60+ Adorable Nicknames for Michelle

Do you need good nicknames for someone named Michelle? Perhaps, you have thought about naming your baby girl Michelle but cannot seem to think of personalized nicknames for her, or you have a sister or friend named Michelle, and you can’t seem to find the right pet name for her, then this list of Michelle nicknames is for you.

Michelle is a French variant and a feminine form of Michel, meaning “Gift from God.” Michel is a variant of the Hebrew name Michael which means “Who is like God.” It is extensively used in both Anglophone and Francophone. Michelle could also be a surname.

The Beatles song of the 70s and 80s “Michelle” entered the name Michelle into the girl name hall of fame. It inspired a large number of parents to give their daughters the name Michelle. In 2008, Michelle’s popularity took a nosedive, falling out of the top 100 names for girls. However, it rose to the spotlight once again through the former United States of America First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle nicknames

Famous People Named Michelle

A number of famous people bear the name Michelle, and famous people are a popular source of nicknames. If you’re named Michelle, at some point, someone must have called you “Michelle Obama.” The following are some of the famous people named Michelle:

  • Michelle Obama (former First Lady the United States)
  • Michelle Hunziker (Swiss television hostess, actress, and fashion model)
  • Michelle Marsh (British Page Three Girl)
  • Michelle Williams (R&B artiste from singing group Destiny’s Child)
  • Michelle Trachtenberg (American actress)
  • Michelle Gray (American Politician)
  • Michelle Wie (American golfer)
  • Michelle Phillips (American actress)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (American actress)
  • Michelle Laine (American fashion designer)
  • Michelle Keegan (English actress)
  • Michelle Kwan (American figure skater)
  • Michelle Forbes (Actress)
  • Michelle Malkin (American political columnist)
  • Michelle Beadle (American sportscaster)
  • Michelle Mccool (American retired professional wrestler)
  • Michelle Bachelet (President of Chile)

Fictional Characters Named Michelle

Michelle is also a popular name used for fictional characters; these characters include:

  • Michelle Dessler (24)
  • Michelle Flaherty (American pie)
  • Michelle Tanner (Full House)
  • Michelle Chang (Tekken)
  • Michelle Richardson (Skins)

Short Nicknames for Michelle

These short nicknames for Michelle are gotten from the name itself, or by switching some letters from Michelle out with others that sound almost alike

  1. Elle – The last 4 letters of Michelle.
  2. Chelle – The last 5 letters of Michelle
  3. Miche – The first 5 letters of Michelle.
  4. Michi – Miche spelled with an “I.”
  5. Shelly – Replacing the “c” and “e” in Chelle with “s” and “y.”
  6. Shelley – Variant for Shelly.
  7. Chel – From Michelle.
  8. Ellie – Elle with an “I.”
  9. Shell – Chell spelled with an “s.”
  10. Mich – A short Michelle.

Cute Nicknames for Michelle

Michelle is such a cute name, but our list of cute nicknames would give you a personalized nickname for your lovely Michelle.

  1. Mimi – Short nickname for Michelle with an “m.”
  2. Michy Bear – Perfect pet name for an adorable Michelle.
  3. Michy Boo – Still in the adorable category.
  4. Mica – An attractive Michelle.
  5. Mimmi – An annoying and amazing Michelle.
  6. Mini – A short Michelle.
  7. Mish – Replacing the “c” in Mich with “s.”
  8. Micki – A gorgeous Michelle.
  9. Maia – Reference to Greek mythology, daughter of Atlas.
  10. Shelmi – A friendly Michelle.
  11. Michu – An expressive Michelle.
  12. Maik – An adorable Michelle.
  13. Michirreta – anyone named Michelle with Henrietta as a middle name.
  14. Chelmi – Chel from Michelle ending with “mi.”
  15. Meli – An adorable Michelle.
  16. Shay – A cute play on the sound of “Chelle.”

Cool Nicknames for Michelle

This list of cool nicknames is a good description for anyone named Michelle; they could also be used as social media handles and Gamertags.

  1. Mia – Cool nickname for Michelle.
  2. Mickey – A Michelle that likes cartoons.
  3. Elli – A hot Michelle.
  4. Chell – A Michelle that likes video games.
  5. Mishe – A fabulous Michelle.
  6. Shelly Pelly ­– An amazing tough Michelle.
  7. Shelby – A perfect Michelle.
  8. Chela – A brilliant Michelle.
  9. Shella – A cool variation of Michelle.
  10. Michelada – A Michelle who drinks a lot.
  11. Mechi – An imaginative Michelle.
  12. Chellemi – Michelle spelled backward.
  13. Michelski – A Michelle that likes to Ski.
  14. Chelles – A French Michell.
  15. Me’Shelle – A variant for Michelle.
  16. Shell – Chelle spelled with an S

Clever Nicknames for Michelle

Want a clever Nickname for anyone named Michelle; then this list is perfect for you.

  1. Misha – Russian name for Michelle.
  2. Mishi – An Urdu name meaning “lovely life.”
  3. Michelita –An outspoken Michelle.
  4. Mishel – CH with replaced with an “s.”
  5. Mishelada – An unhappy Michelle.
  6. Micheline – A wordplay on Michelin, the tyre manufacturer.
  7. Mish – A Michelle who is always on a mission.
  8. Chello – Chell ending with an o.
  9. Millie – A complicated Michelle.
  10. Elmi – A Michelle who is good at sports.
  11. Mitchell – A diligent Michelle.
  12. First Lady – A reference to Michelle Obama being the first lady.

Funny Nicknames for Michelle

Funny nicknames bring a different personalized feel to any name; this is why you should browse through our list of funny nicknames for Michelle:

  1. Big Meech – Use this nickname as you please but it is a reference to Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory, the head of ‘The Black Mafia Family’ (BMF).
  2. Seychelles – The beautiful island country.
  3. Michigan – If it rhymes, it is a nickname.
  4. Minnie – A Michelle with a high-pitched voice (Reference to Mickey Mouse).
  5. Milly – A Michelle who spends a lot of money.
  6. Mingle Tingle – A Michelle who is always trying to mingle.
  7. Chelly – A goofy Michelle.
  8. Michy Mouse – A wordplay on Micky Mouse.

By now, you should have a Michelle nickname in mind or at least ideas on a unique nickname you can call your Michelle.

Lastly, if you know any excellent nickname for Michelle that isn’t on this list, be a dear and add it in the comment section.

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