40+ Awesome Nicknames for Oscar

Do you need a nickname for someone named Oscar?

In this article, you will find an exhaustive list of nicknames for Oscar as well as useful descriptions to help you choose a nickname.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Oscar?

The name Oscar is of Irish and German origin. It is composed of two Irish elements — “Os” meaning Deer and “Car” which means Loving. Oscar is therefore interpreted to mean “God spear” “Deer-lover/Deer-friend” or “Champion warrior.”

One of the earliest recorded bearers of the name Oscar dates as far back as the 18th century — a certain King of Sweden and Norway named Oscar II.

Popular Nicknames for Oscar

Oscar Nicknames

In this category, you will find popularly accepted substitutes for the name Oscar. Popular nicknames are often derived from the name itself.  These are popular nicknames for the name Oscar:

  1. Oz
  2. Osc
  3. Scar
  4. Oscy
  5. Osy/Occy
  6. Ozzy/Ozzie
  7. Ossie
  8. Osker
  9. Osee
  10. Osqui

Cute Nicknames for Oscar

Cute people deserve cute nicknames that complement their personality. These cute nicknames are often formed by attaching certain sweet words to the original name. Here’s a list of cute nicknames for someone named Oscar:

  1. KaKa
  2. Oz-Love
  3. Oz-Boo
  4. Oz-Bear
  5. Osky-pie
  6. Os-trich: A combination of the diminutive Os and the name Ostrich (a comical looking bird with long legs and neck)
  7. Oskissy

Cool Nicknames for Oscar

Cool names are formed by attaching suffixes to the original name. Here’s a list of cool nicknames for someone really cool named Oscar:

  1. Oscar-ly
  2. Osman
  3. Oz-Balls
  4. Oz-Booz
  5. Oskillz
  6. M-Osketeer: Coined from the word Musketeer, a term for an armed soldier.
  7. Oscarcito
  8. Oscarito
  9. Oscarino
  10. Oscarine
  11. Mosquett
  12. Oscarius
  13. Oscarity: A combination of the letter O and the word “scarcity” which means “hard to find/rare.”

Nicknames from Famous People and Fictional Characters Named Oscar

Public figures and fictional characters make an awesome source of nicknames, especially those with interesting personality traits. These nicknames often come from fans, creators, or even themselves! Here’s a compilation of nicknames from famous people and fictional characters named Oscar:

  1. Oscar Emmanuel Peterson (also called Maharaja of the keyboard or P): A Canadian Jazz Pianist, Virtuoso & Composer.
  2. Oscar Palmer Robertson (also called “The Big O”): A retired American professional basketball player. He played for the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.
  3. Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior (also called Simply Oscar): A professional Brazillian footballer.
  4. Oscar Pistorius (also called Blade Runner, The Fastest Man On No Legs or OZ Pistorius): A former South African professional sprinter.
  5. Oscar Cortinez (also known as Indio): An Argentinian marathon runner.
  6. Oscar the Grouch (also called Oskie): A fictional character on the HBO television program Sesame Street.
  7. Oscar Martinez (also called C-Span): A fictional character from the US mockumentary-style television series, The Office.

Nicknames from Variants Of Oscar

Variants of a name from other countries and languages are very practical substitutes of a name. This is because they keep one in touch with the original meaning of the name. They also show an appreciation of language. Below are some variants of Oscar:

  1. Oskars: A Latvian variant of the name Oscar.
  2. Oskari:: A Finnish variant of the name Oscar.
  3. Oszkar: A Hungarian variant of the name Oscar.
  4. Oskar: A Polish variant of the name Oscar.

Did we leave out any good nicknames? Be a sport and share them with us below!

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