40+ Creative Nicknames for Donald

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In this article, we’ve written an extensive list of useful nicknames for the name Donald, as well as helpful descriptions to help find the perfect pet name.

Origin and Meaning of Donald

The masculine name Donald is derived from the Gaelic name Dòmhnall. It is interpreted to mean “Great chief”, “World ruler” or “World mighty.”

Donald is used in different parts of the world today, however, it was most popular in the early 1900s, especially when the name maintained its position as the 7th most popular name given to baby boys in the United States from 1928 till 1938.

Popular Nicknames for Donald

Donald Nicknames

Popular nicknames are usually shortened or modified versions of the original name. However, for the name Donald, thanks to President Trump, there are many more popular nicknames for the name Donald. Here are the most popular Donald nicknames:

  1. Dee
  2. Don
  3. Donnie
  4. Donny
  5. Dona
  6. Doa
  7. Trump: Inspired by the name of the United States of America’s president, Donald Trump.

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Cute Nicknames for Donald

If you’re looking for a nickname for someone with a sweet personality or just one whom you’re very fond of, here are cute nicknames for the name Donald:

  1. Donnie Boo
  2. Donnybaby
  3. Donnie Dear/Donnie Dearest
  4. Donnie DoDo
  5. Donnyboy

Creative Nicknames for Donald

Nicknames are usually formed by adding certain suffixes or cool phrases to the original name. Here are  some cool and funny creative nicknames for the name Donald:

  1. Don Man
  2. Big Don/Big Donny/Big Donald
  3. Gentle Donald
  4. The Teflon Don
  5. Doddly
  6. Donnie the Dunce
  7. Don “The Con”

Nicknames from Fictional Characters Named Donald

Fictional characters often possess unique personalities that make them a fun source of nicknames. Here’s our list of fictional characters named Donald:

  1. Donald Duck: Cartoon character
  2. Donald “Don” Blake (also known as Thor): A fictional character in Marvel Comics.
  3. Donald Fauntleroy Duck (also known as Maui Mallard or Fred): A Walt Disney fictional character.
  4. Donald Francis Draper (also known as Dick): A fictional character in AMC television series Mad Men.
  5. Donald Mallard (also known as Ducky): A fictional character in the TV show NCIS.
  6. Donald Fisher (also known as Flathead): A fictional character in the Australian television soap opera Home and Away.
  7. Donald McDuck (also known as Black Donald): A Walt Disney fictional character.

Nicknames from Famous People Named Donald

Famous people can be an interesting and endless source of nicknames. These nicknames often come from friends, family, or fans. Here are few of such personalities (as well as their own nicknames) who bear the name Donald:

  1. Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino or mcDj): An American actor, comedian, writer, producer, director, musician, and DJ.
  2. Donald Trump (also known as Donny, amongst others): The current president of the United States.
  3. Donald Bailey (also known as Duck): An American Jazz Drummer.
  4. Donald Bradman (also known as The Don, The boy from Bowral, Braddles and The White Headley): An Australian cricketer.
  5. Donald Brasher (also known as Huggy Bear): A Canadian-American former professional Ice hockey player.
  6. Donald Dewar (also known as The Father of the Nation): A Scottish Labour party politician and the first inaugural Minister of Scotland.
  7. Donald Driver (also known as Quickie or Double D): A former American football wide receiver.
  8. Donald Faison (also known as Shun): An American actor, comedian, and voice actor.
  9. Donald Geisler (also known as Donnie): A retired Filipino taekwondo athlete.
  10. Donald Roeser (also known as Buck Dharma): An American guitarist and songwriter.
  11. Donald Roland Trahan Jr. (also known as D.J): An American professional golfer.

Variants of The Name Donald

Variants of Donald would make great nickname options for someone who wants to keep in touch with the original meaning of the name. Below are some variants of the name Donald:

  1. Donal: An Irish variant of the name Donald.
  2. Domhnall: A Gaelic variant of the name Donald.
  3. Donalt: A Norwegian variant of the name Donald.
  4. Donya: A Ukrainian variant of the name Donald.
  5. Donaldo: A Spanish variant of the name Donald.

Did we leave out any good nicknames for the name Donald? Be a dear and share them with us in the comment section below!

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