30+ Creative Nicknames for Ophelia

Are you looking for the perfect nickname for yourself or someone named Ophelia? In this article, you will find cute, cool, and popular nicknames you can call someone named Ophelia.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Ophelia?

Ophelia is from the Greek word “Ophelos,” which means “Help” or “Advantage.”

Ophelia is also a popular literary name, thanks to the character Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The usage of Ophelia as a baby girl’s name has increased in popularity and ranking in recent times. In 2020, Ophelia has been ranked as one of the most popular baby girl names in the United Kingdom.

Now that we know these about the name Ophelia let’s get into the nicknames!

Popular Nicknames for Ophelia

Ophelia Nicknames

Popular nicknames for Ophelia are short forms or modified forms of the name. Here are some popular nicknames for Ophelia:

  1. O/Oh
  2. Lia
  3. Oph
  4. Phil
  5. Elia
  6. Li Li
  7. Opie
  8. Effie
  9. Ophy/Ophie
  10. Phelia
  11. Felita
  12. Ophelie
  13. Ophelya

Cute Nicknames for Ophelia

Cute nicknames are formed by attaching a word/term of endearment or modifying the original name to give it an adorable twist. Here are some cute nicknames for Ophelia:

  1. Fifi
  2. Lala
  3. O-ya
  4. Fela
  5. Yaya
  6. Phea
  7. El/Elle
  8. Lili/Lily
  9. Oli/Ollie
  10. Ela Boo
  11. Ela Bear
  12. Pheli/Feely/Philly

Nicknames from Fictional Characters Named Ophelia

Characters from movies, books, and television shows that bear the name Ophelia can also be exciting sources of nicknames. Here are some fictional characters named Ophelia:

  1. Ophelia (also known as Your Highness, Princess Moana, or The Princess): A character in the movie, Pan’s Labyrinth.
  2. Ophelia (also known as Rippling Ophelia or Warrior): A character in the television show, Claymore.
  3. Ophelia (also known as Magpie): A character in the anime, Surprise Round.
  4. Ophelia (also known as Phe): A character in the television film, Terra Alpha Alliance.
  5. Ophelia Gabrielle Abaddon (also known as 1G): A character in the anime series, 4S4H.
  6. Ophelia Sarkissian (also known as Aida or Madame Hydra): A character in the comic books Foe of the Avengers and The X-Men.
  7. Ophelia St. Clair (also known as Belle Noir): A character in the anime, Gishith.
  8. Ophelia Pryce (also known as Phee): A character in the television show, The Royals.
  9. Ophelia Widdensove (also known as Queen Ophelia): A character in the anime, Cinderella Phenomenon.

Variants of The Name Ophelia

The variants of a name from other languages or cultures can also make good nicknames. Here are some variants of the name Ophelia:

  1. Ophélie: A French variant of Ophelia.
  2. Ofelia: An Italian/Portuguese/Spanish variant of Ophelia.
  3. Ophelos: A Greek variant of Ophelia.

Did we leave out any good Ophelia pet name? Be a dear and share the name with us in the comments section!

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