40+ Popular Nicknames for Jose

Jose is an adorable male, and its nicknames are just as cute. In this article, you will find all the best names you can call someone named Jose.

Let us begin by finding out the origin and meaning of the name, Jose.

You can trace the origin of the name Jose to Spain and Portugal, and it means “Jehovah increases.” Jose is the English translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic name “Yose.” Yose is connected etymologically to Yosef or Joseph.

José, with an accent, is common in the Hispanic community, especially among the Spanish people. Also, Jose is a popular name used for boys in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Jose

Jose Nicknames

We have compiled some popular, cute, funny and short names for Jose to help you find the perfect Jose nickname:

  1. Joe
  2. Jay
  3. Jos 
  4. Josa 
  5. Josi 
  6. Joss
  7. Jozi
  8. Jodi
  9. Jodie
  10. Jody
  11. Joe Boy
  12. Joey
  13. Johs
  14. Jota 
  15. JoJo
  16. Josaha
  17. Josee
  18. Joseph – Hebrew variant of Jose
  19. Josh
  20. Josef
  21. Joselito
  22. Ossie
  23. Pepe – origin, Italian.
  24. Peppy – A trendy nickname for Jose.
  25. Pepi
  26. Pepito – A Hebrew variant for Vose.
  27. Che
  28. Cheo – An Italian variant for Jose.
  29. Chepe 
  30. Cheto – A Spanish variant for Jose.
  31. Choche
  32. Josep – Short form of Joseph.
  33. Josepe – Spanish variant of Jose.
  34. Josino – Another trendy nickname for Jose.
  35. Joszef – An adorable sound-alike variant for Jose.
  36. Jozef – A Polish variant for Jose.
  37. Jozef – Dutch variant for Jose
  38. Losif – A Russian variant for Jose.
  39. Popeye – A cartoon sailor, a funny nickname for Jose
  40. Yase – A Turkish variant for Jose.
  41. Yose – A Japanese variant for Jose.
  42. Yoseph – Another Hebrew variant for Jose.
  43. Yousef – An Arabic variation for Jose.
  44. Zé 
  45. Zezé

Famous People Named Jose

When you are searching for a nickname for Jose, another way to find a nickname is to consider famous public figures named Jose. Here are some famous people named Jose:

  • King José Bonaparte – the older brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who made him King of Naples and Sicily, and later King of Spain.
  • King José I the Reformer – King of Portugal from 31 July 1750 until his death on 24 February 1777.
  • President José Miguel Gómez – President of Cuba from 1909 to 1913
  • President José P. Laurel – He was the president of the Second Philippine Republic from 1943 to 1945.
  • Jose Mourinho – Famous Portuguese football manager, nicknamed “The Special One.”
  • José Ferrer – The first Hispanic actor to win an Academy Award.
  • José Echegaray – 1904 Nobel Prize Winner for literature
  • José Méndez – 2006 (Baseball) Hall-of-Famer

Famous Fictional Characters Named Jose

The name Jose is popular in the art world, and some fictional characters in books, movies, and songs bear this name. This list of famous fictional characters named Jose could help you find a cool pet name for Jose:

  • Jose Barrera – Fictional character from the 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
  • Jose Giles – Fictional character from the 1999 film, Any Given Sunday
  • Jose Rodriguez – Fictional character from the 1947 film, Out of the Past.
  • Jose Chung – Actor in the Millennium, The X-Files Universe
  • Jose Jr. – Fictional character in the 2011 film Jack and Jill.
  • Jose Agilar – Fictional character from the 1976 film The Bad News Bears
  • José Manuel “Chema” Esquivel – Fictional character from the television series Grachi.
  • Jose Croce – Fictional character from the Anime series Gunslinger Girl
  • José “Zé” Carioca – Disney cartoon character drawn, as an anthropomorphized parrot from Rio de Janeiro
  • José Jalapeño on a Stick – is a fictional character from the 2007 TV Special film Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
  • Jose Garcia – Fictional character from the 1999 drama, romance, sports film, For Love of the Game.
  • Jose Rodriguez – Fictional character from the book, Fifty Shades of Grey

This list of popular nicknames for Jose is a great fit got one or more Jose. Leave us a comment with any more nicknames for Jose you would like us to know.

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