30+ Popular Nicknames for Francis

Francis is a popular name, so, unsurprisingly, you would need a nickname for someone named Francis. In this article, you will find cute, cool, funny, and creative nicknames you can call someone named Francis.

But before we get to the list of Francis Nicknames, let’s consider the origin and the meaning of the name Francis.

Francis is an English Christian boy name with diverse meanings. The name was derived from ‘Franciscus,’ which was originally an ethnic name used to describe a “Frank,” meaning ‘Frenchman.’ The name Frank is a common diminutive for Francis.

The popularity of the name Francis is attributed largely to the fame of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Famous People Named Francis

When searching for nicknames for Francis, the fastest way to get it is to consider famous public figures who bear this name. Here are some cute names of remarkable people named Francis.

  • Saint Francis – One of the most revered religious figures in Christianity.
  • Francis (Pope) – The 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Francis Albert Sinatra – Popularly known as Frank Sinatra.
  • Francis Alun – Welsh Conductor.
  • Francis Scott Key – Writer of the American national anthem, “The star-spangled banner.”
  • Francis Fukuyama – Political Scientist.
  • Francis Alick (Frankie) was an English comedian and comic actor.
  • Francis Connie – American pop singer.
  • Francis Armet – Jamaican-born photographer based in London.

Famous Fictional Characters Named Francis

Francis has become a desired name in the art world, and many fictional characters in books, movies, and songs bear this name. You can use the name of any of these fictional characters named Francis as nicknames for Francis:

  • Francis “Frank” Castle – Fictional vigilante from Marvel comics, also known as the Punisher.
  • Francis Underwood – From the Netflix original series house of cards (UK TV series).
  • Francis freeman – A character in Deadpool.
  • E. Francis – Fictional character in The Bo baby.
  • Frank Gallagher – From the UK TV show shameless.
  • Francis – A nerdy chameleon from the popular video game super paper Mario. Also, Malcolm’s oldest brother in ‘Malcolm in the middle.’
  • Francis Abernathy – Popular character in Donna Tartt’s novel The Secret History.
  • Francis Urquhart – Lead character of the British political thriller house of cards.
  • Francis The Talking Mule – Featured in seven movies in the 1950s, voiced by chill wills.

Popular Nicknames for Francis

Francis Nicknames

We have below a list of Nicknames for Francis. Let us go through some of their meanings, origin, and other qualities.

  1. Fran
  2. Frank
  3. Frankie
  4. Franky
  5. Franz
  6. Frans
  7. Fiz
  8. Ceezy
  9. Cee Cee
  10. France
  11. Franklin
  12. Franco
  13. Franko
  14. Franki
  15. Frantz
  16. Frances
  17. Franchot – Franchot is a surname of French origin.
  18. Francin
  19. Francu
  20. Fanboy
  21. San Francisco
  22. Franchise
  23. Paris – Because the capital of France is Paris.
  24. Francholic – Wordplay on alcohol.
  25. Francheese – Fran for Francis and Cheese.
  26. Frankey – A funny nickname for Francis.
  27. Francesku – An Albanian of Francis.
  28. Patxi – A Basque variant for Francis.
  29. Frano – A diminutive for the name Frank.
  30. Franjo – A Croatian variant for Francis.
  31. Cisco – A nickname for Francisco.
  32. Frask – A cool nickname for Francis.
  33. Franja – A Serbian variant for Francis.
  34. Fransuva – A Scottish variant for Francis.
  35. Franchesko
  36. Francesco
  37. Francois
  38. Franziskus
  39. Francesc – A Spanish name, the best nickname for Franscec or Francesca is “Cesc,” or “Cesca.”

In this post, we brought you the most popular nicknames for Francis.

Now it’s your turn to add any cute, funny, unique, or cool nickname for Francis that isn’t on the list.

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