30+ Awesome Nicknames for Declan

Choosing a unique nickname for a name like Declan can be difficult. We have compiled the best nicknames for Declan to save you the trouble.

Let’s start by considering the meaning and origin of the name Declan.

Declan is an anglicized form of the Irish saint name Declán, which means ‘man of prayer’ or ‘full of goodness.’ Declan has been among the most popular names for boys in the United States in the last decade.

So, what are some good names for Declan?

Popular Declan Nicknames

Declan Nicknames

Popular nicknames for a name are usually short forms or modifications of the name. Here are some popular Declan pet names:

  1. Dec 
  2. Dee 
  3. Lan 
  4. D-Lan
  5. Deck 
  6. Decs 
  7. Dex
  8. Dax
  9. Deke

Cute Declan Nicknames

Cute nicknames are a great way to personalize the name of anyone you care about. Here are some cute pet names you can call a Declan:

  1. Ducky 
  2. Deco 
  3. Len 
  4. Dash 
  5. Deckee 
  6. Decker
  7. Deccy 
  8. Decklin

Creative Nicknames for Declan 

Here are some cool, funny, and creative Declan nicknames:

  1. Big D: This nickname could ironically refer to a slim person.
  2. D Money: D for Declan and Money for the rich.
  3. Donclan: An excellent nickname for Declan.
  4. Dee-man: Dee for Declan and Man for a friend. It’s a great nickname to refer to a friend.
  5. Dexlan: A creative nickname for Declan, inspired by the English name Dexter.

Declan Nicknames Based on Initials

The initials of a person’s name are excellent sources for nicknames. Here are some great Declan nicknames based on initials:

  1. D.C: From DeClan.
  2. D.J: If he has another name that starts with J
  3. D.D: If his middle name or last name begins with D

Variants of Declan

Variants of a name can be excellent nicknames for the name. These are some popular variants of the name Declan:

  1. Daclan: A Celtic variant for Declan.
  2. Declyn: An Irish variant for Declan.
  3. Deklen: A sound-alike variant for Declan.
  4. Deaglan: An Irish variant for Declan.

Declan Nicknames from TV or Books

Fictional characters in books, movies, songs, and plays could provide ideas on nicknames to call someone named Declan. Here are a few fictional characters named Declan:

  1. Declan Meade: He is a fictional character in the literary magazine ‘The Stinging Fly.’
  2. Declan Napier: He was a fictional character in the Australian Network Ten soap opera ‘Neighborslent.’
  3. Declan Coyne: He was a fictional character in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Famous People Named Declan 

The names or nicknames of famous people named Declan could be used as a pet name for someone named Declan:

  1. Declan: He was one of the first missionaries to bring Christianity to Ireland, preceding St. Patrick.
  2. Declan Rice is an English professional footballer who plays for West Ham United and the England national team.
  3. Declan O’Dwyer is an English EMMY nominated film director known for his movie “Free Rein.”
  4. Declan Patrick MacManus: Also known as Elvis Costello, he is a Grammy award-winning English singer and songwriter.

Now, it’s your turn to add a nickname for Declan that isn’t listed.

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