40+ Popular Nicknames for Steven or Stephen

Steve as a nickname for Stephen is so popular that it has become a common name in itself.

If you know someone named Stephen, they are most likely called Steve as a pet name. But what if I told you it doesn’t always have to be “Steve” for “Stephen.” In this article, we have listed some really good Stephen nicknames.

But first, what is the meaning of the name Stephen?

Steven or Stephen is a male name from the GREEK word “Stephanos,” which means Honor, reward, fame. More precisely, it means “that which surrounds” or “to encircle,” “to wreathe.”

The name Steven and Stephen are the same, but the former has a fossilized spelling. Early records of Steven trace it to Roman Catholic history in the Holy Bible. Steven was a deacon who was stoned to death as told in Acts in the New Testament, commonly regarded as the first Christian martyr. The name Steven is also popular among royalty.

Popular Nicknames for Steven or Stephen

Stephen Nicknames

If you are named Stephen, chances are you have answered one of the following Stephen nicknames:

  1. Steve
  2. Stevie
  3. Stevy
  4. Stevey
  5. Stefan
  6. Steph
  7. Stephan
  8. Stephano
  9. Stef/Steff
  10. Steffen – A German variant for Steven.
  11. Stefan – A Greek variant for Stephen.
  12. Staffan – A Swedish variant for Stephen.
  13. Stevan
  14. Stevens
  15. Stefon
  16. Stefano – An Italian variant for Steven.
  17. Stephanos– A Greek variant for Stephen.
  18. Stephanus – A Latin variant for Steven.
  19. Etienne – A French variant for Steven.
  20. Stipo – A Croatian variant for Stephen
  21. Esteban – A Spanish variant for Steven.
  22. Estevao – A Portuguese variant for Steven.
  23. Istifanus – An Arabic variant for Steven/Stephen.

Other Nicknames for Stephen or Steven

If you are looking for a cute nickname for a guy named Steven or Stephen or a cool or funny Stephen nickname, the following are some of the best unique nicknames for Stephen:

  1. Stewie – From Family guy.
  2. Hawkings – Inspired by Stephen Hawking.
  3. Steve Jobs – Inspired by the late Apple CEO.
  4. Jobs – Inspired by the late Apple CEO.
  5. Curry Inspired by the famous basketballer, Stephen Curry.
  6. Sven A Scandinavian name but it could be used as a Steve nickname.
  7. Venie – “Ven” from “Steven.” -ie makes everything cute so “Ven” + “ie.”
  8. Steven G – Inspired by Steven Gerrard, but the G could mean buddy.
  9. Stefflon Don – A Steff London reference.; Her name is Stephanie.
  10. Stevenson – A great nickname for a Steven named after his dad.
  11. S.J – Stephen Junior.
  12. Stevon – Steven spelled with an O.
  13. Sleeves – It rhymes with Steve
  14. Steve Austin – Inspired by the wrestler and actor, Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  15. Stone Cold – Inspired by the wrestler and actor, Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  16. Even Steven – Inspired by the popular phrase. Sometimes, Evens is used as the nickname.
  17. King – Inspired by the popular author.
  18. Seagal – Inspired by the popular actor.
  19. Seven – Steven without the “T”
  20. Thieven – A funny or mean nickname for someone named Steve or Stephen
  21. Stevolator – It could be used as a Steven username or nickname.
  22. Steveski – Also a good Steve nickname.
  23. The Crocodile Hunter Inspired by Stephen Irwin’s nickname,
  24. Staph – A lot of Stevens would hate us for listing this nickname.
  25. lococcus – First he was called Staph, eventually, the nickname evolved to lococcus, and then Cuss.

Famous People Named Steven/Stephen

One of the easiest ways to find a nickname from a name is to consider famous people who bear such names. The same is the case with Steven/Stephen, here are some famous people named Steven:

  • Stephen – King of England 1154, often referred has Stephen of Blois
  • Steve Jobs – Steven Paul Jobs, Founder, and CEO of Apple.
  • Stephen William Hawkings – The famous theoretical physicist.
  • Steven King – American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy novels
  • Steven Seagal – American actor, screenwriter, and producer.
  • Stephen Curry – American basketball player.
  • Steven John Wilson – English musician, songwriter, singer and record producer
  • Steven Erikson – Canadian archaeologist, anthropologist, and novelist
  • Steve Irwin – The famous Australian zookeeper.
  • Steven Gerrard – The Liverpool football club legend.

Famous Fictional Characters Named Steven

Like many other names, Steven/Stephen is also a very popular name for fictional characters in the art world, here are some famous fictional characters named Steven/Stephen:

  • Steven “Steve” Rogers – Captain America, a character in the American comic books published by Marvel comics.
  • Steven Stone – Champion and final boss from the Pokémon games and 3D remakes.
  • Stephen Maturin – Main characters in homonymous Aubrey-Maturin of novels by Patrick O’Brian.
  • Steven “Steve” Trevor – Character in DC comics and 1970’s television series wonder woman.

These popular nicknames for Steven are best suited for every Steven, you know. Leave us a comment with some other nicknames for Steven, you know.

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