Penis Nicknames: 221 Other Names For Penis

Do you need penis nicknames? Different names for penis? or other funny words for penis?

Let’s face it: Men are fascinated by their own genitalia.

They graffiti penises on walls, doodle them in notebooks, and measure them in locker rooms. It’s only fitting that we have an extensive list of penis names.

Sick of trolling the internet for funny, historical, or international nicknames for your or your partner’s manhood? Look no further! Here is your exhaustive list of nicknames for ‘penis.’

Penis Nicknames

Evolution of the Penis Names

Penis Nicknames

There are so many nicknames for the penis, so, it’s best, to begin with, a timeline of euphemisms. Behold! The evolution of Man’s word for his penis!

Nicknames for Penis from 13th-19th C.

  1. Bollocks: this term has longevity; it first appeared around 1300AD and is still used by Brits today!
  2. Pin: (1460)
  3. Fiddle: (Middle Ages)
  4. Spindle: (Middle Ages)
  5. Pulling prick: (Middle Ages)
  6. Plumtree shaker: (1611) usually ‘plum’ referred to female genitalia. Thus the thing that shakes the plum tree applies to the male counterpart
  7. Knick-knack: (1686) in modern speech, this word refers to a useless or superfluous object; the 17th C. usage is not far off
  8. Silent flute: (1720) a cylindrical object… hmmm, wonder how they came up with this one?
  9. Doodle: (1785) Yankee Doodle? A patriotic nickname for the proud American penis
  10. Dick: (1836) commonly heard and used as a derogatory term for a mean dude

1890s: A veritable Renaissance in penis nicknames

  1. Abraham: Biblical patriarch, or “Father of many nations.”
  2. Arse-opener
  3. Arse-wedge
  4. Athenaeum: denoting the Temple of Athena, or an institution which houses knowledge like a library or university
  5. Baby-maker
  6. Bayonet
  7. Beak
  8. Beard-splitter
  9. Bedfellow
  10. Belly-ruffian
  11. Best leg of three
  12. Billy-my-nag
  13. Bludgeon
  14. Bob-my-nag
  15. Brat-getter
  16. Bum-tickler
  17. Bush-whacker
  18. Butcher
  19. Captain Standish
  20. Child-getter
  21. Chink-stopper
  22. Concern
  23. Cony-catcher
  24. Copper-stick
  25. Cracksman
  26. Cranny hunter
  27. Cream stick
  28. Cuckoo
  29. Customs officer
  30. Cutlass: a type of short sword with a curved blade, used by sailors
  31. Dard
  32. Diddle
  33. Dingus
  34. Dolly
  35. Dr. Johnson
  36. Enemy
  37. Eye-opener
  38. Father confessor
  39. Flapdoodle
  40. Foreman
  41. Fornicating engine
  42. Fornicating member
  43. Fornicating tool
  44. Jacob
  45. Lance of love
  46. Langolee
  47. Leather-dresser
  48. Leather-stretcher
  49. Life preserver
  50. Little davy
  51. Live rabbit
  52. Lobster
  53. Lodger
  54. Love dart
  55. Love staff
  56. Lullaby
  57. Manroot
  58. Master of ceremonies
  59. Meat skewer
  60. Merrymaker
  61. Milkman
  62. Mole
  63. Nebuchadnezzar: an ancient king of Babylonia
  64. Nimrod
  65. Nippy
  66. Pee-wee
  67. Quimstake
  68. Skyscraper
  69. St. Peter
  70. Tentpeg
  71. Tickle-faggot
  72. Timothy tool

Penis Names from the 1900s

  1. Ducey
  2. Swelling
  3. Sweetener
  4. Redcap
  5. Majesty
  6. Charmer
  7. Champion
  8. Arm
  9. Dodger
  10. Ding-dong
  11. Aleck
  12. Whanger
  13. Baby-fetcher
  14. Axe
  15. Nightstick
  16. Joystick
  17. Dingbat
  18. Gospel-pipe
  19. Drill
  20. Dingle
  21. Corporal
  22. Hot member
  23. Pencil
  24. Wee-wee
  25. Goober
  26. Cob
  27. Hot Dog
  28. Banana
  29. Soupbone
  30. Okra
  31. Family organ
  32. Mule
  33. Dornick
  34. Ham-bone
  35. Pee-pee
  36. Patootie
  37. Old boy
  38. Crumb
  39. Ambassador
  40. Organ grinder
  41. Whang
  42. Tater
  43. Putz
  44. Bald-headed sailor
  45. Weiner/Weeny
  46. Toothpick
  47. Tonsil Tickler
  48. Roger
  49. One-eyed rattlesnake
  50. Skin flute

Literary/Classy Penis Nicknames

Perhaps you’d like some polite, literary terms for your penis. These are excellent for use in erotic literature, love letters or sexting between logophiles.

