70+ Beautiful Nicknames for Emma

Have you been trying to come up with or find some good nicknames for Emma?

Everyone would agree that nicknames that look and sound as good (or even better!) than the actual name can be awesome. However, it’s not always easy to find that perfect nickname. Also, finding the perfect pet name could turn out to be a time-consuming activity.

But finding a good nickname doesn’t have to be hard, which is why we’ve compiled a list of only the best nicknames for Emma.

But first, what is the origin of the name Emma?

The feminine name Emma is derived from the German word “ermen,” which means Whole or Universal.

This name became popular first in England and Austria in the 11th century. Today, it is among the top names given to baby girls in countries like the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, France, Germany, and many more countries.

Now, let’s get to the list of beautiful nickname ideas for the name Emma as well as descriptions to help make picking out the perfect nickname even easier!

Short Nicknames for Emma

Emma Nicknames

If you’d like something memorable and hard to forget, here are some short nicknames for Emma:

  1. Emy – Simple and sweet.
  2. Em –  Emma Stone suggested this nickname.
  3. Ima – A popular variant of the name with various translations in different languages.
  4. Mma – An African-rooted nickname for an Emma.
  5. Mae – From the pronunciation of the last three letters of the name Emma.
  6. Ema – A simple pet-name that’s probably the most similar to the actual name.
  7. Emie – A nickname of German origin known to mean “Whole.”
  8. Amma – Emma with a twist.
  9. Irma – A German nickname meaning “Universal.”
  10. Emme – A nickname interpreted as “Strength.”
  11. Emer – A boyish nickname with an Irish origin.
  12. Emzy – A unique pet name for a really hip Emma.
  13. Emsy – An alternative to the nickname above.
  14. Emms – A nickname with a cool and informal tone.
  15. Em-Em – An adorable nickname for a sweetheart named Emma.
  16. Emmi – A feminine nickname meaning “Whole.”
  17. Emmy – A variant similar to the pet name above.

Cute Nicknames for Emma

Would you rather go for a nickname that’s adorable or sentimental? Here are some cute nicknames for Emma:

  1. Mma-Mma – A cute nickname for a female derived from the name Emma.
  2. Emmabelle – For the prettiest Emma, you know.
  3. Emmaliya – A combination of Emma and Aliya, which means “highborn” or “heavenly,” for a really special Emma.
  4. Emma Shmemma – Something cute and playful for a little girl.
  5. Emberley – For an Emma with Amber-colored eyes.
  6. Emmybug – For the sweetest and most lovable Emma.
  7. Emma Bear – For a chubby and friendly Emma.
  8. Emy Emu – A silly nickname for an adorable Emma.
  9. Ema-rald – A nickname coined from the gemstone Emerald.
  10. Em-Gem – For a very precious Emma.
  11. Emulette – For an Emma, you consider to be your good-luck charm.
  12. Mooma – For an Emma with motherly traits.
  13. Emmeleia – A popular variant for a sweet-natured Emma.
  14. Ermalicious – For a total sweetheart with a “delicious” personality.

Funny Nicknames for Emma

If you’re looking for funny nicknames for someone with a wonderful sense of humor or even as a teaser, here are some funny nicknames for Emma:

  1. The Emmys – For a wannabe television actress named Emma that’s obsessed with the Emmys.
  2. Memma – For an Emma whose every mood could easily be used as a meme.
  3. E-meal-a – For a shameless foodie named Emma.
  4. Emushka – From the word “mamushka,” which means Mommy, for an Emma who would probably be an overbearing mother.
  5. Emmany – For a sworn enemy.
  6. Emayonnaise – For a light-skinned Emma who’s quite softhearted and sentimental.
  7. Emmax – Perfect for an Emma that loves Air-max or sneakers in general.
  8. Em&M – Like the chocolate bar M & M’s, for an Emma with a sweet tooth.
  9. Emoji – For an Emma whose face or personality reminds you of keyboard emojis.
  10. Emmorrhoids – From the word Hemorrhoids, for an Emma who’s as unpleasant as the medical condition.
  11. Emma-Dilemma – For a very troublesome and parasitic Emma.
  12. Ema-Emo – For an Emma with emo-like personality or physical traits.
  13. Emmy Lamey – For a very silly or ridiculous Emma.
  14. Ahh-mma – For a really loud person named Emma.
  15. Emmie Stinkie – Perfect for an Emma whom you can’t say showers on most days.
  16. Emmaphrodithe – For an Emma that acts like a lady on some days and a man on others.

