40+ Popular Nicknames for Julian

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In this article, you will find a list of nicknames suitable for the name Julian, as well as descriptions to help you pick the right name, Julian.

First, what’s the origin and meaning of the name Julian?

The name Julian is considered a gender-neutral name but is more often used by the masculine gender. It is of the Latin origin, coined from the Latin name “Julianus,” and interpreted to mean “Youthful” (young at heart) and “Jove’s child” (Child of the gods). One of the earliest recorded use of the name Julian was in the 4th century in Ancient Rome.

In the Middle Ages, the name Julian was given to both male and female, but today it is mostly reserved for males.

Julian has continued to gain popularity in countries like the United States and Austria.

Popular Nicknames for Julian

Julian Nicknames

Popular nicknames are usually derived from the name itself and are considered appropriate substitutes because of their closeness to the original name. Here are popular nicknames for someone named Julian:

  1. Juli
  2. Jay/ JayJay
  3. Jul/ Jule
  4. Jully
  5. Jill
  6. Ju/Juju
  7. Julen
  8. Jude
  9. Julio
  10. Julito
  11. Ian

Cute Nicknames for Julian

If you’d like something cute for someone who’s very special or sweet-natured, here are some cute nicknames for Julian:

  1. Juls
  2. JuJuBug
  3. Jule
  4. Julyan: Suitable for someone born in the month of July.
  5. Jolly Jully

Cool Nicknames for Julian

The average person loves to be given a cool nickname, especially if it matches their personality or style. Cool nicknames can also be derivatives from the original name. Here are some cool nicknames for Julian:

  1. Lian
  2. Lyan
  3. Liano
  4. Lianus
  5. Emperor: Inspired by the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate.
  6. Juliano

Feminine Nicknames for Julian

The name Julian was once popular among females as well, and so we don’t think this list would be anywhere complete without including some nicknames suitable for a female named Julian. Here are some feminine nicknames for Julian:

  1. Lia
  2. An/Ann
  3. Julia
  4. Julie
  5. Juliel
  6. Lianne
  7. Lyanna
  8. Jill
  9. Julianna
  10. Julianne
  11. Jolie

Famous People and Fictional Characters Named Julian

Famous personalities and fictional characters from popular books, movies, and tv shows can also be a great source of interesting nicknames. Here’s a list of nicknames from famous people and fictional characters that bear the name Julian:

  1. Julian Subatoi Bashir (also known as MD or Lieutenant Julian): A fictional character from the famous Television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  2. Julian Assange (also known as Proff and Mendax): the founder of Wikileaks.
  3. King Julien XIII (also known as King Julien or King of Madagascar): A fictional character from the animated Madagascar movie franchise and the TV cartoon “The Penguins of Madagascar.”
  4. Julian Blackthorn (also known as Jules or Son of Thorns): A protagonist in the trilogy Dark Artifices written by Cassandra Clare.
  5. Julian Miles Holland (also known as Jools): An English Pianist, singer, composer and TV presenter.
  6. Julian Newman (also known as Handles): An American amateur basketball player.
  7. Julian Jara (also known by his team-name 99GoonSquad): One half of the social media duo and music group, 99Goonsquad.
  8. Julian Francis Edelman (also known as The Energizer Bunny, Minitron, The Squirrel, and Slottie Pippen): An American Footballer, best known for his position as Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots of the National Football league.

Variants of Julian

Variants make very practical nicknames for most people because they’re usually translations of the original name in other languages and countries, and therefore retain the same meaning. Here are some nicknames from variants of the name Julian:

  1. Julien: A French variant of the name Julian.
  2. Juliano: A Portuguese variant of the name Julian.
  3. Julião: A Portuguese variant of the name Julian.
  4. Giulianio: An Italian variant of the name Julian.
  5. Julianus: An Italian variant of the name Julian.
  6. Yulian: A Bulgarian variant of the name Julian.
  7. Julen: A Basque variant of the name Julian

Do you know any other great nickname for someone named Julian that we left out of our list? Don’t be shy — share them with us in the comments section below!

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