30+ Popular Nicknames for Thomas

Many people might argue that finding a good nickname for Thomas can be tedious. However, Thomas has remained one of the most popular names for boys and that makes you wonder what nicknames these Thomas’ must be using.

To make your search for a great nickname for Thomas a lot easier, we have compiled a list of the best nicknames for Thomas to make your search a lot easier

Before we go on, what is the meaning and origin of the name Thomas?

Thomas is recorded in the Greek New Testament of the Bible as the name of Thomas the Apostle, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. The name Thomas is a masculine name of Aramaic origins which means ‘twin’.

Records of the name Thomas can be traced as far back as biblical times; it still remains one of the most popular names for boys around the world.

Popular Nicknames for Thomas

Thomas Nicknames

One trick to make finding the perfect nickname for Thomas is to consider short forms of the name itself. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular cute, funny and creative nicknames for Thomas. These are popular nicknames for Thomas:

  1. Tee
  2. Tom
  3. Tommy/Tommie – It is one of the most popular nicknames for Thomas
  4. Mas
  5. Mazzy
  6. Moz
  7. Thom
  8. Tomzy
  9. Tizzy
  10. Big T
  11. Rich T
  12. T-mas
  13. Timmy
  14. Thomars
  15. Mars
  16. Tim
  17. Tam – A cute pet name, gotten by shortening Thomas.
  18. Toe
  19. TomTom
  20. Tominho
  21. Tomkin ­
  22. Tee-Tee
  23. Toma
  24. Tomo
  25. T.J – Thomas Junior.
  26. Max – A shortened form, gotten from the last three alphabets of the name, with the ‘s’ replace with the letter ‘x.’
  27. Doubting Thomas – A funny nickname for a Thomas who never believes anything he’s told.
  28. Makis – the nickname for a Thomas of Greek origin.
  29. Tomska – A nickname for a very creative Thomas (A reference to English animator, writer, filmmaker, and voice actor, Thomas Ridgewell.)
  30. Tomasso – An Italian variant for Thomas.
  31. Tomaz – A Portuguese variant for Thomas.
  32. Tommy H – A Tommy Hilfiger reference.
  33. Thanos – A reference to the fictional supervillain in the Marvel universe.
  34. T-Dawg – T for Thomas, Dawg for friend.
  35. T-Rex – A funny nickname for a nerdy Thomas (a dinosaur reference).
  36. T-Bone
  37. T-XYZ – XYZ is a placeholder here. So, T+ Basically any word e.g. T-Dawg, T-Boobies, T-Rex, T-Popper, T-loop, T-Puffs, T-Bass.

Famous People Named Thomas

A great place to start when seeking for a nickname for Thomas is to consider notable and famous persons past or present who bear this name. This list of famous people named Thomas would give you an idea of nicknames for your Thomas

  • Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President of America
  • Tom Ford – Fashion designer
  • Tom Cruise – Actor
  • Tom Holland – Actor
  • Tom Austen – British Actor
  • Tom Brady – American football quarterback for the New England Patriots
  • Tom Brokaw – American journalist
  • Thomas Sangster – an English actor known for playing Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones.
  • Thomas Edison – Inventor
  • Tom Hanks – Actor and Filmmaker
  • Tom Hiddleston – Actor
  • Thomas Luther Bryan – “Luke” Bryan is an American country music singer and songwriter.
  • Thomas Stearns (TS) Eliot – Modernist poet and laureate of the 1948 Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Tom Wilkinson – English actor
  • Tom Welling – an American actor, best known for his role as Clark Kent in The WB/The CW superhero drama Smallville.
  • Thomas “Tomska” Ridgewell – English animator, writer, filmmaker, and voice actor.

Famous Fictional Characters Named Thomas

The name Thomas has also gone viral in the art world. It is a popular name used for fictional characters in books, movies, and even songs. This list of famous fictional characters named Sophia would also help you with ideas for the best fictional characters named Thomas.

  • Thomas Barrow (Downton Abbey) – The under butler on the series Downton Abbey
  • Thomas Shelby – Tommy from Peaky Blinders.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine – A locomotive character from The Railway Series of children’s books by the Rev. W. Awdry
  • Thomas Tomone – A fictional character from Skins
  • Tom Cat – Also known as Thomas, the titular blue cat in the Tom and Jerry cartoon
  • Tommy Pickles – Also known as Thomas, the main character in the American animation series The Rugratsand All Grown Up
  • Thomas – The main character from the novel and film The Maze Runner
  • Thomas Burke – A character from Final Destination 2

We have compiled some of the best nicknames for Thomas. Do you know any nickname for Thomas that isn’t on the list? Please do well to share them with us in the comments section below!

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