200+ Fresh and Unique Nicknames For Dad

You must be tired of using the same boring names everyone calls their Dad and as result, you need a name other than Dad, Papa or whatever term is used for fathers in your language to refer to your father.

However, there is a problem – finding the perfect nickname for your dad could be difficult.

In this article, you are going to learn how you can come up with unique pet names for your father. Also, this article contains a list of names for dads in various languages. As well as other cute nicknames that you can call your dad.

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How To Come Up With Names To Call Your Dad

Nicknames For Dad

Below are some of the best ways to find a nickname for your father:

1. Find A Nickname For Your Dad based on his Title or Occupation:

A good source of nicknames for your dad is to refer to his occupation or any general title that explains his role in your life.

For example, if your father is a doctor, you can call him Doc, Lifesaver or any other doctor nicknames.

2. Give your Dad a Nickname That Reflects his Physical characteristics:

Is your dad a huge guy? Is he fat or slim? Which of his physical characteristics stands out? All these are an excellent source of nicknames for your dad. For example, if your dad is a tall guy, you can call him Tallman, Tree of life, or any other nicknames for tall guys.

3. Use a term of endearment that captures your Father’s Personality:

Also, you could use your father’s personality to up with cute names to call him. An example of a suitable nickname based on character is Silent Stan (Replace Stan with his Name or a short form of his name). Also, if he’s a guy that doesn’t show emotions, you call him Iron Man.

4. Give your Father a nickname based on his Mental abilities:

Another way to come up with cool names for your dad is to give him a nickname based on his mental attributes. For example, Lie Detector is a good name for a father that can easily tell when you’re lying. Encyclopedia is a good name for a father full of knowledge.

5. Nicknames based on Name Abbreviation or modification:

Also, you can use your dad’s name to come up with cool nicknames for him. For example, if your father’s name is Alex Johnson, you can call him – A.J.

In addition, you can modify his name. For example, Dan for Daniel and Walt from Walter.

6. Notable/fictional character

An equally good way to find cool names to call your dad is to give him a nickname based on a famous or fictional character. For example, Mufasa from Lion King.

7. Talents and Abilities:
The coolest nickname anyone can have is a name based on a person’s talents and abilities. For example, if your father is a great chess player, you can call him Chessmaster.

By using simple methods above, you can come up with several nicknames for your father. For more tips, read our article on how to easily come up with nicknames for anyone.

International Names For Dad

Now, let us examine the other names used for father in other languages.

There are thousands of languages in the world and all these languages have their own term for Father.

Thankfully, there is no rule against calling your dad a name from any of these languages.

Below are the names used for Dads in some popular cultures:

Afrikaans: Pa

Akan: Agya

Albanian: Baba

Amharic: ābayē

Arabic: ‘ab

Armenian: Hayrik

Azerbaijani: Dede

Bahasa (Indonesian): Ayah

Basque: Aita

Belarusian: Tata

Bengali (or Bangla): Bābā

Berber: Passe

Bosnian: Tata

Brazilian Portuguese: Papai

Bulgarian: Tatko

Burmese: a bh

Cantonese: Bah

Catalan: Pare

Chechen: Daa

Cherokee: Edoda

Croatian: Tata

Czech: Táto

Danish: Far

Dutch: Pa

Esperanto: Patro

Estonian: Issi

Farsi (or Persian): Pedar

Filipino: Tatay

Finnish: Isä

Flemish: Vader

French: Papa

Fula: Baaba

Georgian: Mama

German: Papa

Greek: Bampás

Greenlandish: Ataata

Gujarati: Pitā

Hausa: Baba

Hawaiian: Pāpā

Hebrew: Ahv

Hindi: Pita

Hungarian: Apu

Icelandic: Pabbi

Igbo: Papa m

Irish: Daidí

Italian: Papà

Japanese: Oto-san

Javanese: Rama

Kashmiri: Mol

Kazakh: äke

Khmer (Cambodian): Aupou

Korean: Appa

Kurdish: Bav

Kyrgyz: Ata

Lao: Pho

Latin: Pater

Latvian: Tētis

Lithuanian: Tėtis

Macedonian: Tato

Malagasy: Dada

Malay: Ayah

Mandarin: Bàba

Maori: Papa

Marathi: Bābā

Mayan: Papah

Mongolian: Aav ni

Nepali: Pitājī

Norwegian: Pappa

Odia (or Oriya): Bapa

Oromo: Abbaa

Pashto: Plaar

Polish: Tata

Punjabi: Pitā jī

Romanian: Tata

Russian: Papa

Samoan: Papa

Serbian: Tata

Sinhalese (or Sinhala): Tāttā

Sioux: Ahte

Slovak: Ocko

Slovenian: Oče

Somali: Aabaha

Spanish: Papá

Swahili: Baba

Swedish: Pappa

Tajik: Padar

Tamil: Appā

Telugu: Taṇḍri

Thai: Ph̀x

Tibetan: Pala

Turkish: Baba

Turkmen: Kaka

Ukranian: Tato

Urdu: Abbu

Uzbek: Dada

Vietnamese: Cha

Welsh: Dad

Xhosa: Utata

Yoruba: Baba

Zulu: Ubaba

If we missed you language, you can add it in the comment section.

Nicknames For Dad

Aside from names that roughly translate to ‘father,’ there are other cute nicknames you can call your dad.

There are millions of ways to refer to your dad, but majorly, it depends on how you want your dad to feel when he hears this nickname.