Cool Nicknames for Emma

How would you like a nickname that’s interesting or far from regular? Here are some really cool Emma nicknames:

  1. Emma Stone – If you’re named Emma, there is a high chance someone has called you Emma Stone.
  2. Miss Universe – From the interpretation of the name Emma, which means “Universal” or “Whole,” for a lady who rules her world.
  3. Emmah – A pet name suitable as an online username for a female named Emma.
  4. Emanem – For an Emma obsessed with rapper Eminem or rap music in general.
  5. Emita – A Spanish-rooted nickname for a female named Emma.
  6. Emmeline – A nickname with French origin for an industrious lady named Emma.
  7. Emmers – A German-rooted nickname for an Emma.
  8. Emmina – A nickname with Arabic/Turkish origin, for an honorable and respected Emma.
  9. Emmie – A unisex nickname interpreted as “whole.”
  10. Emmette/Emmet – An Old French/Old German alternative of Emma.
  11. Emmelyn – A German variation meaning “whole.”
  12. Em-press – For an Emma that carries herself like Royalty.
  13. Emmariah – A combination of the name Emma and Mariah, meaning “The Lord is my teacher.”
  14. Emmagination – For a creative-minded Emma, from the word “Imagination.”
  15. Emmagency – For an Emma that’s too hot to handle.
  16. Emma-Lee – A German/Latin nickname which means “whole” or “universal.”
  17. Emmaleigh – A longer and more feminine variation of the nickname Emma-Lee.
  18. Emmersun – A variation of the masculine nickname Emer.
  19. Emanuelle – A nickname similar to Emmanuel, but with a feminine twist.
  20. Emerence – A French nickname meaning “Worthy of Merit.”
  21. Emmallion – For an Emma who’s strong and sturdy like a Stallion.
  22. Lady Emergetic – From the meaning of the name Emma (Woman with strength), for a tough and daring woman.
  23. Enigmma – For the most mysterious Emma, you know.
  24. Miss Emmazing – A nickname for an exceptional and “amazing” Emma.
  25. Ermintrude – A feminine nickname for an Emma, which means “whole strength” or “wholly beloved.”

Notable People Named Emma

When trying to find nicknames for Emma, a great place to start would be by considering some popular personalities who bear this name. You’d never know – you might think of a smart or creative nickname from these public figures!

Most people get their nicknames from famous people who share their name. For example, Emma could be nicknamed Eminem, and in some cases, maybe even Slim Shaddy (Eminem’s nickname). The following are famous people named Emma:

  • Emma Watson (English actress, model, and activist)
  • Emma Stone (American Actress)
  • Emma Tregaro (Swedish Track and field athlete)
  • Emma Roberts (American Tv actress, Singer & Model)
  • Emma Willis (English Tv presenter & former Model)
  • Emma Thompson (British actress/Producer, Comedienne, Screenwriter, and Author)
  • Emma Johansson (Swedish professional racing cyclist)
  • Emma Goldman (Public speaker & Writer)
  • Emma Caulfield (American actress & Tv producer)
  • Emma Bunton (English Pop Singer & Songwriter)

So, there you have it – the best pet names for someone named Emma!

Do you know any other really good nicknames that are not on our list? Maybe one you’ve been called in the past or a pet name you’ve given to an Emma in your life? Be a dear and share them with us in the comments section below!

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  1. I get called emz, eminator (like terminator, only when im mad) ammie (a-mm-ie) emski, just random stuff. Theyre just meant for people to play around with my name which i like quite a bit actually.

  2. I go by bug or emmaswemma- no idea why! I’m a teen mom and 13 so my daughter calls me emom because she gets confused because all of my family calls me Emma and she has to call me mom!! ????


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