30+ Creative Nicknames for Philip

If you need creative nicknames to call someone named Philip, we have a list of cute, creative, and popular Philip nicknames for you.

Origin and Meaning of Philip

Philip is a male given name of Greek origin, meaning ‘lover of horses.’ It is derived from the Greek name ‘Philippos,’ meaning ‘horse-loving or fond of horses.’ Philippos is derived from the components’ philein’, which means ‘to love’ and ‘hippos’ meaning ‘horse.’

Early records of the name Philip can be traced to ancient Greek history. For example, the father of Alexander the Great, Philip of Macedon.

Biblically, early records of Philip list Philip the Apostle among Jesus’ Twelve Apostles. In medieval times, Philip was a popular first name among royalty throughout Europe.

Philip is also popular as a surname in its variants, ‘Phillips’ or sometimes spelled ‘Phillip.’ In modern times, Philip is listed among the most popular name of boys in many English speaking countries.

Popular Nicknames for Philip

Philip Nicknames

Most popular nicknames are short forms or modifications of the name. Here are some popular nicknames for Philip:

  1. Phil
  2. Lip
  3. Pip
  4. Philly
  5. P
  6. Pipi
  7. Lee
  8. Plip 
  9. Phi 
  10. Flip 
  11. Pheels: Pronounced as Feels.
  12. Fips 
  13. Philipo
  14. Pippen
  15. Philo 
  16. Filbert  
  17. Lippy 
  18. Felipe 

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Creative Nicknames for Philip

Cute and funny nicknames of a name require some degree of creativity. Here are some cute and funny nicknames for Philip:

  1. Philly steak: A funny nickname for anyone who loves to eat inspired by the popular Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich.
  2. Dr. Phil: A nickname for Phillip inspired by the Dr. Phil show.
  3. Philippines
  4. Pheelz
  5. Filipino
  6. Horrorphiles
  7. Philzzie
  8. Phizzle
  9. Master P
  10. Big P

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Philip Nicknames from T.V. or Books

The names or nicknames of fictional characters named Philip can be used as Philip nicknames. Here are some famous fictional characters named Philip:

  1. Philip Gallagher: He is one of the main characters in the American T.V. series ‘Shameless’ played by Paul Abbot. He is nicknamed ‘Lip.’
  2. Captain Philip Hoffman: He is the main character in the movie ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.’ He is nicknamed ‘Philip the Nutcracker.’
  3. Philip Carlyle: He is a fictional character in ‘The Greatest Showman’ played by Zac Efron.

Famous People Named Philip

You can use the names and pet names of famous people named Philip for someone named Philip. Here are some famous people named Philip:

  1. Prince Philip: He is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. He was nicknamed ‘The Big Bubble.’
  2. Philip JackBrooks: He is an American mixed martial artist and retired professional wrestler who goes by the stage name ‘CM Punk.’
  3. Philip Bolden: He is an American actor known for his role in the movie ‘Are We There Yet?.’ He is nicknamed ‘Buddy.’

Variants of Phillip

Different languages have different variants of a name. These language variants can also double as nicknames for the said name. Here are some variants for Philip:

  1. Philippe: The French variant of the Greek name Philip.
  2. Fillip: The Swedish variant of the Greek name Philip.
  3. Filippo: The Italian variant of the Greek name Philip.
  4. Pilib: The Irish variant of the Greek name Philip.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of awesome nicknames for Philip. Be a dear and let us know other nicknames for Philip we might have missed by leaving a comment below.

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