71 Lumbering Nicknames For Tall Guys

There are many nicknames for tall guys, and as a six-foot tall guy in 9th grade, I have heard a lot of these nicknames.

Surely, there are several ways to come up with nicknames for a guy, but when you stand taller than everyone in the room, all your nicknames are going to be based on your height.

Some of these nicknames are cute, some are funny, I have to admit, I had some cool nicknames as well. But some are just downright mean nicknames.

Till date, when I run into people from high school, they still prefer to call me by these nicknames. I suspect most of them never learned my actual name.

But being a tall guy has its advantages. A significant advantage of being a tall man is that women are more attracted to tall men. Several studies have tried to explain why women love tall guys and I suspect short guys conducted these studies. Because why else, would you dedicate time and resources to explore why ladies love tall guys.

In this article, I’m going to share several nicknames for tall guys.

So if you need cute nicknames for your tall boyfriend, brother, friend or any tall guy you know, you will find a good pet name for him from this list of nicknames to call tall guys.

Nicknames For Tall Guys

Nicknames for tall guys

The following are cute and funny nicknames for tall guys:

  1. Abraham Lankoln
  2. Andre
  3. Avatar
  4. Beanstalk
  5. BFG
  6. Big Bear
  7. Big Bird
  8. Bigfoot
  9. Blue Whale
  10. Chewbacca
  11. Chewy
  12. Daddy Long Legs
  13. Everest
  14. Gandalf
  15. Giant
  16. Gigantor
  17. Giganteus
  18. Ginormica
  19. Giraffe
  20. Giraffesky
  21. Goliath
  22. Grande
  23. Grasshopper
  24. Green Giant
  25. Heron
  26. High-tower
  27. Human Lift
  28. Jolly Green Giant
  29. King Kong
  30. Lankenstein
  31. Lanky
  32. Legs
  33. Llama
  34. Lofty
  35. Long
  36. Long Bean
  37. Longo
  38. Longus
  39. Long-shanks.
  40. Lurch
  41. Mantis
  42. Mongo
  43. Mon Gros Tabernacle
  44. Moose
  45. Mountain
  46. Ostrich
  47. Pillar
  48. Q-Tip
  49. Redwood
  50. Sasquatch
  51. Skyscraper
  52. Slim
  53. Snowman
  54. Spaghetti
  55. Sphinx
  56. Sticks
  57. Stilts
  58. Stretch
  59. String bean
  60. Swizzle-stick
  61. Tallest
  62. Tally
  63. Titanosaur
  64. Tower
  65. Tree
  66. Treetop
  67. Tripod
  68. Twin Tower
  69. Yao Ming
  70. Yeti
  71. Ball Hog

I feel like this list is missing some great nicknames for skinny guys.

So, if you know any good name for tall guys that’s not this list, even if they are offensive names for tall guys, go ahead and add it in the comment section.

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