50+ Popular Nicknames for Jasmine

Jasmine is a popular baby girl name and has been a choice for many parents for a long time. So, it is no surprise that many people are searching for good nicknames for Jasmine.

In this article, we have listed all the short, cute, funny, cool, and popular Jasmine nicknames we could find.

But, before we get to the nicknames, let’s look at the origin and meaning of the name Jasmine. The meaning of a name could inspire nicknames for the name.

The name Jasmine is of Persian origin which entered the English Language through Old French. Jasmine is a popular name for girls which means ‘Gift from God.’ Some people prefer the meaning of Jasmine associated with the Jasmine flower, which is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family.

The name Jasmine remains one of the most popular names for girls today and has numerous spellings and variations. Variations of Jasmine include Jazmin, Jazzmine, Jasmin, Jessamine, to mention a few.

Popular Nicknames for Jasmine

Jasmine Nicknames

We have compiled a list of perfect nicknames for Jasmine. Let us consider some popular names for Jasmine, their meanings, origins, and qualities.

  1. Jaz
  2. Jazz
  3. Jas
  4. Jass
  5. Jazzy
  6. Jazzie
  7. Jay
  8. Jess
  9. Jinny
  10. JJ
  11. Minnie
  12. Mazzy
  13. Mimi
  14. Mina
  15. Chaz
  16. Jace – A cool nickname for Jasmine.
  17. Jam
  18. Jem – A play on the word “Gem.”
  19. Jasme – A wordplay on Jasmine.
  20. Jazu
  21. Jo-Jo
  22. Jazzypants
  23. Sassy
  24. Taz From Jaz
  25. Jabawoki – A great nickname for a geeky Jasmine inspired by Star Wars.
  26. Jabz
  27. Jasper
  28. Jay-Z – A creative nickname for a Jasmine who likes rap music, inspired by American rapper, Jay-Z.
  29. Jazaronie – A wordplay on macaroni.
  30. Jazeline
  31. Jazelle
  32. Jázmin – A Hungarian variant for Jasmine.
  33. Jazz Boots
  34. Jazz hands
  35. Jazzman
  36. Jazz-O
  37. Jazz the spaz
  38. Jazza
  39. Jazzcakes
  40. Jazzmanian Devil
  41. Jazzmataz
  42. Jazztastic
  43. Jazzy Bear – Calling anyone a bear often means they are just as adorable as teddy bears.
  44. Jazzy Blue
  45. Jazzy Fay
  46. Jazzy Sue – A reference to the buddy holly song Peggy Sue
  47. Jazzybell
  48. Jazzykins – Jazzy for Jasmine and Kins as in “Muchkin.”
  49. Jazzypants – A nickname inspired by the light-tight pants used in Jazz dance routines.
  50. Jibberty-Jabber
  51. Jinx
  52. Princess Jasmine – From Aladdin
  53. Yasemin – A Turkish variant for Jasmine.
  54. Yasmin– An Arabic variant for Jasmine.
  55. Jasmijn – A Dutch variant for Jasmine.

Famous People Named Jasmine

Another easy way to find a nickname from a name is to consider famous public figures who bear the said name. Here are some famous people named Jasmine:

  • Jasmine Sandlas – Indian singer
  • Jasmine Sagginario – American singer-songwriter
  • Jasmine Thompson – English singer
  • Jasmine Trias  – American singer
  • Jasmin Walia – British Indian actress
  • Jazmin Pinedo – Peruvian actress and model
  • Jazmin Sawyers – British long jumper
  • Jazmine Sullivan – American singer-songwriter

Famous Fictional Characters Named Jasmine

Jasmine is just as popular in the art world, and many fictional characters in books, songs, and movies bear this name. You can use any of these names as a nickname for Jasmine:

  • Princess Jasmine – a character in the Aladdin franchise; Aladdin’s girlfriend
  • Agent Jasmine Fuji – a character in Pretty Little Liars
  • Jasmine Thomas – a character from the British soap opera Emmerdale
  • Jasmine – a character in the Pokémon franchise, the Deltora series and the 1999 film, Life in a Day.

If you know any creative nickname for Jasmine that isn’t on our list, be a dear, and tell us in the comments section.

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