100 Best Nicknames For Guys

Several factors determine the kind of nickname you call a guy. For example, what is your relationship with this guy? What type of nickname do you want to give this guy? What is the purpose of this nickname; is it a term of endearment or you just want to mock this guy? These factors will determine what nickname you should give this guy.

In this article, you will learn how to come up with nicknames for guys. Additionally, this article contains a huge list of nicknames for boys to help you get the creative juice flowing.

Let’s start with how to come up with nicknames for boys.

How to come up with Nicknames for Guys

There are many ways to come with nicknames and as such, finding a nickname for a guy should not be in any way difficult.

If you need a unique pet name for a guy, the following methods are guaranteed to help you find the perfect nickname for him:

1. Give Him a Nickname Based on Physical Characteristics

A boy’s physical attributes are a great source of good nicknames.

Physical features such as height, body frame, hair color, and other physical attributes that stand out are all great sources of fun nicknames for boys.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Physical Characteristics:

  • A short guy can be called Shots because glasses used for shots are often small.
  • A fat guy can be called Beefy because of his meaty frame.
  • A man with one eye could be called Half-Time or Pirate because he can only see through an eye.
  • A boy with blonde hair can be called Goldilocks because of the color of his hair.
  • A guy with a long neck can be called a Giraffe.

Also, these sort of nicknames can be ironic. For example, a bald man can be dubbed Afro, which is ironic since he can’t grow an Afro.

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2. Give Him a Nickname that Describes His Personality

Also, a nickname can describe a guy’s personality.

There are several fun pet names for shy guys, funny guys, outgoing guys, and every other personality type.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Personality:

  • A guy can be dubbed Vegas because of his love for nightlife.
  • A guy can be called Frozen because of his calm demeanor.
  • A guy can be nicknamed Gandhi because of his thoughtfulness.
  • A guy can be called Firecracker because of his hot temper.

These types of pet names can equally be ironic. For example, Quiet Tom could easily be a motormouth.

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3. Shorten or Modify His Real Name

Also, you can use a boy’s nickname to find him great pet names.

You could shorten, modify or combine both methods to give him a great nickname.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Names:

  • Daniel becomes Dan.
  • Benjamin becomes Ben.
  • Nicholas becomes Nick.
  • James becomes Jimmy.
  • Robert becomes Rob, Robbie, Bob, or Bobby.
  • Slim Jim because of Jim’s slender frame.
  • Dave the Rave because of Dave’s love for parties.
  • Sarcastic Joe because of Joe’s love for sarcasm.

Besides, you can add cute words to his name. For example, Joe Muffin, Robert’s Honey, etc.

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4. Call him a Nickname based on his Nationality or Hometown

Also, a guy’s hometown, country or the continent he comes from, could be a good source of nicknames for him.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Nationality or Hometown:

  • Kentucky Fried: A fun nickname for someone from Kentucky, USA.
  • Kiwi: A commonly used nickname for people from New Zealand.
  • Banana Bender: Slightly derogatory nickname for people from Queensland, Australia.
  • Arky: A person from Arkansas, USA.
  • Scouse: A person from Liverpool, UK.
  • Punjab: A stereotypical name for an Indian guy.

Be careful not to come across as racist when you give a guy a nickname based on his nationality.

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5. Use Rhymes or Alliterations to Find him a Fun Nickname

Like Lewis Carroll’s character ‘Humpty-Dumpty,’ some nicknames can be based on rhymes and connotations.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Rhymes:

  • Jake the Snake: A good name for a shifty guy.
  • Jim The Jester: A good nickname for an expert in making fun of people.
  • Tim Tricky: A good pet name for a trickish guy.
  • Silly Billy: A popular nickname for a guy who is a bit silly.
  • Slim Jim: A cool nickname for a thin guy – or a bit of sausage!
  • Luke the Fluke: an ideal nickname for someone who gets lucky a lot.

You can come up with several fun rhymes to make a cute pet name for a boy.

