50+ Adorable Nicknames for Emily

Do you know anyone named Emily who needs a nickname? In this article, we share a list of beautiful nicknames for Emily.

Emily is a popular female name derived from the Roman name “Amelia.” Amelia is of Latin origins and it is derived from the Latin word “Aemulus.”

A number of name variants exist for Emily; they include:

  • Amelia (Latin)
  • Aimil (Scottish)
  • Emeline (French)
  • Emilia (Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish)
  • Emelia (Slavic)

Emily Nicknames

Popular People Named Emily

Many people have been called the name of a famous namesake. For example, a guy named Michael could easily be nicknamed Michael Jackson.

Here are some famous people named Emily:

  • Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons – Game of Thrones)
  • Emily Watson (Popular British Actress)
  • Emily Deschanel (American Actress, Director, and Producer)
  • Emily Barclay (New Zealand actress)
  • Emily Blunt (English actress)
  • Emily Silver (American swimmer)
  • Emily Samuelson (American figure skater)
  • Emily Browning (Australian actress)
  • Emily Hampshire (Canadian Actress)
  • Emily Kagan (American Mixed Martial Artist)
  • Emily Gimmel (American actress and TV personality)
  • Emily Perkins (Canadian actress)
  • Emily Rose (American actress)
  • Emily Mortimer (English actress)
  • Emily Haines (Canadian Indie rock singer-songwriter)
  • Emily Carr (Canadian artist and writer)
  • Emily Gerard (British author)

Fictional Characters Named Emily

You might recognize some of these names from some books or movies you have read/seen:

  • Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)
  • Emily Fitch (Skins)
  • Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Emily Winsnap (Liz Kessler novels)
  • Emily (Peanuts)
  • Emily Chester (1864 American novel)

Now, let’s take a look at the best nicknames you can call someone named Emily.

Short Nicknames for Emily

These nicknames are gotten from shortening the name Emily; they are relatively easy to use. Here are some short nicknames for Emily:

  1. Emmy – A reference to the Oscar Award.
  2. Em – First two letters of the name.
  3. Emi A popular Emily nickname.
  4. Emie – Another variation of Emi.
  5. Emy – Similar to Emi or Emmie.
  6. Emmi – A variation of Emi.
  7. Milly – Emily without the “E.”
  8. Mily – A variation of Milly
  9. Melia A variation of Milly.
  10. Lee – A hardworking Emily.
  11. Ily – An Emily you love
  12. Mills – A cool short form of Emily.

Cute Nicknames for Emily

These nicknames are cute names that can be used for your wife, daughter, sister, or a friend named Emily. Here are some cute nicknames for Emily:

  1. Emi Love An adorable Emily
  2. M&M A reference to the M&M chocolate.
  3. Emz – A cool short nickname for Emily.
  4. Emem – An Emily that makes you happy.
  5. Lily – A very caring Emily.
  6. Miamor – An Emily, you love very much.
  7. Emmi Bear – For a cute and adorable Emily.
  8. Emma – An Emily who strives to succeed at everything.
  9. Emilia – An upbeat and delightful Emily.
  10. Memeily – A very funny Emily.
  11. Miley A reference to Miley Cyrus.

Cool Nicknames for Emily

Do you know any cool Emily without a nickname, then choose one of these cool Emily nicknames for her:

  1. Eminem A reference to the famous rapper.
  2. Emeline – The sweetest Emily, you know.
  3. Mel – An artistic Emily.
  4. Emzy – A shy Emily.
  5. Michi – A perfect Emily.
  6. Smiley – An Emily who smiles a lot.
  7. Emo – A punk Emily.
  8. Emlo – A nice Emily.
  9. Emalia – A modest Emily.
  10. Em – An Emily who sleeps a lot.
  11. Emzie – An Emily you care the most about.
  12. Milu – An Emily who loves maths.

Funny Nicknames for Emily

Do you prefer a funny Emily nickname? This list of funny Emily nicknames is all you need:

  1. Emi Fuzzy Bear An Emily who reminds you of a teddy bear.
  2. Meme – An extremely funny Emily.
  3. Lulu – A very outstanding Emily.
  4. Smiley – A very cheerful Emily.
  5. Emtrooper – A reference to the movie Star Wars.
  6. Emmibullicion – An Emily who loves farming.
  7. Emster An Emily who is a jester.
  8. Emmynemmy – An Asian Emily.
  9. Millimeter Because it rhymes.
  10. Emigrant Because it rhymes.
  11. Emillionaire Perfect nickname for a rich Emily.

Clever Nicknames for Emily

This list contains clever nicknames you could use for your Emily:

  1. Emilita – Emilia with a T.
  2. Emu – An Emily who loves bird.
  3. Lovely Emily – A lovely Emily.
  4. Meli – A very sweet Emily.
  5. Eme – A spontaneous Emily.
  6. Emmy Belle – A very quiet Emily.
  7. Emme G – A very cool Emily.
  8. Em-yen – An Emily who is Chinese.
  9. Lee Lee – A very confident Emily.
  10. Emmel – An Emily who loves to have her way.
  11. Memily – Emily with an M.

Now, it’s your turn to share any good nickname for Emily, you know.

So, go ahead and leave us a comment to tell us which Emily nicknames you like and which ones you think we should know.

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