100+ Creative Nicknames for Tall People

What are some nicknames for tall people?

Ugh! I detest tall related nicknames. Let’s be honest; there are more exciting things about a person that can inspire a nickname than their height. However, I have enjoyed teasing my short friends with some height-related nicknames. So, I guess getting called tall nicknames like Tower, Giant, Tower Clock, Escalator, Clouds, Long Legs, Beanstalk, Lamppost, and Tallie is fair game.

If you insist on being a horrible person like my friends, the following are some nicknames for a tall person.

Nicknames for Tall People

Tall People Nicknames

Some of these nicknames are appropriate for tall and skinny people, while some are appropriate for tall and huge people. The following are nicknames for Tall people:

  1. Air
  2. Andre the Giant: A French professional wrestler, and actor, stood at over seven feet tall.
  3. Avatar: an avatar is about nine to ten feet tall.
  4. Beanstalk
  5. Bean Pole
  6. BFG: Big Friendly Giant
  7. Big Bear: When Grizzly bears stand upright on their hind legs, they can reach 8 feet
  8. Big Bird: a character on the children’s television show Sesame Street, is an eight-foot two-inch (249 cm) tall bright yellow anthropomorphic canary.
  9. Big Ben: Big Ben is the nickname for the Clock Tower, which was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.
  10. Big Show
  11. Bigfoot
  12. Biggie
  13. Blue Whale
  14. Bol: Manute Bol was a 7 ft 7 inches tall American basketball player.
  15. Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure and building in the world since 2009.
  16. Chewbacca: The Star Wars character, also known as Chewie, was over 7 feet tall.
  17. Chewy: From Chewbacca.
  18. Clock Tower
  19. Cloud Kidnapper
  20. Cloudy
  21. Coconut Tree
  22. Crutches
  23. Daddy Long Legs
  24. Daddy Long Neck
  25. Dinosaur
  26. Dunk
  27. Eiffel Tower
  28. Everest
  29. Gandalf
  30. Gentle Giant
  31. Giant
  32. Gigante: Spanish word for a male giant.
  33. Gigantessa: Spanish word for a female giant.
  34. Giganteus
  35. Gigantor
  36. Ginormica
  37. Giraffe
  38. Giraffesky
  39. Goliath
  40. Grande
  41. Grasshopper
  42. Great Wall
  43. Green Giant
  44. Heron
  45. High pockets
  46. High-Tower
  47. Human Lift
  48. Jolly Green Giant
  49. King Kong
  50. Lady Long Legs
  51. Lady Long Neck
  52. Lamppost
  53. Lankenstein
  54. Lanky
  55. Legs
  56. Light Pole
  57. Limbs
  58. Llama
  59. Lofty
  60. Long
  61. Long Bean
  62. Long Boy: Like the popular Long Boys candy.
  63. Longman
  64. Longo
  65. Long-Shanks.
  66. Longus
  67. Mantis
  68. Mighty
  69. Mighty Mike
  70. Moose
  71. Mountain
  72. Ostrich
  73. Pillar
  74. Popeye: a fictional muscular American cartoon character.
  75. Q-Tip
  76. Sasquatch: Another name for Bigfoot.
  77. Skyscraper
  78. Spaghetti
  79. Sphinx
  80. Spider
  81. Spidey
  82. Spike
  83. Stilp
  84. Stilts
  85. Storky
  86. Stretch
  87. String Bean
  88. Swizzle-Stick
  89. Tall Johnson: You can replace Johnson with any name.
  90. Tallest
  91. Tally
  92. Tataque: A Gigantic Bolivian wrestling legend, who was 7’4″ inches tall.
  93. Titanic
  94. Titanosaur
  95. Too Tall
  96. Toothpick
  97. Tower
  98. Tree
  99. Treetop
  100. Tripod
  101. Twin Tower
  102. Venti
  103. Weed
  104. Yao Ming: Yao Ming is a 7′ 6″ tall, former Basket player.
  105. Yeti

There you go! A list of names you can call any tall person.

Now, if you know any good name for a tall person that isn’t listed, be a dear and tell us in the comments section.

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