6. Call him a Nickname that describes his Occupation

Furthermore, nicknames for guys can be derived from his occupation or even his college major.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Occupation:

  • Prof: an ideal nickname for a professor or academic.
  • Sparky: a good nickname for an electrician.
  • Chef: a good name for chefs or cooks.
  • Lifesaver: a good name for a doctor.
  • Sergeant: a good nickname for an officer.

If you’re trying to come up with a nickname for a little kid, you can ask him what he would like to be when he becomes a grown up; then you can call him a pet name based on his answer.

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7. Give him a nickname that captures his Mannerisms

Every guy has unique quirks or mannerisms. Mostly, these mannerisms are annoying, but they can be cute as well.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Mannerisms:

  • Radio: a great nickname for someone who snores.
  • Blinky: a perfect pet name for a person who blinks a lot.
  • Twitchy: ideal for a guy who twitches or moves around a lot.
  • Spangles: an awesome nickname for your high-energy and flamboyant friend.
  • Conductor: a good pet name for a boy that uses hand gestures a tad too much.

Mannerisms could also be a word he uses all the time. For example, Bro is a great nickname for a guy who says “Bro” a bit too often.

8. Use his Initials as his Nickname

Also, nicknames can be based on a guy’s initials. This type of nicknames is popular among athletes and famous personalities, but it works for any guy as well.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Initials:

  • JJ: a common nickname for a person with two ‘J’s in their initials.
  • BO: Barack Obama.
  • JT: John Terry.
  • KC: a conventional initialization of Kingsley.
  • CR7: Cristiano Ronaldo’s initials and jersey number.

9. Give him a pet name based on his Hobbies, Likes, and Dislikes

Also, you can use a boy’s hobbies, his likes and his dislikes, to find him a nickname.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Hobbies, Likes, and Dislikes:

  • Wisecrack: For a funny person.
  • DaVinci: For a great artist.
  • Caffeine: For a guy who can’t do without his morning coffee.
  • Numbers: For a guy that is good with numbers.
  • MJ: For an excellent dancer.

Also, you can give a nickname based on something he dislikes. For example, calling a vegetarian a – Meat lover.

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10. Cultural References are a great source of male nicknames

Additionally, nicknames can be gotten from popular cultural references such as TV, Video Games, and Books.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Popular Cultural References:

  • Hannibal: for the friend with worrying tendencies!
  • Heisenberg: From Breaking Bad, for a guy who looks like he has a meth lab.
  • Hobbit: From Lord of the rings, good name for a guy who has a bigfoot.
  • Romeo: For a lover boy.
  • Homer Simpson: For a playful guy.

11. Nicknames for guys can be based on Inside Jokes

Nicknames based on inside jokes are often the best types of nicknames because the person might never know the true meaning of his nickname.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Inside Jokes:

  • Antenna: for a guy who always figures when there’s food around.
  • Potholes: for a guy, everyone loves to avoid.
  • Cuffs: A guy who traps you with an uninteresting conversation.
  • Wet Paint: For a boring guy.
  • Dragon: For a guy with a killer breath.

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12. Name him after a Famous Person/ Incident / Organization

It is not uncommon for people to be called a nickname based on a popular person or incident.

Examples of Nicknames Based on Famous People:

  • Gandhi: A knowledgeable and calm dude.
  • Andre the Giant: For a huge guy.
  • Bill Gates: For a rich guy.
  • CIA: For a secretive and mysterious person.
  • Ronaldinho: For a great soccer dribbler.

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13. Give him a Nickname based on your relationship

Nicknames can be based on your relationship with him. If he is your best friend, you can give him a funny nickname, if he is your crush, you can call him a cute pet name.

Examples of Nicknames for Guys Based on Relationships

  • Crush: Calling your crush “Crush” is probably giving it away.
  • Papi: A good name for a Dad or stepfather.
  • Adorable: A cute pet name for an adorable guy.
  • Gummy Bear: A nickname for the sweetest guy.
  • Babe: A good nickname for a boyfriend.

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Now that you’ve read through the ways to come up with a nickname, it is time to learn the type of nicknames you should avoid calling a guy.

