50+ Lovely Nicknames for Nicole

Are you having a hard time coming up with nicknames for Nicole?

Nicole is one of the most popular female names, but coming up with pet names for someone named Nicole could still prove to be a difficult task.

But it doesn’t have to be that complicated, in this article, you will find a lot of good nicknames for someone named Nicole. To make it easier, we tried to describe the meaning and source of each nickname.

But before we talk about nicknames for Nicole, let’s take a look at the origin and meaning of the name.

Origin and Meaning of Nicole

Nicole is a feminine form of Nicolas which derived its origin from the Greek name Nikolaos. Nicole is also a compound name from the words Nike (victory) and Laos (the people), hence meaning” victory of the people.”

Are you starting to feel inspired? Let’s dive right in and take a look at the best nicknames for Nicole!

Nicole nicknames

Short Nicknames for Nicole

Are you looking for short nicknames for the name Nicole? Here are some of the shortest Nicole nicknames:

  1. Nic – A simple and sweet nickname for a Nicole.
  2. Niko – A Finnish variant of the name.
  3. Nika – The Croatian version for the name Nicole.
  4. Nicki – An English abbreviation of Nicole.
  5. Nikki – An English variant for a Nicole.
  6. Kiki – A fun and sweet nickname for Nicole.
  7. Cole – A popular nickname for one who bears Nicole.
  8. Nikks – Something funky and exciting.

Cute Nicknames for Nicole

Are you in search of cute and adorable nicknames for Nicole? You’re bound to find an adorable nickname from the following that suits perfectly:

  1. CoCo – For a sweet baby girl.
  2. Cocolicko – For a Nicole with an utterly appealing look.
  3. Coley-Cozy – A gorgeous little girl.
  4. Coli Bear – For a chubby and probably hairy baby bearing the name Nicole.
  5. Co-lita – Nicole with a little touch of French.
  6. Lolita – For a sweet little girl.
  7. NaNa – For a baby girl bearing Nicole
  8. Nicky Mouse – An adorable nickname for a sweet little girl named Nicole.
  9. Nico-late – A regular latecomer.
  10. Nicolina – For a charming looking baby girl.
  11. Ni-Mono – From the Spanish meaning of cute.
  12. Nini – From the first two letters of the name, Nicole.
  13. Snooki – From the popular nickname of Tv actress Nicole Polizzi, from her role on the show Snooki and JWoww.

Creative Nicknames for Nicole

Would you rather go for clever and rare nicknames? Here are some clever Nicole nicknames to consider:

  1. Atlanna – From the name of Aquaman’s mother in the Sci-fi movie. Australian Actress Nicole Kidman played the fictional character Atlanna.
  2. Nickelodeon – For a Nicole who enjoys watching cartoons.
  3. Nicki Minaj – Adapted from the name of Hip-Hop star Nicki Minaj, for a fan of the rapper.
  4. Nicoury – For a courageous person, from the meaning of the name, which is “people of victory.”
  5. Nik Naks – From the name of the British corn snacks, perfect for a really sweet Nicole.
  6. Niki Triki – For the most cunning Nicole, you know.
  7. Nikita – From the lead role of an American movie titled Nikita.
  8. No-el – From the first letter and the last three, for a Christmas lover.
  9. S-Nickers – For a total sweetheart, culled from the name Nicole and the chocolate name Snickers.
  10. Warrior – From the interpretation of the name Nike, which means The Goddess of Victory, for a strong and powerful lady.
  11. Zinger – A nickname suitable for an aspiring singer looking up to American singer and songwriter Nicole Scherzinger.

Cool Nicknames for Nicole

Are you looking for cooler versions of the name Nicole? Here are some cool nicknames and usernames for someone named Nicole:

  1. Kohl – From the pronunciation of the name (ni-KoHL).
  2. Lina – The Italian variation for the name Nicole
  3. Nee-Kola – From the pronunciation of a French variant of the name (Nicola).
  4. Nicanora – Spanish variation of the name Nicole.
  5. Nichole – A French variant of the name meaning “people’s victory.”
  6. Nicholl – A nickname with early Medieval English origin.
  7. Nick-O – A cute screen-name for a Nicole.
  8. Nicolette – A lengthier version of Nicole.
  9. Nicolò – A nickname for Nicole with an Italian origin.
  10. Nike – The Greek name that makes up Nicole, interpreted as “Victory.”
  11. Nikolai – A Russian variant of the name.
  12. Nikoletta – The Hungarian form for Nicole

Funny Nicknames for Nicole

Do you need a silly nickname for someone bearing the name Nicole? Something really fun and playful? Here are some funny nicknames for Nicole:

  1. Cola – Cole might be a regular nickname for Nicole, but Cola definitely isn’t.
  2. Nickel – Another name for a silver coin, suitable for a gold-digger.
  3. Nicolie – For an unrepentant liar who’s quite shameless about it.
  4. Stinky Nikki – For a Nicole with a weird smell.
  5. Nic-Hole – For an ass, maybe?
  6. Nichole the Troll – For the most skilled online stalker named Nicole.
  7. Nicky Tickley – A Nicole that’s ridiculously ticklish.
  8. Nico-lure – For a seductress named Nicole.
  9. Nicky The Vampy – For a Nicole who’s fascinated with the Vampire Diaries series, or a big fan of one of the leading actresses from the series, Nicole Miller.
  10. Lickhole – What does that even mean?
  11. Icky – Not a friendly nickname, that I can say.

Famous People Named Nicole

When coming up with nicknames, consider using the name and nicknames of famous people who bear the name. Here is a list of famous people named Nicole:

  • Nicole Kidman (An Australian actress and producer)
  • Nicole Anderson (TV Actress)
  • Nicole Scherzinger (An American singer, songwriter, and Actress)
  • Nicole Guerriero (YouTube Star)
  • Nicole Ari Parker (Tv Actress featured on Tv show Soul Food)
  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (TV personality and TV host)
  • Nicole Richie (An American TV personality, Fashion Designer and actress)
  • Nicole Williams (International Model and Reality Star on E! network reality series WAGS)
  • Nicole Barber-Lane (Soap Opera/Tv Actress featured on The Cops and Emmerdale)

Know any other good nicknames for a Nicole that’s not on this list? Be a sport and share them in the comment section!

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