60+ Beautiful Nicknames for Victoria

Victoria is a female name, and it is pronounced vic-tor-ee-ah. The male equivalent is Victorious or Victor.

Victoria is the Latin word for “Victory.” Roman mythology records that the goddess of Victory was called Victoria.

Regardless of the spelling variation, the nickname still sounds the same. If you have a child or family member or friend named Victoria, it is only right to seek a worthy nickname.

Vicky is a common nickname for Victoria. In this article, we will list other short, cute, and funny Victoria nicknames.

Famous People Named Victoria

Famous people are a popular source of nicknames, so let’s look at some of the famous people named Victoria:

  • Queen Victoria – The most famous of all that bear the name. She was the Monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from June 1837 until her Death
  • Princess Victoria of Hesse
  • Princess Victoria of The United Kingdom – Toria
  • Princess Viktoria of Prussia – Moretta
  • Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh – Ducky
  • Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein – Thora
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden – Duchess of Vastergotland
  • Victoria “Tori” Spelling – American actress
  • Victoria Beckham – aka Posh Spice, one of the “Spice Girls” and wife of football star, David Beckham.
  • Victoria Hesketh – British singer aka Little Boots
  • Victoria Louise Lott – a British singer, nicknamed Pixie

List of Nicknames for Victoria

Victoria Nicknames

Here are some cute, funny, and cool names you can call a lady named Victoria:

Short Nicknames for Victoria

The following are short nicknames for a lady named Victoria:

  1. Ia
  2. Vi
  3. Vix
  4. Vixy
  5. Vee
  6. Vivi
  7. Viv
  8. Vita
  9. Via
  10. Vera
  11. Veta
  12. Vira
  13. Viki
  14. Tori
  15. Tory
  16. Vika
  17. Ria
  18. Tia
  19. Ori
  20. Ory
  21. Ora
  22. Kit

Cute Nicknames for Victoria

The nicknames here are adorable and sweet. The following are cute nicknames for a lady named Victoria:

  1. Plum – Named after the English plum made for The Queen
  2. Rhea
  3. Vita
  4. Vickie
  5. Vickey
  6. Torie
  7. Trina
  8. Cori – the middle syllable of the name Victoria
  9. Cora
  10. Coco
  11. Tor – Sounds like THOR, the god of thunder
  12. Rory
  13. Thora
  14. Vittie
  15. Vicci
  16. Toya
  17. Tova
  18. Toria
  19. Vicky T
  20. Vicky-vic
  21. Toia
  22. Roo
  23. Queenie – Because of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria

Funny Nicknames for Victoria

If you prefer funny nicknames, the following are funny nicknames for a lady named Victoria:

  1. Bee – In many languages, V-sounds like B-sounds
  2. Vicsterrs – Victoria, my sister
  3. Vickichuela
  4. Story – Tory has a rhyme to Story
  5. Icky Vicky – She may not like this one
  6. Vikilein – Michelin
  7. Vic-tore-iya
  8. Victoria has a Secret – From Victoria’s secret
  9. Wiktoria – Inspired by Wikipedia

Variations and similar names to Victoria

International variations of the name Victoria can make unique nicknames. Aside from the language stated, the others are all Latin originated variations.

  1. Bythyg (Welsh)
  2. Bhictoria (Scottish Gaelic)
  3. Nike (Greek)
  4. Viktorka (Czech)
  5. Victrice (French)
  6. Victoire
  7. Victoriana
  8. Victorie
  9. Victorina
  10. Victorine
  11. Vika
  12. Viktoria

Remember, there are no rules behind creating a nickname.

If you have a reason for using a particular nickname, then you are on the right path. If you just like the way it sounds, that’s not bad either.

Lastly, if there is any good name for Victoria we missed, be a dear and add it in the comment section.

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  1. One of my sons calls me Vixen because his fraternity brothers started it and it is kind of funny. I’m trying to figure out what my first grandchild should call me (he’s only 5 months old). Most people call me Vicky, but people who know me well sometimes call me Vic. What do you all think? I’m not a big fan of the traditional grandmother names, but I also don’t really like the Mimi’s and Gigi’s, either.

  2. Hi, I’m looking for any ideas for a stage name I am a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. my name is Victoria. to give you a brief idea of myself My songs are about my experiences in life, that echo my deep emotion when I sing them, anyone can connect with my words on all my songs, {meaning: some kind of understanding of my interpretation of me expressing myself through my ever so true words of my tears and my conquers. any ideas are very welcome. Thank you in advance!

  3. My daughter’s name is Victoria (named after both my maternal great grand mothers) I call her Vix, Toria, Vicky- Lou, but my favourite one is Tutu.

  4. I am named Victoria after my grandma Victoria ( She is named after her grandma Victoria). People often call me Tori, Viki (which I don’t like), or Wikipedia. And they call my grandma Toia.


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