80+ Awesome Nicknames for Isaiah

Have you been struggling to come up with good nicknames to call someone named Isaiah?

Everyone would agree that coming up with the perfect nickname could be thrilling and exciting, but the amount of time and mental energy required to find a good nickname can be challenging.

But did you know that by considering factors like physical or personality traits, you could come up with dozens of great nicknames with little or no hassle?

In this post, we’re going to show you a huge list of our favorite nicknames for an Isaiah with descriptions to explain the meaning of each nickname.

But first, where does the name Isaiah come from?

Isaiah was derived from the Hebrew name yĕsha’yah which means “Yahweh is salvation” and has been in existence from as far back as the 8th-century BC.

It was first recorded in the Bible as the name of the Prophet Isaiah and has become increasingly popular in countries like Israel, the United States of America, and even England.

Notable people who bear the name Isaiah today include American Actor Isaiah Washington, Basketball player Isaiah Thomas, Late English philosopher Isaiah Berlin, American NFL football player Isaiah Trufant, Tv Actor Isaiah Mustafa, TikTok Star Isaiah Hoy and many more.

Ready to be inspired? Here’s our list of awesome Isaiah nicknames:

Isaiah Nicknames

Short Nicknames for Isaiah

Would you prefer a nickname with as few letters as possible? One that rolls off the tongue? Here are some of the shortest nicknames for an Isaiah:

  1. Iz – Something simple and brief for an Isaiah
  2. Za – Derived from the “sai” in Isaiah.
  3. Izo – Meaning “Ice” or “Iron” for a strong or tough male named Isaiah.
  4. Aia – Usually pronounced as “ay-ah.”
  5. Isa – From the first three letters of the name, pronounced as “ee-sah.”
  6. Zaiah – Pronounced just as “‘Saiah” would be.
  7. Sai – From the middle letters of the name Isaiah.
  8. Zay – A nickname for an Isaiah with Thai origin.
  9. Iah – An abbreviation pronounced as “eye-uh.”
  10. Esa – The Finnish variant of the name.
  11. Zai – From the pronunciation of the last letters of Isaiah.
  12. Isy – A nickname Pronounced as “eye-zee.”
  13. Aye – Pronounced as the letter “I.”
  14. Izzy – A popular nickname for an Isaiah, meaning “God Is My Oath.”
  15. Zaya – A nickname with a modern English origin.
  16. Isia – A Hebrew variant of Isaiah.

Cool Nicknames for Isaiah

Looking for a nickname with an awesome ring to it? Something impressive or chill? Here are some cool nicknames for Isaiah:

  1. Le Isa – Le meaning “The” in French, for the one and only Isaiah, you know.
  2. Ikaia – The Hawaiian variant of the name Isaiah.
  3. Za Za – From the pronunciation of the second and third letter in Isaiah.
  4. Saiah – Something easy and mature for one who bears Isaiah.
  5. Isaïa – An Italian variant of Isaiah.
  6. Jesaja – A Swedish variant of the name.
  7. Ezzy – A variant of the popular name Izzy.
  8. Azaiah – Interpreted as “my strength is Yahweh.”
  9. Izzy-Breezy – For a laid-back and charming Izzy.
  10. Eshaya – A variant for Isaiah with Arabic origin.
  11. Killa-Isa – He’s the kind with an irresistible aura that everyone recognizes.
  12. Izaya – A Hebrew variant meaning “God is my savior.”
  13. Yeshayahu – Interpreted as “God is Salvation” in Hebrew.
  14. Isaia – A Dutch variant of Isaiah.
  15. Isais – An alternative to the Hebrew name Isaiah.
  16. Salvation – From the translation of the name Isaiah, which means “The salvation of the Lord.”
  17. Yeshaya – The Hebrew translation of the name.
  18. Isa-Star – For a multi-talented or super dreamy Isaiah.
  19. Isiah – A Hebrew variant of Isaiah.
  20. Issiah – An alternative version for an Isaiah.
  21. Yishayahu – A Hebrew name for an Isaiah.
  22. Isaïe – A French variant of the name.
  23. Icey Izzy – For the coolest Isaiah, you know.
  24. Izayah – An Americanized variant of the Hebrew name Isaiah.
  25. Isaia-hammer – If you’re on his enemies list, he’s the type to come after you hard.
  26. Essaiah – A less popular variant of Isaiah.
  27. Drizzy – For an Isaiah with the drip.
  28. Ysais – A Spanish variant of the name.