Best Nicknames for Guys

If you need an awesome, non-cheesy nickname for a guy; a friend, boyfriend, male best friend, classmate, office mate, or any guy at all, here are the best nicknames you can call a guy:

  1. 404: Always missing when you need him.
  2. Acid Bunny: for someone who is toxic
  3. Adorable
  4. Babe
  5. Baby Face
  6. Bear
  7. Besty
  8. Biggie
  9. Blondie
  10. Boozer
  11. Bro
  12. Bruh
  13. Buddy
  14. Bug
  15. Bugger: Commonly used as a term of abuse, especially for a man. But also, a popular term of endearment used among guys. For example, Little Bugger.
  16. Buttercup
  17. Buzz
  18. Cannon
  19. Carebear
  20. Casper: A guy that almost seems invisible.
  21. Chairman
  22. Chipmunk
  23. Chuckles
  24. Crazy
  25. Deadpool
  26. Dopey
  27. Drought: Because he never gets any.
  28. Dude
  29. Dummy
  30. Einstein
  31. Evil
  32. Fiddle: A good nickname for a fit guy.
  33. Flako: A cool nickname for a baddie.
  34. Fudge
  35. Gambino
  36. General
  37. Ghost
  38. Giggles
  39. Goldilocks
  40. Goosebumps
  41. Haircut
  42. Hairy
  43. Handsome
  44. Highway
  45. Hollywood
  46. Honey
  47. Hulk
  48. Landline: He never leaves the house.
  49. Lemons
  50. Looney
  51. Madcap
  52. Meanie
  53. Mini
  54. Moose because of my size.
  55. Muffin
  56. Nightman
  57. Nutella: Not because he is sweet, because he is nuts.
  58. Oscar: The perfect nickname for a good actor.
  59. Panda: For a huge guy.
  60. Peachy
  61. Pebbles
  62. Pipes
  63. Pretty
  64. Psych: A good nickname for a cool guy.
  65. Pudge
  66. Punk
  67. Q-Tip
  68. Rasta
  69. Rat
  70. Rookie
  71. Rusty
  72. Scooter
  73. Shadow
  74. Shooter
  75. Shy
  76. Simpson
  77. Sketchy
  78. Slim
  79. Smile
  80. Snakey
  81. Snowflake
  82. Spidey
  83. Spooky
  84. Stoner
  85. Sweats
  86. Sweetie
  87. Ted: Short for Shithead!
  88. Tickles
  89. Tiny
  90. Tree: A cool nickname for an Old guy or an experienced guy.
  91. Tremors
  92. Trouble
  93. Turbo
  94. Twin
  95. Vegan
  96. Venti: A good nickname for a huge guy.
  97. Yappy
  98. Yeti
  99. Zeus
  100. Zippy

Nicknames You Should Not Call A Guy

Aside from awesome nicknames, there are some nicknames you should avoid using for any guy: Recycled nicknames, overly mushy nicknames, pet names that are difficult to pronounce, and racist nicknames.

1. Recycled nicknames:

First on the list is recycled nicknames.

Recycling might be good for the earth but when it comes to pet names for loved ones, avoid recycling nicknames. Especially the pet names you used for past lovers, don’t ever use them for another boyfriend. It will get him angry, and it will make him hate the nickname.

2. Overly Gendered nicknames:

Secondly, you have to avoid girly nicknames for guys.

Some pet names are awesome and adorable but a guy wouldn’t like these nicknames because they are too feminine. Guys prefer pet names that make them feel badass, not overly sweet nicknames that will make their friends laugh at them.

Although there is always a place for irony.

3. Names that are too difficult to pronounce:

Thirdly, you should run from pet names that are hard to pronounce or overly complicated.

Choosing a nickname that is too difficult to pronounce or too complicated doesn’t do you any favors because it won’t stick. Stick to simple pet names that are simple to pronounce and have simple meanings.

4. Don’t Be a Racist:

Lastly, don’t use racist nicknames.

Racial abuse is bad, and as a result, you should avoid any nickname that comes across as racist.

Calling an Arab guy a terrorist-related name is racist, and you avoid such nicknames.

Now, it is your turn to mention any awesome nicknames for guys that you know.

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