40+ Creative Nicknames for Connor

If you’ve been having a hard time finding nicknames for someone named Connor, here is a list containing the best nicknames for Connor.

Connor (sometimes spelled as ‘Conner’) is an Irish name for baby boys derived from the Gaelic word Conchobhar/Conchubhar, which is a compound name. Connor is interpreted to mean “Strong-Willed,” “Hound-Lover,” “Lover of Wolves,” or “High Desire.”

Popular Nicknames for Connor

Nicknames for Connor

Popular nicknames are often short forms or modifications of the name. Here are some of the most popular nicknames for Connor:

  1. Con/Conn
  2. Coner
  3. Con-Man
  4. Conny/Connie
  5. Conair
  6. Connar
  7. Nor
  8. Conno
  9. Conzie
  10. Coco
  11. Cons

Cute Nicknames for Connor

Cute nicknames can be formed by attaching suffixes or prefixes to the name Connor as well as by attaching words with sweet or adorable meanings to the name. Here are some cute names for someone named Connor:

  1. Conny Bunny
  2. Hunnie: Rhymes with Connie
  3. Uni-Conn
  4. ConnyCakes
  5. Con Bun

Funny Nicknames for Connor

If you have a healthy sense of humor or know someone named Connor with a comical personality, here are some funny names for someone named Connor:

  1. Corndog: A pun that sounds like Corndog or Hotdog.
  2. Conster: It rhymes with a bad word.
  3. Connorrhea: A wordplay on Gonorrhea.
  4. Condo
  5. Cornrows
  6. King Kong

Cool Nicknames for Connor

Attaching cool suffixes or giving the name a creative twist would be a great way of coming up with nicknames. Here are some cool nicknames for Connor:

  1. Unicorn
  2. Conan 
  3. Condor: A nickname adopted from an American Vulture.
  4. King Con
  5. Cornell: Like the university.
  6. Conn The Don: A combination of the shortened version of Connor (Con) and the word Don.
  7. Cop Conner
  8. C-Baby
  9. C-Boy
  10. C-Man: I would advise you not to do this. One day everyone is calling him C-Man, the next day someone decides to put more men on the job; bam! C-men.

Things That Rhyme with Connor

Have you considered using words that rhyme with Connor as nicknames? Here are some potential Connor pet names:

  1. Corny
  2. Concrete
  3. Conrad
  4. Lincoln

Connor Nicknames from TV or Books

Fictional characters from television, books, and even games can be a great place to source for nicknames. Here are some fictional figures named Connor:

  1. Connor The Crusher (also known as Stone Crusher)
  2. John Connor: A fictional character and the protagonist of the Terminator franchise.
  3. Sarah Connor: Sarah Connor is a fictional character in the Terminator franchise.
  4. Connor Hawke (also known as Green Arrow): Connor is the son of Oliver Queen, the original Green Arrow.
  5. Connor Kenway: A Protagonist/Master Assassin from the action-adventure video game Assassin’s Creed III.
  6. Conner McKnight (also known as Power Ranger): The main character in the 2004 tv series Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.
  7. Conner Kent (also known as Superboy): A superhero character from DC comics, cloned from both Superman and Lex Luthor.
  8. Dr. Connor Rhodes (also known as Doctor Connor): A character in the NBC medical drama Chicago Med.
  9. Connor MacLeod (also known as The Highlander): A fictional character in the Highlander film series.

Famous People Named Connor

Popular figures/Celebrities named Connor are also good options to consider when finding nicknames. Here are some famous people named Connor:

  1. Conor McGregor (also known as Mystic Mac or The Notorious): An Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer.
  2. Conor Cruise O’Brien (also known as The Cruiser): An Irish politician, who served as a former Minister for Posts and Telegraphs.

Variants of Connor

Have you ever wondered what variants there are for the name Connor? Here are some variants derived from other languages for someone named Connor:

  1. Connah: A nickname with Welsh origin.
  2. Concho/Conchobar: A nickname with Gaelic origin.

Do you know any good nicknames for Connor that aren’t on this list? Be a sport and share them with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Why am I low-key dissapointed that Connor Murphy isn’t listed as one of the fictional characters with this name?
    Anywho, I use ‘Connie’ and ‘Conn’ when writing. For whatever reason, Google Spellcheck doesn’t seem to recognize “Connor” as the proper spelling, it’s always auto correcting to “Conner”.


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