
  • Benjamin Alexandros Agosto ‒ An American Ice dancer.
  • Benjamin Kimura Koskei ‒ A Kenyan long-distance runner.

Fictional Characters Named Benjamin

Additionally, we’ve included a list of popular fictional characters named Benjamin. You never know — you just might get inspired with a fitting nickname!

  • Benjamin ‒ A donkey from George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm.
  • Benjamin Bunny ‒ Peter Rabbit’s cousin in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.
  • Benjamin Button ‒ The title character of both The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (short story) and Film.
  • Benjamin “Benny” Krupp ‒ A fictional character who was the school principal in Captain Underpants.
  • Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce ‒ A fictional character from M*A*S*H novels, the Film, and the Television series.
  • Benjamin Kirby Tennyson (Ben or Ben 10) ‒ The main character on Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 franchise.

So, there you have it ‒ a list of clever nicknames for Benjamin! Is there any good nickname for Benjamin that we didn’t include in this article?

Kindly share it with us in the comments section below!

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