100+ Nicknames For Your Male Best Friend

If you have been searching for the perfect nickname for your guy best friend, your search stops here. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to come up with good nicknames for your male best friends.

There are several benefits of having a friend so awesome that you can call him your best friend. Recent studies have found that people with more friends are likely to live longer, have better mental health and are less likely to have dementia.

No doubt friends are important to our lives. How else are we going to make sense of the world without a loyal partner in crime?

So if you’re lucky enough to have a good friend and you even regard this person as your best friend, surely, you will need a nickname for him.

In this article, we have compiled a list of nicknames for male best friends. So, if you need a fun pet name for your bro, we’ve got you covered.

List of Nicknames for Male Best Friends

Nicknames for male best friends

The following are good nicknames for your Guy Best Friends if you don’t find a nickname that fits your bro, check out this article on how to come up with unique names for him.

  1. Adopted Bro
  2. Alfie
  3. Amigo
  4. Arm Rest
  5. Bad Boy
  6. Baldie
  7. Barf
  8. Beard Man
  9. Bestie
  10. BFG
  11. Big Boy
  12. Big Broad
  13. Big Brother
  14. Big Bruiser
  15. Big Daddy
  16. Big Mac
  17. Big Papa
  18. Black Santa
  19. Blondie
  20. BodyGuard
  21. Bomb Squad
  22. Brah
  23. Brainiac
  24. Bredrin
  25. Brethren
  26. Brick House
  27. Bro
  28. Bruh
  29. Bruiser
  30. Bruv
  31. Buff Guy
  32. Call of Duty
  33. Captain America
  34. Cariño
  35. Charcoal
  36. Chubby
  37. Cornrows
  38. Creeper
  39. Daddy
  40. Don
  41. Donkey
  42. Donuts
  43. Double Trouble
  44. Dwarfy
  45. Einstein
  46. El Nino
  47. Everest
  48. Farties
  49. Fifa God
  50. Firecracker
  51. Fun Size
  52. G
  53. Gandalf
  54. Gap Tooth
  55. Gasoline
  56. Ghost
  57. Good Looking
  58. Gramps
  59. Gym Rat
  60. Heartbreaker
  61. Hombre
  62. Homer
  63. Homie
  64. Hot Stuff
  65. Iron Man
  66. Jefe
  67. Juggernaut
  68. Knuckles
  69. Kobe
  70. Ladies’ Man
  71. Lateness
  72. Little Finger
  73. Little Man
  74. Longus
  75. Lord Varys
  76. Mad Dogg
  77. Mad Jack
  78. Madagascar
  79. Main Man
  80. Mufasa
  81. My Hand
  82. Nightcrawler
  83. No-Chills
  84. Old Man
  85. Playboy
  86. Prince Charming
  87. Red
  88. Roadblock
  89. Rockstar
  90. Rocky
  91. Romeo
  92. Salt
  93. Scar Face
  94. Shit Head
  95. Slim
  96. Snake
  97. Spongebob
  98. Sunshine
  99. Tallest
  100. The Hulk
  101. Toddler
  102. Tough Guy
  103. Troll
  104. Trouble
  105. Trouble Maker
  106. Vegas
  107. Wolverine
  108. Yankee
  109. Zeus

So, what fun names do you call your male best friend?

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76 thoughts on “100+ Nicknames For Your Male Best Friend”

  1. I call my bestie my happy pill and cutie bcox he is always there for me and he is really cute though.. and I have a crush on him.. can anyone give some advice about how to tell him that ????♥️

  2. I call mine my partner in crime, my bro, my dude, my homie, my buddy, my best friend, my sidekick, a botthead, a doofus, and shorty (even tho he’s taller than me.. he doesn’t like it tho hahaha)

    • lol, I ma bro “Dill Pickles” of just “Pickles” for short B)
      😛 and often times Onii-chan as well ;p

  3. I call one of my guy best friends Kitten and some times Kitty sense he likes to cuddle and sleep. He calls me gramps or old man sense I run like one and I’m tired all the time. We’ve been cuddle budies since we started high school!!

  4. i call mine sunshine bc hes always so happy and joking around or lightly bc he always “shines light on me” in my darkest places and lightens me up and makes me happy.

    • its between this and skittles lol. this has more meaning but i think he will figure it out. i have had a huge crush on him for about 2 years but he has only recently started getting a little bold ;-; so i have been trying to find a nickname for him cause i am so bad at making them myself lol. any sugestions?

  5. I call my boy bestie m&m which he hates but he knows I don’t care. I also call him cutie in my head because I have a crush on him

  6. I call my guy best mr. friend noodle head cause of his curly hair or estupido cause his hella dumb sometimes I call him gramps tho cause he goes to sleep supper early

  7. Here are some of my boy best frands names Asante/Earl/Daishawn das just some not all but dis wut I call dem Asante: luv of ma life, ma every thing, sante, mr,heartbreaker
    Earl: light in da, brudu from another motha, little bro, gent,
    Daishawn: older brudu, my world, heart breaka, ladies man, hot stuff

  8. I call my best friend Mickey. Like as in Mickey Mouse. I just think he’s funny and kind to me all the time. Although every time I call him Mickey he softly kicks me in my leg. :3

  9. Headache- If he gets on your nerves.
    Flash light – up and down relationships
    Light in the dark- someone who puts a smile on your face even when your down

  10. Rat just because they like getting into mischief and they slobby like you and they just rateauful it comes from cape Town south Africa


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