60+ Beautiful Nicknames for Isabella

If you hit a stumbling block in your search for a nickname for your daughter, friend or sister named Isabella, then this list of amazing nicknames for Isabella is perfect for you.

Isabella is a Latinized form of the Hebrew Elisheba (Elizabeth). Isabella is often given to female children. It is a variation of Isabel, which is also a variation for Elizabeth meaning “devoted to God.”

Isabella is one of the most popular baby girl names in the United States, and this could be traced to the Twilight lead character Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan.

Famous people are a good source of nicknames, and thankfully, there are a lot of famous people named Isabella.

Isabella Pet Names

Famous People Named Isabella

Several famous females are names Isabella, some of them you might know. These are a few famous people named Isabella:

  • Princess Isabella of Denmark (Daughter of Crown Prince Fredrick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark)
  • Isabella, Princess of Asturias (Daughter of Queen Isabella II)
  • Isabella II of Spain (Queen regnant of Spain from 1843 until 1868)
  • Isabella I of Castile (Queen of Spain between 1451-1504)
  • Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine (Queen of Naples)
  • Isabella di Morra (Italian poet)
  • Isabella Rossellini (Italian actress, author, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and model)
  • Isabella Santoni (Brazilian actress)
  • Isabella Bird (19th-century English explorer, writer, and a natural historian)
  • Isabella Boylston (American ballet dancer)
  • Isabella Jobson (Australian nurse who served in World War I)
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner (American art collector, philanthropist and art patron)

Fictional Characters Named Isabella

These are some fictional characters named Isabella:

  • Isabella (Read It and Weep)
  • Isabella Linton (Northanger Abbey)
  • Isabella Knightley (Emma)
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Isabella Bella Swan (Twilight)
  • Isabella Mongoose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Isabella Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)
  • Isabella (Comic book)
  • Isabella Brana Williams (The Young and the Restless)
  • Isabella Izzy Fuentes (I’m in the Band)
  • Isabella (Measure for Measure)

Short Nicknames for Isabella

These short nicknames for Isabella are easily gotten from the name itself.

  1. Bel – The first three letters of Bella
  2. Belita – Bel ending with ita.
  3. Bell – First four letters of Bella
  4. Bella – Last five letters of Isabella.
  5. Belle – Bella with an e.
  6. Bellita – Adding it to Bell.
  7. Isa – First three letters of Isabella.
  8. Issy – A very cheerful Isabella.
  9. Ella – The last four letters of Isabella.

Cute Nicknames for Isabella

If you think your daughter, sister or friend named Isabella is sweet enough that she deserves a cute nickname, then this list of cute names for Isabella is perfect for you.

  1. Belladonna – A beautiful Isy.
  2. Abby – A very joyful Isabella.
  3. Ibby – A beautiful Isabella from Spain.
  4. Bells – Bella with an S instead of A.
  5. Bellsy – A skinny Isabella.
  6. Lala – A very cheerful Isabella.
  7. Bee – B in Isabella pronounced as Bee
  8. Bella-boo – An Isabella who is your boo.
  9. Izzy B – Also, Izzy Bella.
  10. Bells – Bella with spelled with S instead of A.
  11. Elle – A French variant for Ella.
  12. Easy-peasy – An Isabella who never has a hard time doing anything.
  13. Bellzie – Bell with “zie” added.
  14. Bella bear – An Isabella who is as cuddly as a teddy bear.
  15. Sabelly – An Isabella with a little extra belly.
  16. Isbela – A variant for Isabella.

Cool Nicknames for Isabella

If you haven’t figured out a cool nickname for Isabella yet, then this list of cool nicknames for Isabella would be of great help to you. These nicknames could be used for your cool friends named Isabella or as social media handles for any Isabella searching for one.

  1. Isabelita – A Hebrew Isabella.
  2. Issie – Alternate for Isabella.
  3. Izzie – Issie spelled with Z instead of S.
  4. Izzy – A lovely
  5. Sabell – Last seven letters of Isabella.
  6. Sabelle – Sabella with an E.
  7. Isabi – Isab spelled with an I.
  8. Isi – An Isabella is into animals.
  9. Isiii – Isis pet with two extra I’s.
  10. Isbellz – A short form for Isabella.
  11. Miss Bella – A unmarried woman named Isabella.
  12. LilB – A small Isabella.
  13. Isababe – A babe named Isabella.
  14. Beli – An Isabella who likes flowers.
  15. Zabella – A variant of Isabella.
  16. Izzo – A sort of slow Isabella.

Clever Nicknames for Isabella

Browse through our list of clever nicknames for Isabella to find one you like.

  1. Bellarina – A wordplay on Ballerina.
  2. Izzylizzy – Perfect for an Isabella with the middle name Elizabeth.
  3. Billie – An Isabella who is a tomboy.
  4. Sable – An Isabella who loves to wear fur coats (Sabel spelled as sable).
  5. Sabel – A very amazing Isabella.
  6. Sabela – A Zulu name for an Isabella who runs really fast.
  7. Isla – An Isabella who is always on her own.
  8. Sella – An Isabella who rides horses (an Italian word)
  9. Zella – A very feminine Isabella.
  10. Bebe – An Isabella who is a babe.
  11. Bea – An Isabella who loves Beyonce.
  12. Issy Wizzy – A very smart Isabella.
  13. Izz Whizz – A smart Isabella.
  14. IzzyBella – A variant for Isabella
  15. Iskabella – Polish variant for Isabella.
  16. Bella Ella – Two nicknames from Isabella combined.
  17. IBBY – An Isabella who is good with words.

Funny Nicknames for Isabella

This list of funny nicknames for Isabella is sure to impress you.

  1. Izzybelly – An Isabella who is always in a rush.
  2. Izsybella – A variant for Izzbella
  3. Iss – Is with an extra S (For an Isabella who likes to hiss).
  4. Izzylizzy – An Isabella with the middle name Elizabeth.
  5. Bella Wella – An Isabella who is never sick.
  6. Beller – Bell with an ER.
  7. DizzyIzzy – An Isabella who sleeps a lot.

These Isabella nicknames provide you with a wide range of options in choosing the perfect nickname for your Isabella.

If you think there’s any good nickname we missed, be sure to leave a comment.

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