40+ Good Nicknames for Rebecca

If you’re looking for the best nicknames for someone named Rebecca, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of good Rebecca nicknames to make your search a lot easier.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name, Rebecca?

Rebecca or Rebekah is a feminine given name originating from the Hebrew language meaning “join, tie, snare.” Early records of the name Rebecca, dates back to the Old Testament as it was the name of the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob.

Rebecca is a popular name for girls in the United States. Rebecca came into use as a Christian name after the Protestant Reformation, and it was popular with the Puritans in the 17th century.

Famous People Named Rebecca

When looking for nicknames, an easy way to find the perfect name is to consider famous people who bear that name. Famous people may also have nicknames of their own coined from their name, which would help you find a nickname. Also, famous people’s names can be good nicknames.

Here is a list of some famous people named Rebecca to help you find the perfect name for your Rebecca:

  • Rebecca Louis a Ferguson Sundsröm – Swedish actress
  • Rebecca Alie Romijn – American actress and model
  • Rebecca Skloot – American writer
  • Rebecca Sophia Clarke – American children’s book author
  • Rebecca Minkoff – American Fashion Designer
  • Rebecca West – English author
  • Rebecca Clarke – English composer
  • Rebecca Lynn Becky – American basketball player
  • Rebecca Miller – American film director

Famous Fictional Characters Named Rebecca

The name Rebecca has also gone viral in the art world. It is a popular name used for fictional characters in books, movies, and even songs. This list of famous fictional characters named Rebecca would also help you with nickname ideas.

  • Rebecca de Winter – Character in “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier
  • Rebecca Rowena Randall – Character in “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,” by Kate Douglas Wiggins
  • Rebecca “Bex” Baxter – Character in “Gallagher Girls” by Ally Carter
  • Rebecca Louise Chadwick – Character in “The Mother-Daughter Book Club”
  • Rebecca Howe – Character on TV’s “Cheers”
  • Rebecca Rubin – American Girl doll
  • Rebecca Chambers – Character in “Resident Evil”
  • Rebecca Crane – Character in “Assassin’s Creed”
  • Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis – Jesse’s wife on TV’s “Full House.”
  • Rebecca “Becky” Bloomwood – Character in “Confessions of a Shopaholic”
  • Rebecca “Becky” Connor-Healy – Character on “Roseanne”
  • Rebecca “Bex” Mack – Character on Disney’s AndiMack

Popular Nicknames for Rebecca

Rebecca Nicknames

A great way to shorten any nickname is to find a suitable nickname from the name. This is why we have created a list of some short, funny, cute nicknames for anyone named Rebecca. Here are some popular nicknames for Rebecca:

  1. Becca
  2. Becka ­– A Hebrew variant for Becca.
  3. Beck
  4. Beccy
  5. Becky
  6. Reba
  7. Becks
  8. Reba
  9. Bec 
  10. Beca 
  11. Bee – The B in Becca pronounced bee.
  12. Ree – From the R in Rebecca
  13. Bea 
  14. Ray
  15. Rae
  16. Reb – A short nickname from the first three letters of Rebecca.
  17. Rebbie
  18. Rebeka – Another Hebrew Variant for Rebecca.
  19. Rebec – A nickname from the first five letters of Rebecca.
  20. Rebbi – A German variant for Rebecca.
  21. Revekka – A Russian variant for Rebecca.
  22. Rabab­ An Arabian variant for Rebecca.

Other Nicknames for Rebecca

If you prefer cute nicknames, cool nicknames or funny nicknames, here are some other nicknames for Rebecca:

  1. Bex – Bec in Rebecca spelled with an X.
  2. Riva – From the R in Rebecca.
  3. Bibi – An affectionate nickname for a baby Rebecca.
  4. Sassy B – A nickname for a confident Rebecca.
  5. Rebeque – A French variant for Rebecca.
  6. Bumble-B – An adorable nickname for a Rebecca who loves honey (A bumblebee reference).
  7. Ruby – A cute nickname for Rebecca.
  8. Chewbacca – A funny nickname for a Rebecca with great hair.
  9. R-Dawg – A cool nickname for Rebecca.
  10. Cece – The CC’s in Rebecca spelled as pronounced.
  11. Coco – A creative nickname for a unique Rebecca.
  12. Rebs Bunny – A nickname for a Rebecca who loves cartoons (A Bugs Bunny reference).
  13. Cay – This is a great nickname for a beautiful Rebecca.
  14. Raven – From the “Ray” sound in Rebecca.
  15. Raya – From the “Ray” sound in Rebecca.
  16. Rue/Ruea – From the “Ray” sound in Rebecca.
  17. Beccaroni – Wordplay on Becca.
  18. Becstinator – Wordplay on Becs.
  19. Bekster – Wordplay on Becs.
  20. Rizz0 – like the character from Grease.

Is there any good nicknames for Rebecca we have left out? Be a dear and drop it in the comments.

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17 thoughts on “40+ Good Nicknames for Rebecca”

  1. Here is a list of what I like to call my friend named Rebecca:
    – Beccster
    – Beccsterita
    – Beccalicious
    – Beccaboo
    – Before christ
    – Rebecky
    – Becky
    – Reebok

  2. I have the same spelling. Rebekah. I’ve gone by my full name since I was little and I want to change it up, but I just don’t know. I want a cool nickname but can I really let go of Rebekah, even just for a short time?

    • My youngest brother calls me Reba when he’s goofing off, which makes my mood match his. I won’t respond to Becky anymore, I learned to hate that name and to love the full Rebecca or simply Becca.


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