Have a look at our top funny, cute and cool nicknames for dad:

007: You can’t keep secrets from him.

Admiral: For the captain at home.

Agent: A fitting nickname for the man that handles all your registrations and documentations.

Alpha Male: The leader of the pack.

Baby Face: For a father that can be mistaken for your elder brother.

Bald man: A funny nickname for a bald dad.

Beany: For a dad that knows how to make you feel better.

BFG: He’s a big friendly giant.

Bibble: More babyish.

Big Boo: More babyish.

Boom Boom: Likes action movies.

Bourbon: Like fine whiskeys.

Brains: A cool name to call a super smart dad.

Brave Heart: Stands up for people’s rights

Buddy: When he’s also a good friend.

Care Bear: Gives you lots of love.

CEO: The family boss.

Cha Chi: Sounds almost like Daddy, another twist.

Chef: A good nickname for a dad that cooks the best meals.

Chief: He’s in charge of the family.

Coach: A cool name for the first coach anyone gets in life.

Commander: A fitting nickname for the commander of the troops (you and your siblings).

CP: Care package; your heavenly care package.

Dada: A cute name often used to refer to a father.

Daddy Dearest: The perfect nickname for an adorable father.

Daddy Yo: From the Nigerian Pop Singer – Wizkid. It is a trendy term for Daddy.

Daddy-kins: A cute variation of Daddy.

Daddy-o: Another twist on Daddy.

Dadinator: A cool name for a father that effortlessly handles all dad-related stuff.

Dado: Similar to Daddy-o.

Dictator: A good nickname for a strict and firm father.

Diddums: He’s sweet and silly.

DIY: Always refuses to hire someone to fix something.

Dork: When he’s a geek.

Dude: Because he’s cool.

Einstein: A nickname for a brilliant father.

Ever Dad: A name that references how your father is always there for you.

Fatso: A funny nickname for a dad that is pretty fat.

Ferger: A funny nickname for a fat and hairy dad.

Fixer: Fixes anything that’s broken.

Foo Foo: Another babyish example.

Four eyes: A playful nickname for a dad that uses glasses.

Gadget man: A cool name for a father that relies so much on his gadgets.

Gandalf: A cool name for a magical dad.

Gandhi: A cool nickname for a wise father figure in your life.

Godfather: The coolest nickname any father can get; reference to the God Father.

Golden Man: An awesome pet name for a wonderful father.

Goofy: A funny pet name for a dad that always makes you laugh.

Governor: A suitable name to call your father as he is governor of the house.

Grandpa: A funny name for a dad that acts way too serious; more like a grandpa.

Grizzly: An adorable nickname for a great big dad.

Guy: A playful nickname to call your dad if you are close buddies.

Handyman: A cool nickname for a dad that can fix what you need.

Her Dad: A good name to call your dad if you are a lady.

His Dad: A good name to call your dad if you are a guy.

Historian: When he doesn’t stop talking about the past.

Homer: A funny nickname for your clown dad

Houdini: A brilliant escapist; a dad that can get you out of any trouble.

Huggy Bear: A cute name for a dad whose hug makes everything better.

Joker: A funny pet name for a father who loves to joke around. Similar to Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

Jumboman: A funny name for a Big and goofy dad.

Lyft: A fitting pet name for your personal chauffeur.

Mao Zedong: Your very-won communist chairman.

Mate: A cool pet name for your dad if you guys are close buddies

Mayor: The leader of the home.

Me Old Mucker: Cockney slang for friend.

White: A dad who looks like he has a meth business on the side.

Mufasa: The king of the jungle.

My Lord: He says when you’ve done right or wrong.

Nosey: For a nosey CIA-style dad.

Old Dude: For your old man; you dada.

Old Friend: A sweet nickname for your dad; your oldest friend.

Old Man: A cool nickname for Dad; cooler for kids to say among friends.

P-Man: Short for Pop-man; which is another pet name for dad.

P Money: A fitting name for the papa that pays for everything.

Papa Bear: He’s just like a big bear.

Papa G: He’s your dad, but he’s cool.

Paycheck: Suitable nickname for the man that gives you money.

Penguin: When he needs to wear a black and white suit.

Poet: Great with words.

Poopsie: A playful name based on pop and poop.

Pop Pop: When Pop is not enough.

Popeye: An old-fashioned

Poppy: A sweet way to say pops.

Popsicle: A twist on Pops.

Prince Charming: A sweet name for the first Prince Charming in your life.

Sage: A cool name for a dad full of actionable advice on virtually all issues.

Sailor: Enjoys his time on boats.

Santa: For a dad with a cool white beard. Also, a good name for a loving father.

Sarge: Short for sergeant; cool term of endearment for your dad.

Sensei: An outstanding nickname for the best teacher you know.

Shark: The shark is the king of the sea just as your papa is the king of your heart.

Skinnyman: A funny nickname for a skinny dad.

Snoozey: A funny nickname for a dad that loves sleep.

Speedy: A cool name for a father that drives fast. It is almost as if he thinks he’s an F1 driver.

Stepdude: Funny name for your step dad.

Sultan: A majestic name for a majestic and stylish dad.

Tallman: A cool name for your tall dad.

Tree of Life: A tall dad nickname.

Wallet: A fitting nickname for the source of your money.

Warden: A cool name for the warden of the home.

Wise One: A cool pet name for a wise dad.

Ya Hyness: For a father that thinks you’re his servant.

Zeus: A cool mythical reference to Zeus; the greatest father.

Now, it’s your turn to tell us what name you call your father!

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