70+ Really Cool Nicknames For Funny Guys

Do you need nicknames for a funny guy?

Marilyn Monroe once said, that if someone can make you laugh, they can make you do anything.

She wasn’t wrong, the quickest way to anyone’s heart is to make them happy and what better way to make someone happy, than to make them laugh all the time.

So if there’s a guy that makes you laugh all the time, this article contains a list of nicknames you can call a funny guy.

Nicknames For Funny Guys

Funny Guys Nicknames

The following are awesome pet names you can call a funny dude:

  1. Comedian
  2. Comic
  3. Funny
  4. Funny Guy
  5. Funny Ass
  6. Clown
  7. Clowny
  8. Comedy Central
  9. Joker
  10. Jokes
  11. Jokester
  12. Goofball
  13. Goofy
  14. Oddball
  15. Witty
  16. Giggles
  17. Laughing gas
  18. Party Clown
  19. Tickles
  20. Jester
  21. Quip
  22. Lolz
  23. Doodles
  24. Smiley Face
  25. Rib Cracker
  26. Wisecrack
  27. Mr Bones
  28. Mr. Bean
  29. Mickey
  30. Kermit: Like Kermit the Frog.
  31. Bart: From the Simpsons.
  32. Homer Simpson: From the Simpsons.
  33. Peter Griffin: From Family Guy.
  34. Stewie Griffin: From Family Guy.
  35. Borat: A funny fictional character.
  36. Basket Mouth
  37. Punny
  38. Gelos: Greek God of laughter.
  39. Crazy Frog
  40. Facegarsm
  41. Gas Filled
  42. Chris Rock
  43. Kevin Hart
  44. Louie C.K
  45. Bill Burr
  46. Eddie Murphy
  47. Dave Chappelle
  48. Trevor Noah
  49. Hannibal 
  50. Quagmire
  51. Seinfeld
  52. Sugar Lips
  53. Candy Lips
  54. Chandler Bing: A character from the Friends TV show.
  55. Dr. Evil
  56. Deadpool
  57. Smokey
  58. Bugs Bunny
  59. Eric Cartman: From South Park.
  60. Sheldon Cooper
  61. Bender
  62. Wile E. Coyote
  63. Daffy Duck
  64. Fry
  65. Fez
  66. Butters Stotch
  67. Big Poppa
  68. Jelly Bean
  69. Lollipop
  70. Ladies Man
  71. Juice Brain
  72. Cheese Smile

Do you have better nicknames for funny guys? add it in the comment section.

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  1. I’m looking for a funny nickname for my crush as he always makes me laugh and his actual name is Alfie. ???????? I’m thinking of calling him my personal clown or just clowny ????


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