Clever Nicknames for Isaiah

Do you prefer nicknames that show thoughtfulness? One well-crafted or just plain genius? If you’d like a creative nickname to go with, here are some fantastic options:

  1. Izzy-Does-It – For a clever wizard who makes everything looks so effortless.
  2. Jazzy – For an Izzy who’s sophisticated and sleek.
  3. Isa-Green – Culled from the name of American footballer, Isaiah Greenhouse, for a talented athlete who also bears Isaiah.
  4. Fire-Saiah – For a very hyper and energetic Isaiah.
  5. Old Spice – A name that American Actor Isaiah Mustafa who was featured as a main character in the Old Spice Commercial series was called.
  6. Cra-Izzy – For an Izzy that does the craziest things.
  7. Da Preacher – From the Biblical Isaiah, who was a preacher in the early days.
  8. Isa The Seer – For an Isaiah who is very religious in nature, with a discerning spirit like the Biblical Isaiah.
  9. Isai-her – He’s always surrounded by women.
  10. Savior – Coined from the meaning of the name Isaiah – Salvation of the Lord.
  11. I-say-yah – For a very vocal and outspoken Isaiah.
  12. Yezzy – For an “Izzy” who’s obsessed with wearing designers, and has a thing for Kanye West’s “Yeezy” collections.
  13. Prophet Izzy – For a very religious man that can be likened to Prophet Isaiah in the Bible.
  14. Bizzy-Izzy – Time is precious to this Isaiah, and he always has his schedule filled up.
  15. Isa-higher – He’s always pushing past boundaries and making impressive progress in what he does.
  16. Isa-ahh – For a child named Isaiah, who screams or cries a lot.

Cute Nicknames for Isaiah

How about some sweet and mushy nicknames to have Isaiah swooning? If he has a special place in your heart, here are some adorable nicknames to call him:

  1. Izzy Grizzly – For a chubby baby boy that could pass for the cutest little grizzly bear you’d ever set eyes on.
  2. Izzi – A sweeter variant for Izzy.
  3. Izzy Bear – An Isiaih that gives the best hugs.
  4. Lil Izzy – Appropriate for a cute little boy named Isaiah.
  5. Chee-izzy – For a real romantic, who’s “cheesy” or overly sweet to his loved ones.
  6. ‘Sa Choco – For a handsome dark-skinned fellow named Isaiah.
  7. Zizzy – Culled from Zazzy, meaning flashy and the name Izzy, for one with a loud and eye-catching lifestyle.
  8. Ya-Ya – Something silly but sweet for a little infant named Isaiah.
  9. Zayuh – An alternative spelling of the nickname Zaiah.
  10. K-izzy – For a baby boy named Izzy who loves to be spoilt with sweet little kisses.

Funny Nicknames for Isaiah

Does your Isaiah have a great sense of humor, or would you like a funny nickname that references his ridiculous traits? Here are some odd but comical nicknames to call him:

  1. Eye-Ziah – A name suitable as a screen-name for an Isaiah with gigantic eyeballs.
  2. Zzz-Zzz – For the loudest snorer that you know.
  3. Hoe-siah – If he’s the biggest flirt ever, he’s literally asking for this name.
  4. Missy Izzy – He swears he’s straight but let’s wait till Thanksgiving.
  5. Twee-zzy – For an Isaiah with skinny, lanky legs, like those of a tweezer.
  6. Issa-Bomb – This could be used for an Isaiah that farts a lot.
  7. O-zzy – Who says it always has to be Izzy?
  8. Izebel – He should be the twin brother of the Biblical Jezebel with his harlotry ways.
  9. Li-zzy – Lazy + Isaiah = Lizzy.
  10. Diz-zzy – He’s a lover of wine, but as soon as his body has had enough, walking becomes a problem.
  11. Shit-zzy – He’s probably the most annoying person you’ve come across.
  12. Dumzy – He does the silliest things every single time.
  13. Izzy-Sissy – He’s the biggest coward ever, and it shows.

What’s a nickname for an Isaiah that you haven’t seen on this list? Maybe something you’ve been called or one you’ve given someone you know? Do share it with us in the comments section below

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