Nicknames for Vagina: 159 Other Names for Vagina

Do you need nicknames for vagina; other names you can call a vagina other than the traditional words; Pussy, Cunt, Coochie, and Vagina?

Want to learn how to talk dirty to your woman? Maybe you want to spice up your sexting or pen an erotic novel. Maybe you’re cheating at a Bachelorette party game. Or, perhaps you just want a good laugh.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the ultimate list of nicknames for ‘vagina.’ This is not an exhaustive list for there are as many names for ‘vagina’ as there are grains of sand in the desert.

However, it is the crème-de-la-crème (see what I did there?).

Vagina Nicknames

Common/Popular Names for Vagina

Here are some common words that are often used to describe the vagina.

  1.   Cunt
  2.   Pussy
  3.   Twat
  4.   Clitoris/Clit
  5.   Vulva
  6.   Labia

Classy/Historical Names For Pussy

These nicknames are found in some of Shakespeare’s plays as well as in historical sources from the 14th to the 20th Century! Ye old euphemisms were even wackier than modern ones:

Shakespearian words for vagina:

  1. House– an inn or abode which may house a penis (King Henry IV)
  2. Case– a lawsuit which may be brought against a man for taking a woman other than his wife to bed (King Henry IV)
  3. Pie-corner– a famous corner in London for prostitution;  both ‘pie’ and ‘corner’ were both slang terms for ‘whore’ or ‘vagina’ (King Henry IV)
  4. Porridge- mimicking the sensation of a vagina (All’s Well That Ends Well)
  5. French withered pear – oldfruits/syphilitic vagina (All’s Well That Ends Well)
  6. Coffer– a box for holding valuables, which includes a man’s crown jewels/penis

Historical Names For Pussy:

Across several decades, the word used to describe a lady’s vagina often changes. Currently, the most common term used to describe a lady’s vagina is – pussy. However, the following are more poetic and cute names for a lady’s vagina:

  1. Belle-chose (1386) – French for “pretty thing.”
  2. Altar of Venus (1584)
  3. Netherlands (1591)
  4. Placket-lace (1593)
  5. Phoenix nest (1618)
  6. Nature’s treasury (1635)
  7. Contra punctum (1653)
  8. Privy-counsel (1664)
  9. Aphrodisiacal tennis court (1665)
  10. Lady’s low toupee (1721)
  11. Mount Pleasant (1748)
  12. Petticoat Lane (1790)
  13. Venerable monosyllable (1796)
  14. Fancy Article (1822)
  15. Mrs. Fubbs’ parlor (1823)
  16. Antipodes (1832)
  17. Thatched cottage (1835)
  18. Cyprian fountain (1846)
  19. Road to Christening (1903)

Sexy/Erotic Slangs For Vagina

nicknames for vagina

For those wanting to write a steamy sex scene or a tantalizing love letter, here are some literary terms and erotic slangs for Vagina:

  1. Pink Pearl
  2. Mount of her arousal
  3. Canal
  4. Flower
  5. Nub
  6. Slit
  7. Between her legs
  8. Her core
  9. Groin
  10. Bud
  11. Her center
  12. Pool of moisture
  13. Junction of her thighs
  14. Apex
  15. Folds
  16. Her essence
  17. Crease
  18. Heart of her femininity
  19. Sheath
  20. Mons
  21. Her sex
  22. Yoni
  23. Mound
  24. Her entrance
  25. Wet curls
  26. Triangular patch
  27. Fragrant curls
  28. Scabbard

Raunchy/Funny Vagina Names

Vagina names

If you prefer to use other words for Vagina, below is a list of the zaniest, funniest and raunchiest nicknames for a vagina:

  1.   Beaver
  2.   Cooter
  3.   Fish Lips
  4.   Taco
  5.   Camel Toe
  6.   Muff
  7.   Garage/Penis garage
  8.   Love button
  9.   Vajayjay/JJ
  10.  Fuck hole
  11.  Penis glove
  12.  Cock sock
  13.  Cock pocket
  14.  Cum dumpster
  15.  Deep Socket
  16.  Sperm bottle
  17.  Bajingo
  18.  Goop chute
  19.  Pooter/Poon/Poontang
  20.  Quim
  21.  Trim
  22.  Cookie
  23.  Punani
  24.  Cooch
  25.  Tunnel of love
  26.  Vertical Bacon Sandwich
  27.  Bearded Clam
  28.  Nookie
  29.  Catfish
  30.  Minge
  31.  Snapper
  32.  Fuzzbox
  33.  Meat Curtains
  34.  Cum craver
  35.  Cock squeezer
  36.  Flesh cavern
  37.  Whisker Biscuit
  38.  Kitty
  39.  Cupcake
  40.  Coin purse
  41.  Lady flower
  42.  Gash
  43.  Banana basket
  44.  Flowerpot
  45.  Juice box
  46.  Pink Panther
  47.  Hot pocket
  48.  Bikini Bizkit
  49.  Penis fly trap
  50.  Vertical smile
  51.  Dew Flaps
  52.  Flaming Lips
  53.  Puff pillow
  54.  Notorious V.A.G.
  55.  Furburger
  56.  Sausage wallet
  57.  Panty hamster
  58.  Pink taco
  59.  Axe wound/Hatchet Wound
  60.  Love rug
  61.  Catfish
  62.  The death of Adam
  63.  Her asshole neighbor
  64.  Pandora’s box
  65.  Dinner roll
  66.  Silk Igloo
  67.  Red lane
  68.  Spasm chasm
  69.  Sweetbriar
  70.  Bacon hole
  71.  Golden Palace
  72.  Scrambled eggs between the legs
  73.  Fish mitten
  74.  Holiest of Holies
  75.  Furry furnace
  76.  Cockpit
  77.  Tuna town
  78.  Blackhole
  79.  Deer hoof
  80.  Golden arches
  81.  Rooster jaws
  82.  Mule nose
  83.  Home plate
  84.  Flesh tuxedo
  85.  Rosebud
  86.  Cupid’s cupboard
  87.  Breakfast of champions
  88.  Sugar hole
  89.  Dinner roll
  90.  Apple pie
  91.  Cream canal
  92.  Conch shell
  93.  Tongue roll
  94.  Bunny tuft
  95.  Fruit cup
  96.  Flycatcher
  97.  Toolshed
  98.  Snake charmer
  99.  Python syphon
  100.  Horn of Plenty
  101. Poom Poom – a Jamaican slang for pussy.

International Names For Vagina

While there is a huge cache of English words for ‘vagina,’ there are some great names for Vagina in other languages as well!

  1. Pupusa– (El Salvador) Salvadoran specialty of a cheese-filled tortilla
  2. Sapo– (Chile) toad
  3. Papaya- (Cuba) cut open a papaya fruit; you’ll know what it looks like
  4. Pepita- (Mexico) seed
  5. Arepa– a corn-patty sandwich filled with meats and cheeses
  6. Alançia- (Venezuela) piggy bank; place to keep money
  7. Tostón- (Puerto Rico) a roasted and split plantain fruit; or, a roasted suckling pig
  8. Moule- (France) a mussel shell
  9. Utsuk- (Greenland) a rare species of seal
  10. Schwöbli- (Switzerland) a bun or pastry that resembles a vagina
  11. Mus- (Sweden) mouse or rodent
  12. Dooz- (the Netherlands) a box, simply; what you would expect from a country whose very name is a euphemism for vagina
  13. Cipka– (Poland) a baby chicken or chick
  14. Pizza- (Serbia) a pide is an Eastern European and Turkish rendition of a pizza; it more closely resembles a vagina due to its folded crusts
  15. Bicho- (Nicaragua) an unwanted pest or bug
  16. Cotorra- (Uruguay) parrot or a very loud person
  17. Katori- (India) a small bowl or cup for drinking water/soup
  18. Tako- (Japan) octopus
  19. Tanima no yuri- (Japan) Lily of the valley: a delicate white flower
  20. Papa- (Spain) slang for two chins on an overweight person

It’s impossible to pick just one favorite, but here are some top contestants:

  • Cunt: All and out the most phonetically pleasing and politically charged.
  • French withered pear: Leave it to the French to have a special phrase for old diseased vaginas.
  • Aphrodisiacal tennis court: What does this even mean?!

Did we miss any good ones? Do you know any non-English nicknames for vagina that weren’t included? What are some of your favorite nicknames for ‘vagina’? Leave a comment in the nether region!

More Nicknames:

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150 thoughts on “Nicknames for Vagina: 159 Other Names for Vagina”

  1. I’ve women call a mans penus “Mr Happy” so I’ve always called a womens pussy or vagina “Mrs Happy” when she is clearly aroused.

  2. Ruby throated passion fruit
    Port of call
    Seamen reservoir
    Port of call
    Garden of Love
    Cradle of Love
    Slip ‘n’ slide
    The Holy Grail
    Adam’s Kryptonite
    The gash that never heals

    Here’s to the gash that never heals.
    The more you rub it, the better it feels.
    There is no soap this side of hell,
    That will ever remove that glorious smell.