  1. Cock: phonetically pleasing; falls nicely between the sexy rake and gallant gentleman
  2. Length
  3. Member
  4. Prick
  5. Rod
  6. Pud
  7. Jimmy
  8. Knob
  9. Lad (Ireland)
  10. Langer (Ireland)
  11. Love muscle
  12. Manhood: the most polite term of them all
  13. Membrum virile: Latin for ‘virile member’ for all those academics out there
  14. Phallus
  15. Shaft
  16. Tadger (UK, Australia)
  17. Yard

Raunchy/Funny Names for Penis

If the previous lists of nicknames for penis didn’t make you laugh, here are some funny penis nicknames that will. Or, they’ll just gross you out.

  1. Womb broom
  2. Womb Raider
  3. Weapon of Ass Destruction
  4. Vlad the Impaler
  5. Uncle Reamus
  6. Trouser Snake
  7. Tan Banana
  8. Sex Pistol
  9. Russell the one-eyed muscle
  10. One-eyed monster
  11. One-eyed trouser trout
  12. Rumpleforeskin
  13. Richard and the twins
  14. Purple helmeted warrior of love
  15. Puff the one-eyed dragon
  16. Prince Everhard of the Netherlands
  17. Pleasure Pump
  18. Moby Dick
  19. Lord Hardwick
  20. Long dong silver
  21. Lap Rocket
  22. Knobgoblin
  23. King Dong
  24. Justin-in beaver
  25. Herman von longschlongenstein
  26. Heat seeking moisture missile
  27. Frank n’ beans
  28. Fuck puppet
  29. Excalibur
  30. Energizer Bunny
  31. Disco stick
  32. The Dicktator
  33. Cocktapus
  34. Clam hammer
  35. Cave hunter
  36. The blue-veined aristocrat
  37. Atomic turtle
  38. Action Jackson
  39. Mutton dagger
  40. Yogurt slinger
  41. Meat scepter
  42. Wedding wrecker
  43. Spam javelin
  44. Tuna torpedo
  45. Dora the explorer
  46. Vagina miner
  47. Jurassic Pork
  48. Tiny Tim
  49. The bone ranger
  50. Woody Womb Pecker

International Slangs for Penis

Don’t like any of these English nicknames for penis? Try slang for ‘penis’ in another language! Words for penis around the world:

  1. Piel: (Afrikaans)
  2. Chin-Chin: (Japanese)
  3. Lao Er: (Mandarin)
  4. Lu: (Shanghainese)
  5. Petter-Niklas: (Swedish)
  6. Ptak a vejce: (Czech) bird and eggs
  7. Skaufi: (Icelandic)
  8. Zip: (Sudanese)
  9. Spaetzle: (German) noodles
  10. Pica: (Brazilian Portuguese)
  11. Pinto: (Spanish) small penis
  12. Mulkku: (Finnish)
  13. Zayyin: (Hebrew) pronounced like ‘Zion,’ which leaves room for plenty of puns
  14. Dhanda: (Hindi) stick
  15. Boga: (Bengali)
  16. Isin lulik: (Tetun/East Timor) magic or holy body
  17. Bite: (French)
  18. Chlen: (Russian) member
  19. Cazzo: (Italian)
  20. Uberaffengeil: (German) “super monkey horny.”
  21. Quadibun: (Arabic)
  22. Brocos: (Pidgin – Nigeria)

Here are a couple of nicknames for guys with big dicks: 100+ Jaw-Dropping Nicknames For Guys With Big Dicks

What a list of gems! Or, should I say jewels? We all want to know what happened in the 1890s though… Maybe the English were becoming a little less prudish around that time.

Do you have any good nicknames or slang for ‘penis’? Comment below to tell us what we missed.

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201 thoughts on “Penis Nicknames: 221 Other Names For Penis”

  1. “Manhood: the most polite term of them all”

    Actually, no. This is very transphobic and will only make you look like an uneducated bigot.

  2. • Toothless Mole-Rat
    • Hairless Ferret
    • Veiny Beef Whistle
    And, my favorite “dad joke”-

  3. For all three parts of a man’s junk, “Spirit, Opportunity, and Saturn 12” -(change the number to fit your ‘proclivity’). Also, ‘pillar of creation’ (for you astronomy buffs out there). Horn-O-Plenty, Empire State, Hazard Cone, rolling pin, cudgel, pleasure nozzle, Big-Bad-John, Paul Bunyan, tree trunk, Butt Pirate, ‘the intruder ‘, ass burger, Cyclops, titan, colt45, golf club, and drain snake.

  4. I have a friend who’s name is, no joke, Harry Wong!!!!

    I once seen his-you know what- and I call it…
    a lil’ Hooded Terrorist,
    hiding in the forest.
    (Small/uncircumcised penis in a massive bush)

  5. Another couple that come to mind
    Pink Whistle
    Slit- Splitter
    Fanny Tapper (In the rest of the world Fanny =Vagina)
    Clit Hunter
    Male Brain holder
    Cervix Tapper


    ~also known in some circles as ….



