30+ Creative Nicknames for Cole

Finding a unique nickname for a name such as Cole isn’t as easy as finding a nickname for popular names like Daniel, Samuel, or William.

To make your search for the perfect Cole nickname easier, we have compiled a list of popular nicknames for Cole.

But first, what is the meaning and origin of the name Cole?

Cole is of English origin and is more often a surname than a given name. It means “coal-black or charcoal.”

Cole is one of the last decade’s most popular boys’ names.

Popular Cole Nicknames

Cole Nicknames

Popular nicknames for a given name are often coined by modifying or shortening the name. Here are some popular nicknames for Cole:

  1. Coco
  2. Colby
  3. Coley  
  4. Cols 
  5. Coal
  6. Coleson
  7. Kohls: The American departmental store.
  8. Ole 
  9. Ceecee 
  10. Coley bear: A cute nickname for someone named Cole
  11. Colden 
  12. Colwyn 
  13. Coleslaw: A funny reference to the Coleslaw salad dish.
  14. Cola: A reference to the Coca-Cola drink.
  15. Colt
  16. J-Cole: A nickname for Cole inspired by American rapper J-Cole.
  17. Colster: A cool nickname for Cole that could be used as a social media handle.
  18. Koala
  19. Solar: A creative nickname for someone named Coal. A reference to Solar as an alternative source of energy to Coal.

Cole Nicknames Based on Initials

Consider using the person’s initials if you run out of nickname ideas for Cole. These are some great initials for the name Cole:

  1. C.J
  2. C.K 

Cole Nicknames from TV or Books

The fictional characters in books, movies, and songs named Cole can be used as nicknames. Here are some nicknames for your Cole inspired by fictional characters:

  1. Blackie Cole: He was the villain in the 1940 film, ‘The Invisible Woman.’
  2. Cole Johnson: He was a character in the 2017 movie, ‘The Babysitter.’
  3. Cole Trickle: He was the main character in the film ‘Days of Thunder.’

Famous People Named Cole 

When searching for a nickname from a name, an excellent place to look is the names and nicknames of famous people who bear the name. Here are some famous people named Cole:

  1. Samantha Cole is an American actress known for her roles in Spice it Up and Netflix’s original Coffee and Kareem.
  2. Cole Walliser: He is a Canadian filmmaker and music video director who has directed videos for many artists, including Mile Cyrus, Pink, and Katty Perry.
  3. Cole Sprouse is an American actor famous for his role as Cody Martin on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and its spinoff, The Suite Life on Deck.
  4. Cole Hauser is an American actor featured in many movies, including ‘Olympus, Has Fallen.’

Nicknames from Variants of Cole

Variants of a name are also popular choices for nicknames of such names. Here are some variants of Maria to choose from:

  1. Colton: An English name meaning ‘Cole Town.’
  2. Nicolas: An English variant for Cole meaning ‘Victory of the people.’
  3. Coleman: A variant for Cole meaning ‘dark-skinned.’
  4. Colby: A variant for Cole of Norse origin, meaning ‘swarthy.’

If all else fails, you should consider picking a nickname that isn’t based on Cole. Here is an excellent list of good nicknames you can call a guy.

Lastly, if you know any good nickname for Cole that isn’t listed, be a dear and add it in the comment section.

Name Generator: Find Unique Cole Nicknames

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