  3. I won concert tickets to see Faith No more when I made up
    YoYo Smuggler!!

    And for all the party poopin’ wet blankets out there, we’re here having fun we all respect woman… with that said,
    Blood Infested Tuna Hole
    One of my favorites,
    The Penis Prison or just “Prison”
    The Single Arrow Quiver
    Cock Shackles
    Wind Tunnel
    Funt (for a fat vagina)
    The Fun Padded Room
    & The Squinting Eye or The Squinting Bloodshot Eye

    • I have always loved the use of the word cunty.
      It softens the word cunt.
      Sounds far more sexy, appealing and most exciting for ones penis or tongue to engage with a beautiful woman

    • I like your choice lol simple classy doesnt give it all away. My god kids have been staying with me for a bit (2 YEAR OLD GIRL AND 10 YEAR OLD BOY) SO my va-jay-jay is now cheechi

  4. Nut Buster
    Cream Deluxe
    Inner Sanctum
    Honey Pot

    I could go on forever with nasty.
    Tasteful while being unique is an art.

  5. My girlfriend calls hers “pootenanny” ??? And I just bought a surge protector from a company named “Vastfafa” which i think is a PERFECT slang word for a wide, loose vagina. ?

  6. I call it the tunnel! ♀
    I’ve heard it called a monkey! ?
    I also could call it a sea shell ? or the ocean ?where peep squeak (the penis) can dive in! ?

  7. I have heard it all my life:
    * Tootie
    * Tootoo

    Also I have heard of coochie, sugar bowl, yoni, and teetee from different people. Most definitely I refer to using tootie, or choochie as alternative to vagina.

    However I have never approved of the following degrading, and offensive words to refer as vagina:
    * Pussy
    * Cunt
    * Twat
    Perhaps probably just about any descent woman disapproves of offensive words to the vagina or lady parts. Particularly the trash talk to sexual fantasies,etc. The very three are the degrading, and offensive ways to talk about the vagina.

    • (Speaking from my male point of view.). I’m just an old dude, but I agree. I think most of the names listed, should just be in the vagina name garbage can. Whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, friend, etc …. the name we use could be, or could be perceived as, the way you feel about her as a woman. And I believe the older she is, the more important it becomes. If you want her to feel good about herself, and you want her to feel good about giving herself to you, you’d better call it something decent. Call it something loving, something delicious, something meaningful. And when I say delicious, I don’t mean fish, meat or bacon. Pull some serious thought into it. Nough said.

  8. My mother’s best friend growing up (and into adulthood) made up this term as a child: “Gilleo” (pronounced GILL-ee-OH) and is now the favored name in several Seattle-based families and beyond; I literally grew up believing that Gilleo was the name every vagina was born with, lol!!

  9. We do not ever use “French withered pear” (Vieille poire flêtrie) in french speech, I never heard of it until now.. (The word “pear” itself is even not use for “vagina” as a double-meaning, and we do have much in french!).

    Fantasy imagination..!

    • “All’s Well That Ends Well is a play by William Shakespeare.” The play is set in France and Italy; the character Parolles talks of “French withered pears” when trying to convince Helena to lose her virginity.

  10. If the Vagina is hairy, Is it OK to call it fluffy? because usually fluffy is used for the pets, so just want to make sure that it’s not a in appropriate word, thanks

  11. Carnal curtains, meat flaps, cooze, meat magnet, vajayjay, stabbin cabin, baby bin, puddin, private party, rosebud, sin central, hairy taco, land down under, bunny, slice, cake, her crazymaker, hotbox, horizontal boogie bar, gusher, chocha, slippery when wet, pink, stink, grassy knoll, sweet lips,nectar cup, her bits,cooochie, Republican Grab Bag, bag o stank,pum pum, the prize , broomport, the vault, love locker, lite(tastes great,less filling)devil’s triangle, furry conch,wet spot, brown sugar there’s gotta be over a thousand names and euphemisms for x marks the spot, fiero del taco, the altar of Venus B-) 😉 😀 O:-) IT!! 🙂 :-P….the birthplace of humanity!! Respect women, life support unit for a pussy! Remember, your mother was one..

  12. Pupusa (not Papusa) is the traditional and delicious Salvadorean dish which is a thick tortilla made with corn or rice flour stuffed commonly with fried beans, cheese (with loroco), cushaw (ayote) or pork chicharrón used as a single or mixed ingredients ((beans with cheese or beans, cheese and pork), also not generally used as a fill, but pupusas could be also stuffed with shrimp, fish and a variety of ingredients. Pupusa is also a local nickname for vagina.

          • Omg!!! I didn’t know there were equally perceived mad people out here who could freely talk about Vagina n get away guilt free ..Thanks a lot y’all ,finally I can rest in peace .Christianity got me doing my homework every night hahaha

        • Hey bend over, that name is no joke if you’re joking I know a guy named Gerald Dover asking if you had any kids he said yeah a girl and a boy I said what’s their names, he says……..
          ………………….lena and Ben.
          I said are you serious you know how much crap those kids going to get in school he said what do you mean I said say the names out loud and their last name. He says ooh no …I never thought about that.
          PS I also know two girls named, ima and sheza
          Guess their last name



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