  7. Überaffengeil is not a word for penis, it’s an already old slang for something awesome.. so you can say my dick is überaffengeil, not my überaffengeil is awesome

  8. Pink Flute.
    Bald Ferret.
    The Wedge.
    Single Barrelled Pump Action Shot Gun.
    Hand Warmer.
    Quarter Pounder.
    The Brain.
    Baby’s Arm.
    The Poker.

  9. When my gf was beginning in nursing school and learning the names and locations of all the bones in the body, she said that she wanted one more in her body, so we came up with the name “Number 208”.

  10. Growing up with four brothers you got to hear a lot of funny things they would often shit stir each other with. One that I can distinctly remember was it was often being referred to as The Big Blue Vein Custard Chucker.!! Which I thought was both creative and pretty funny. It was their way of saying that one of them had received some action.,

  11. This is fun! A few more. From girls night/divorce celebrations/bachelorette parties and just wives sharing a few names for hubby and ex-hubby (some a bit mean):
    – “Hermie” (from god Hermes- among other attributes, the god of fertility)
    -“Smeggie”, “Cheesecake Factory” (ex-wife’s term for ex-husband who is uncircumcised)
    -“Mini Meat”, “Microsoft” (same wife as above)
    -“Flopper”, “Wonder Boy” (from a lucky wife who has well-endowed husband)
    -“Mr. Peters”

    • “Smeggy Cheesecake Factory?” And what should an ex call his ex’s hoo haa? Bloody hatchet wound? Clitter litter dispenser? Don’t insult an intact man unless you’re ready to hear about the secretions YOU produce.

  12. “The little fireman” (for circumcised guys- from “All of Me”, Steve Martin movie)
    “Tony the tonsil tickler” (if you guys are lucky to have a great wife)
    “Microsoft” (for computer geeks who are, um, less than average)
    “Lollypop”, “Tootsie Roll”, “All day sucker” (see above, second listing)
    “Anteater” (for uncircumcised guys)
    “Peter the Great”

  13. When roleplay is the sexual fancy for the evening, my lady who fell in love with Russell Crowe in Gladiator, likes to dress up and bring that ancient Roman theme into the bedroom. As we touch and converse, she likes to refer to and address mine fruit of the loins as Penis Carniverous Maximus

  14. Kontol – Indonesian Javanese dialect
    Titit – Indonesian, idk which dialect is this, but i always use this word when i was a kid.

    Lil’ Weenie
    2 stroke power cock
    Tiny Weenie Beaty

    What am i doing here?
    Why this thing exist?
    Why are we exist?

  15. they are beauties in more ways than one. They multitask in allowing a bodily function as in voiding and they give pleasure to a woman. They’re absolutely amazing in that they can go from flaccid to hard in less than a minute. Women have nothing on their body that can do that with as much aplomb. Uncircumcised men are pinker on the glans and are more sensitive in lovemaking since the foreskin protects all the sensitive nerve endings from rubbing against underwear and desensitizing the head. Most of them aren’t pretty as neither is the scrotum but penis is an ugly name for something that can do so much. I never call it that. I think it a demeaning name and should be changed to something that fits it. I call them Beauty.

    • Excuse me? I believe our vaginas can both moisten themselves, constrict and massage internally, stretch to accommodate and clench as well, it cleans it’s self, it can stretch to the size of a child’s entire body and then return to it’s original size, I’d honestly say most people in the entire world would disagree with your statement that ‘women have nothing on their body that can do that with as much aplomb’ lets not even speak of our breasts, which are both soft, smooth, warm, the nipples can go from soft and pliant to stiff and firm with arousal, both offering sexual gratification and stimulation as well as producing milk and colostrum which alone can feed children, treat and cure conjunctivitis and most topical skin infections. Try again with all that.

    • My ex had gorgeous looking cock, amazing looking thing it was, I couldn’t help but give it a strong name, a name it deserve, thus I named thee (drum roll) ,..,.,..,.,. COCK ROGERS !!!

    • Ok a a mom we had a daughter was 4 at the time and watched me change his little diaper. As she looked down she said..”mom it looks like a upside down cupcake”!! And so it was named cupcake!! Lolol he is 7 now n he named it ding a long but was cupcake for years.. kids rock

  16. I recently received a text asking which dinosaur was my favorite. Attached to the text was picture of the sender in his dinosaur print boxers with his dick hanging out. I decided to get creative and came up with a new dinosaur to send as reply.

    Phallusaurus Rex

    I think it’s pretty clever. ?

  17. Hey so if any people that know the Dora the explorer the kids show well that means that the kids can’t watch it anymore if it means penis.

  18. My FRIENDS (it wasn’t me :-)) call it a ‘Dave,’ ‘Patrick’ or ‘George.’
    I send you my greatest apologies if your name involves any of those words, or you know someone who has. XD

  19. Being generously endowed, my girlfriend decided to name my cock ‘Gwangie’ after a certain T-Rex from the film of the same name. 50 years on he still rules the valley

  20. Dinky that waht i tell my son to call it…..and my daughter…i told her its called a flower and when i wash her up i tell her all her petles need to ve clean

  21. Good article I thought it was very amusing and insightful to how people refer to a part of their body as if it had mind of its own.


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