30+ Popular Nicknames for Taylor

Nicknames remain the best way to personalize names. However, finding a nickname for some names can be a hassle. For example, what are the nicknames you can call someone named Taylor?

We have compiled the most popular, funny, cute nicknames for someone named Taylor in this post.

Origin and Meaning of Taylor

Let’s start by looking at the origin and meaning of Taylor.

Taylor is from the old English surname of French and Latin origin. The name is derived from the old French ‘Tailleur,’ which means ‘cutter,’ and the Latin word ‘taliator,’ which means ‘to cut.’

Taylor is one of the top names for baby girls born between 2010 and 2018 in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Taylor

Taylor Nicknames

Here is a list of all the cute, funny, cool, and creative nicknames for Taylor:

  1. T
  2. Tay
  3. Tay-Tay
  4. Tee
  5. Tails
  6. TeeT
  7. Lor
  8. Lory
  9. TY
  10. Big T
  11. Rich T
  12. Taye
  13. Lear
  14. Lori
  15. T-bone
  16. Tate
  17. Sailor
  18. Tales
  19. Tray
  20. Tails
  21. Taz
  22. Tayzer
  23. Tazz-O
  24. T-Bird
  25. T-Dawg
  26. T-Bag
  27. TayTalk: Tay for Talyor and talk referencing someone who talks a lot.
  28. T Boogie: The first letter of Taylor and Boogie for rock music.
  29. Tay Bear
  30. Taylor Thot
  31. TayterTot: A nickname once used to refer to American pop star Taylor Swift.
  32. Lil Tay – Lil for small and Tay for Taylor could be used ironically.
  33. T-swizzle: first letter of Taylor and Swizzle for fun.
  34. Tilly: An adorable nickname for Taylor.
  35. Tarterbug: Tarter for sarcasm and Bug for a troublesome person. It could be used ironically for a meek person.
  36. Tallie: A nickname for tall people could be used ironically.
  37. Yate: A cool nickname for Taylor.
  38. Tay-Lo: It is from the first five letters of Taylor.
  39. Taylor Swift – A nickname for Taylor referencing American pop star Taylor Swift

Famous People Named Taylor

An excellent way to come up with nicknames for a name is to consider the famous people who bear the name. Here is a list of some famous people named Taylor:

  • Taylor Beck – American model and actress
  • Taylor Hill – American model
  • Taylor Johnson – American tennis player
  • Taylor Swift – American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Taylor Hill – British Virgin Islander sprinter
  • Taylor Momsen – American musician, singer, and actress
  • Taylor Schilling – American actress
  • Tayla Ford – New Zealand Olympic wrestler
  • Taylor Gushue – American professional baseball player
  • Taylor Hall – Canadian ice hockey player

 Fictional Characters Named Taylor

Similarly, fictional characters are good sources of nicknames for a name. Here is a list of fictional characters named Taylor:

  • Taylor Fry – The main character of the Australian TV series Mortified.
  • Taylor Hayes – Character in the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Taylor Hebert – Protagonist of Worm, the first web serial published by John C. McCrae.
  • Taylor Markham – Protagonist in the young adult novel On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
  • Taylor McBride – Character in the American primetime soap opera Melrose Place
  • Taylor Walker – Character in the American soap opera Days of Our Lives
  • Taylor Wilson – Character in the American teen drama Finding Carter

We hope you found some good Taylor nicknames on this list.

Lastly, if you know any good Taylor nickname we didn’t mention, be a dear, and let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. Tails is an interesting one, not sure if that’s used much here in America as I’ve never heard it in that context.

    The real winner here is Tate. Just a solid nickname. Being a male named Taylor, I always felt Tate sounded a little more masculine


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