30+ Creative Nicknames for Harper

Are you looking for nicknames for someone named Harper? In this article, you will find several cute, cool, and popular nicknames for Harper.

Meaning and Origin of Harper

Harper is a unisex name (although more frequently given to girls), which was originally an old English surname interpreted to mean “Minstrel” or someone who played the harp or who made the harp.

Today, the name Harper has continued to grow in popularity, especially in English speaking countries.

Popular Nicknames for Harper

Harper Nicknames

Popular nicknames of a name are usually coined by shortening or modifying the name. Here are some popular nicknames for Harper:

  1. Harps
  2. Harpep
  3. Har Har
  4. Happles
  5. Happy
  6. Arpey
  7. Harped
  8. Herper
  9. Harpaz
  10. Harp/Harpe
  11. Harpy/Harpey

Cute Nicknames for Harper

Cute nicknames are perfect for someone who’s very special, or one with an adorable personality. Here are some cute names for someone named Harper:

  1. Hae
  2. PePe
  3. Harly
  4. Harpie
  5. Hay-Ha
  6. Harpsie
  7. Harpley
  8. Harpibug
  9. Harpylove
  10. HaBooBoo
  11. Harp Harp
  12. Harpadoodle
  13. Harpeyness/Happiness
  14. Happy Boy

Cool Nicknames for Harper

Cool nicknames are formed by adding suffixes to the original name or to a diminutive of the name to give it a new twist. Here are some cool pet names for Harper:

  1. Harpex: Formed by combining Harper with Apex (which means the highest point/the peak/the top.)
  2. Harpster
  3. Harpaw
  4. Harpdawg
  5. Heroic Harper
  6. Harpal: A combination of Harper + Pal (meaning friend.)
  7. HarperDapper: Formed by combining the name Harper with the word Dapper (which means neat & well-dressed.)

Variants of Harper

Variants of a name from other languages can make great nicknames, especially when its pronunciation is close to the original name. Here are some variants of the name Harper:

  1. Harpfer: A German variant of the name Harper.
  2. Harpur: An Old English variant of the name Harper.

Did we leave out any great Harper names? Be a dear and add the name in the comments section!

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